JARD Releases New J68 Bullpup Pistol Caliber Carbine in 9mm, .40, & .45 ACP

Pistol caliber carbines are (rightly or wrongly) the hot item in the modern sporting rifle marketplace. Driven by the plethora of AR-15 components out there, curiosity, adoption of competition divisions, and just plain old fun, 9mm is certainly going down range in quantity from these blasters. Owning one myself, they are indeed some of the most fun and cheap shooting I can do sans .22lr.

JARD has taken a page from their J67 rifle we previously reviewed and has updated it into the latest J68, the same 100% ambidextrous rifle design we enjoyed the first time around. Changing up the looks just a hair, the weapon still features M-LOK compatible slots and AR-15 grips such that one can customize the boxy carbine any way they can dream it.

Most interestingly, the J68 has expanded the various caliber offerings, no longer just a 9mm option. The J68 is offered in 9mm, .40 Smith & Wesson, and the grand-pappy .45 ACP, each of which feeds from Glock magazines.

Like the J67, the weapon maintains a target trigger (which is incredible for bullpups). It adds a clamshell break-open design, bolt hold open, and various Q/D mounts spread across the chassis.

Retail pricing is set at $899.95 for all calibers and colors, which include black and tan. 


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  • kgallerno

    Hopefully Jard has its quality issues sorted out. Thier last in house designed rifle the J48 was a spectacular flop here in Canada.

    • PK

      Reliability issues? Parts quality?

      • QuadGMoto

        Still not great. Fortunately, Jard is really good about resolving problems.

  • Nicks87

    “Wrongly”? If it’s wrong to own a PCC then I dont want to be right.

    • CavScout

      Well PCC’s are obsolete, and don’t benefit much from a longer barrel so therefore the bullpup config is pointless. Then with required OAL of the weapon, most pointless thing ever.

  • FatherTime

    .45ACP grandpappy? You do realize the 9mm Luger is an older cartridge, right? (1901 vs 1905)

    • PK

      No kidding. I think it stems from people thinking of the predecessors to the 1911 (Model 1905, etc.) being developed before the P.08 which many assume is the first 9x19mm firearm.

      • Anonymoose

        The Luger was adopted by Switzerland in 1900 in 7.65×21, and the 9×19 was developed the next year because the German Army wanted a more bigger caliber. Calling it a P.08 just serves to confuse people when the German Navy had 7.65 Lugers long before 1908.

        • PK

          Agreed! Heck, the German Navy had 9x19mm Lugers in 1904.

  • Joe

    Length of pull: 17 inches.

  • PK

    Still waiting for the 10mm version, using Glock magazines of course. There’s room enough to make it a straight blowback 10x25mm with a bit more bolt mass and telescoping of the bolt.

    Even in 9x19mm I’m still struggling to figure out why they went with a bolt entirely behind the chamber, when this design is screaming out for telescoping it to smooth out recoil by giving it more room to travel before hitting the rear.

    • Cal S.

      If trends continue, we might see a 10mm from Hi-Point. Aero Survival has a 10mm carbine that feeds from Glock mags, but it’s not a bullpup.

    • JSmath

      You shouldn’t be struggling per se to figure out why they might not have gone with a telescoped bolt. A few reasons I can just poop out off the top of my head, having eyeballed JARDs and a few other PCCs for a good while now:

      -First, ease of construction as far as there being that many fewer operations to cut the bolt. No matter what argument can be made as far as “It wouldn’t be that hard”, from a simple mechanical standpoint, it would add a significantly larger cutting operation, and require significantly larger raw material for the bolt.
      -Followed very closely, and in part of, ease of maintenance/assembly/disassembly. There’s no need to do any rotating, tilting, pinching odd-ass maneuvers to get the bolt in or out. This also plays heavily into developing and changing different bolt weights and spring rates for different calibers; something likely very critical to an outfit the size of JARD.
      -KISS principles.
      -This is an improved version of a previous product; one that was based off of the barrel trunnion being screwed on where it it, if with a different number of screws. Changing that up could induce reliability issues, whereas staying the course means they have far less to consider.

