POTD: Bigger and Longer In The Philippines

Thanks to Miles for sharing this photo. Does anyone know who makes this rather potent looking AR mag? It is rather long and curves a bit to the right lol Joking aside would this be a 100 rd magazine? I am curious about the logistics of this magazine. I don’t see how they carry these huge things on them. You can just stick them in a pocket or a pouch. Are they stowed on the side of a pack? Why not just use a drum or the SureFire quad stack magazines?


  • RazorHawk

    There is already a total ban of 7.62/556/223 rem ammo sales to civilians in the Philippines. Another part of the gun grabbing agenda of the Philippine govt. So this would be useless.

  • BaconLovingInfidel

    No pic 🙁

    • Kevin Riley

      Looks like somebody removed the pic AND my comment. 🙁

  • Dougscamo

    Why does the POTD have no P?

  • Blake

    …what photo?

    • Kevin Riley

      It was a Philippino holding an AK with a reaaally large magazine.