Thanks to Miles for sharing this photo. Does anyone know who makes this rather potent looking AR mag? It is rather long and curves a bit to the right lol Joking aside would this be a 100 rd magazine? I am curious about the logistics of this magazine. I don’t see how they carry these huge things on them. You can just stick them in a pocket or a pouch. Are they stowed on the side of a pack? Why not just use a drum or the SureFire quad stack magazines?


  • Tym O’Byrne

    Photo chopped?

    • Scott Tx

      I checked out the pixels, its legit.

      • DangerousClown

        It doesn’t even look legit on my phone.

        • Scott Tx

          I got one of those ‘enhancers’ like they use on CSI. the IP was polymorphing and piggybacking into our LAN but I hacked the firewall. its legit.

          • DangerousClown

            Lol. When I sharpen it, the spot where a magazine usually ends seems highly suspect.

          • Scott Tx

            if it is shopped they did a good job, notice the reflection along one of the ribs changes.

  • Jeff Smith

    I remember seeing the AK 100 round mags at gun shows when I was a kid. I always wondered if they actually functioned.

    If you were actually going to carry it, I would guess you’d keep it in your rifle and then use standard capacity mags when it’s empty. I can’t see any practical way of carrying it on your body.

    • Paul Epstein

      Personally, I’ve always wondered what a bullpup kit and one of those magazines would end up looking like.

      • iksnilol

        Hella cool. that’s what it’d look like. Gotta photoshop that back home, hombre.

    • Nicholas C

      I’m actually posting that pic for tmw

    • Risky

      looks like it would drape across your shoulders just fine!

  • Kevin Riley

    I suspect that’s the only thing “bigger and longer” in the Philippines.

    • Giolli Joker

      They recorded the biggest and longest.

  • Gun-Toting Racist

    When you run dry it doubles as a boomerang

  • Samuel Millwright

    To answer the question at the end of the post…

    Because you can’t make a drum or surefire quad stacks out of effed up deadlined USGI mags which exist in epic quantity and are basically free?

  • the dude

    you see ivan, you don’t need to change the magazine if you just make one long enough.

    • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

      Russian Reload > New York Reload

  • Uniform223

    Hey look, its the new magazine for the USMC’s M27 IAR being tested in combat.

  • Jared Vynn

    You see those fighters from the Philippines? They’ve got curved magazines. Curved Magazines.

  • iksnilol

    I don’t think you carry more than one of those.

    • Slavaahhh

      Excellent observation! This fitte is smart!

    • Raven

      Don’t need mag pouches when you carry your full combat load in one mag. Plus you can use it as a monopod, though it does make going prone a little uncomfortable.

      • Longhaired Redneck

        Not so uncomfortable for anti-aircraft deployment…

    • randomswede

      My thoughts exactly; i think it’s a “counter ambush device”.
      When fired upon the entire magazine is dumped into the general region of the ambushers, it’s then ditched and regular magazines would be used afterwards.

  • This guy lives the extendo lifestyle.

  • Qiavraluk

    Surprised that these guns haven’t been targeted for poaching of their mags.

    • Ominae

      There are documented instance in where the NPA has them, mostly taken from AFP troops.

  • jerry young

    I couldn’t imagine carrying this thing around the jungle let alone anywhere else, back in Nam we had to tape together 2 or more 20 round mags to increase the capacity

  • Tassiebush

    One could be forgiven for thinking these were an attempt at reclaiming national potency after our man Horn beat Pacquiao but I can state that these have been a thing for decades. I’m pretty sure I saw super long mags on news or documentaries back around 2000 either in the Philippines or with pirates in Indonesia. Another variation I recall had a straight section on the lower end that stuck out horizontally. No idea of their origin but imagine they use them simply because it is what is locally available vs drum or quad stack mags on the US market.

    • Giolli Joker

      “reclaiming national potency after our man Horn beat Pacquiao”
      Wars have no biased judges, though… 😛

      • Tassiebush

        Come now, no need for war! People need to accept that the second panel came to the same conclusion! It should not be viewed as controversial. I reckon most Australian teachers could beat him. ;p

  • mazkact

    Me shoot lone tine GI

  • TheUnspoken

    He’ll wrap a couple in that scarf he has on and sling them around the back of his neck. They look snazzy with his ammo belts.

  • Lou

    It seems they have a huge “banana” magazine fetish over there. I’ve seen these (locally produced) magazines in the Philippines since the early 1980s in Soldier of Fortune magazine.

  • Slavaahhh


  • survivor50

    ” Magazine Envy”…

  • BR549

    I have ARs but for some strange reason really like my two SKSs. After performing some surgery on the latter, installing Murray’s firing pins, reworking and polishing the hammer/seer, and installing an AK pistol grip, and some other mods, they have become my favorites.

    The AR, on the other hand, is truly more modern day, I will admit, but like everything else in life, it is a compromise. A 30 round mag works on an AR, but the same number of rounds on an AK is bordering on stupid. The increased cartridge weight and the length of the lever arm of the magazine acting against the magazine well just doesn’t make any kind of common sense.

    20 round mags for the AK and SKS; anything more is just playing Rambo.

  • Diosdado Salgado

    Those magazines are in use by the Muslim fighters in lieu of drum mags as there are none available. These fighters use their rifles as LMGs and shoot semi or full to approach their enemy in a firefight or in ambushes. Don’t belittle these mags they are effective in what they’re designed for, a very large capacity mag. Three or four warriors using these mags at the same time can pin down their enemy while their accomplices can approach or flank the enemy.

  • Mike Lashewitz

    Kind of stupid don’t ya think.

  • jeff

    I just think that is a lot of weight to carry out in front of you.

  • Benjamin Goldstein

    I take it the OP has never been to Danao in the Philippines….. It’s an amazing eye opener…

  • Mikial

    I used a duel drum mag in Iraq and it would seem to me to be much easier to deal with than something like this.