Galil ACE M-LOK Handguards Coming From Midwest Industries

The release of the Galil ACE has been met with generally positive reviews. The weapon system, basically an updated Galil/AK is picking up a reputation for being attractive, reliable, and usable with new features welcome including AR-style magazine compatibility on the .308, a top-mounted picatinny rail, and generally more ergonomic interfaces.

But, the weapon is decided old-school when it comes to accessory attachment. While the top rail is truly a step in the right direction, all ACE’s currently offered have no provision for the attachment of accessories to handguards. With tactical weapons almost requiring weapon lights, lasers, grips, and various tactical accoutrements, this omission is surprising.

Seeing this, Midwest Industries, Inc. has stepped up to the fore and has listed their forthcoming “MI Galil ACE Extended Length Handguard, M-LOK compatible” on their website. The new offering features M-LOK across 12.5 inches of rail. Further, six anti-rotation QD slots are included, three on each side, for mounting your favorite sling.

Various models are public, including models for the 5.56, 7.62×39, and .308 Galic ACE weapons. All rails are manufactured with 6061 T6 aluminum, around 8.2 ounces, and a scant 1.64 inches in width. The MI Galig rails are all mil-spec anodized and include Midwest Industries’ Lifetime Warranty. Retail is set at $189.95.

Availability on Midwest Industries’ website is set as “Coming Soon” but photos of production representative parts are already populating the listings so it cannot be too long now… 


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  • Nicks87

    That looks pimp AF.

  • Emfourty Gasmask

    I mean the Galil ACE has rails under the stock foregrip covers and even has a place to put a switch for a tactical light under the factory handguards, so I’m pretty positive the provisions are there to mount all the mall ninja junk you want. That’s kind of misleading by a huge amount. Also ya misspelled Galil at the end, and typod it to Galig.

    >t. Galil ACE owner

    • Seth Hill

      Not to mention that “But, the weapon is decided old-school” should be “But, the weapon is decidedly old-school”

    • DangerousClown

      And Galic.

    • Rusty S.

      I must concur, as an owner of both the rifle and pistol. Rails exist, although they are plastic and dubiously attached. I would love an m-lok foreend, be it from MI or RS regulate.

  • 日本のゴリラ
    • Blake

      Huh I didn’t know it would fit a Galil Ace.

      • int19h

        It doesn’t fit as is. There’s a company that modifies them for that purpose.

        • Mr._Exterminatus

          Copper Custom does that.

  • 22winmag

    It’s so refreshing to see informative straight-up firearms accessory posts like this.

    I was unaware a 5.56 Galil Ace had even been released.

    • Dan

      It was just release less than a month ago.

  • Suppressed

    Having such a hard time deciding on how I want to make my entry into the 7.62×39 world between the Galil, PTR 32 (pistol or rifle), and M+M M10…

    The former two are basically mil-grade and the latter two are much cheaper, and the M+M is so intriguing and different.

    • Corey Sledd

      Wasr should be considered on the low end, arsenals in the mid range

      • Suppressed

        I have no desire to pick a traditional AK over any of the previous 3. If I did I think I’d snag up one of the remaining VEPRs to keep my 12 company.

  • noob

    What would you attach to the m-lok slot at the 12 oclock position **in front** of the front sight?

    • Gus Butts


  • Jason Smith

    How’s the accuracy of these Galil Ace rifles (in any flavor)? Better than the X95 I hope!

  • CavScout

    Meh, AK is AK. Always $$$ to try to bring it up to AR15 level.

  • How much of a weight savings would this M-Lok hanguard give over the stock handguard?