Nyet! Billet Is Fine! The AK Billet Stock from SLR Rifleworks

Hey SLR Rifleworks does not need no stinking low-cost manufacturing methods, instead, they have opted for the most expensive option to create an AK stock – milling it from a large block of billet material. Commonly, AK stocks are either mass-produced wood or manufactured from bended sheet metal. Arguably quite ugly, the sheet metal stocks have served the Kalashnikov platform well until now.

Seeing the opportunity to add complexity to simplicity but add aesthetics is SLR Rifleworks. SLR, known for their excellent adjustable AR gas blocks, extruded aluminum rails, and muzzle devices has seen to tackling the Kalashnikov platform. Previously, SLR limited its adventures with the AK platform to handguards and muzzle devices. Now, they have seen to give the rifle a butt lift.

The new AK Billet Stock is a svelte design, adding in a bit of function while staying close to the sheetmetal inspiration. The length of pull is kept to a minimum, with the stock only 7.5″ long. The 6061 aluminum billet is milled to 9.5 ounces and adds common Q/D sling swivel cups on both the left and right side. Attachment to the weapon is via the two-bolt pattern common to ACE and similar side-folding mechanisms.

Retail pricing is pegged at $110, with an introductory price set at $99.


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  • Rob

    Note for SLR…when you market a folding stock its nice to have photos of it both folded and extended. The SLR website lists it at full retail of $110, wheres that intro price?
    Positive side is it looks like a great improvement to the half alum/half plastic Ace tube stocks.

  • William Nelson

    Unf…slap one of those on a Krink style = as pretty as an AK is going to get.

  • Very handsome design. Will likely end up snagging one down the road.

  • Destro Yakisoba

    Neat design, but it certainly looks like it would be slippery without a butt pad or any type of aggressive pattern cut into the rear.

  • LGM Commando 070

    Commonly, AK stocks are either mass-produced wood or manufactured from bended sheet metal?


    • Joby

      What do you think the underfolding and original triangle side folding stocks are made of?

      • UWOTM8

        Steady, I don’t think it knows how to write anything other than blatant shitposts.

        • Friend

          Yeah, I’m still cracking up about the random Oscar-class that got dropped a couple of posts back.

          Because how many submarines in service today have killed their entire crews before? Not that many.

      • LGM Commando 070

        WERE made of.
        Since 1991 all AK stocks ARE made of polymer

        • DW

          I guess PP19s are not AK, or Romanian, polish, Hungarian, Serbian folders are not AK.

          • LGM Commando 070

            Yes PP19 is not AK, and just Serbian M70 is still in production but in small numbers.

          • DW

            I guess Arsenal of Bulgaria, Norinco, Polytech, Jianshie, the list goes on, not a single oneo of them make AK with stamped steel stock anymore right?

          • LGM Commando 070

            Arsenal makes some underfolders.
            However, most of the AK’s now are made with polymer stocks.

        • BaconLovingInfidel


  • Toxoplasma

    Bent, not “bended”

  • BrandonAKsALot

    The only sheet metal stocks I know of are the triangle stock and the Chinese stock with the phenolic side plates and both of those are some of the best looking stocks IMO. It’s also hard to beat a set of Russian laminate for looks.

  • John

    If you’re going to pay that kind of money, it should have a cheek riser on the top. Just use a wider piece and cut out the shape.

  • Foma Klimov

    There’s a lot of similar stocks already, from Carolina Shooters Supply, DPH, Tromix, and other American custom shops. The biggest problem with this whole Ace modular system for AK, is that you have to permanently modify your weapon (chop off the trunnion tang) in order to properly install them and the fact that they don’t hold up to any abuse. We evaluated these in Russia and found them to be completely impractical. In fact, they left us scratching out heads a bit. You install the receiver block with screws, secure the folding mechanism to it with two more screws and then secure the stock to that, with yet another two screws. Too many screws and bad structural integrity. Theses systems failed in our testing, over and over again. I’d rather run Romak or Polak wire stocks and those are awful too.

    • Joshua Graham

      What is your opinion of the Magpul folding stock?

      • BaconLovingInfidel

        I like it compared to the alternatives. Some claim it’s fragile, but a few of my friends have beat the crap out of theirs w/ no issues.

  • Taylor Hardin

    Meh, the folding stock CNC Warrior makes is a better deal to me then this thing.