      That said, it’s ugly as sin and I would also like to see a telescoped bolt version alongside a few other improvements. Maybe in due time.

    • Stephen Paraski

      Buy a FMK-3 parts kit and build one. Centerfire System’s has them.

      • PK

        The bolt isn’t suitable for this, the feed lips are all wrong. The weight is also unsuitable for 10x25mm, the real goal!

        Besides, CFS hasn’t had FMK-3 kits for a ages.

  • B-Sabre

    From the Jard website:

    *Forward grip, sights, and muzzle break not included


    Gods, that’s an ugly rifle/carbine/whathaveyou. It looks like a tactical 2×4.

  • UWOTM8

    I want a bullpup PCC so bad…home defense and cheap pews galore.

    • LGM Commando 070
      • UWOTM8


        • Flounder

          Maybe he means you wont actually buy one? Idk your point is valid. It is why i got my hi point 9mm carbine. Although i got it in order to put it into the hta bullpup stock. The one they still have not released.

          • UWOTM8

            Nah he’s a confirmed Russian troll.
            Ahh yes I drooled over that as well, I hope they can make double stack mags.

    • iksnilol

      Beretta CX4… thank me later.

      • UWOTM8

        That’s definitely another good contender in this game.

      • Flounder

        That is not a bullpup at all… It’s nice. But kinda pricy.

        Although, so is this bullpup. So they are direct competitors. kinda

        • Gary Kirk

          Well, techniclogicomly speekin.. It kinda is, the magazine “IS” behind the trigger..

        • iksnilol

          It’s not a bullpup but it’s still short and it has that fancy magazine in the grip thing going on. Hella easy reloads holmes.

          • Cal S.

            I found the CX4 to be an amazing gun. It’s got all the bells & whistles including bolt hold-opens and bolt releases.

            If I didn’t want a PCC that folded, I would have bought the CX4. As it is, I settled for the more utilitarian Sub-2000.

      • Sean

        I have had mine for 10-12 yrs. And 30-40k rounds. I have had at least 4 people I know buy one right after shooting mine.

      • JSmath

        Just wish, with what seems to be Beretta on the cusp of dropping the thing from sale in the US like the MR1, they would drop the stupid (if not sexily shaped) thumbhole stock in favor of an adjustable one. I think that feature alone would bring a lot of people on board with purchasing it. Though it could use a few other upgrades as well…

    • LGonDISQUS

      May I recommend the Scorpion carbine, with an SBR application at the ready? Not bullpup, but damned fun and developing a cottage industry around it.

      I’d love to see a garage made p320 bullpup

      • UWOTM8

        I do love me some scorpion but I’m rather leery about the whole SBR business. Unless perhaps I could acquire a suitable “pistol brace”…..

        • RazorHawk

          No need for a pistol brace, buy the factory stock first, remove the butt pad and throw it away or sell it, then buy the scorpion pistol and attach the now buttless stock. Voila, you have a scorpion pistol with a cheekrest. Not as good as a stock but still better than a pistol.

          • thedonn007

            I would not do this without a letter from the ATF.

    • Edeco

      I’d consider that bullpup hi-point conversion if it happens. I’d suspend my anti-zinc rule, but the whole thing still looks like it would be a hundred or two too expensive to arrange.

  • Kenneth Wilkinson

    Website doesn’t have the weight, wonder how much…

    • ActionPhysicalMan

      7 1/2 lbs. in 9 mm, a bit heavy

      • QuadGMoto

        Fortunately it handles very nicely, if you put a foregrip on it.

      • Flounder

        7.5 is amazing for a bullpup…? The fs2000 and tavor are both over 8lbs. Meaning this is particularly light.

        But no, it is not going to be in the AR weight range.

  • Vhyrus

    That thing looks really really heavy.

  • Cal S.

    While it might be more limited in capacity, I’d still take a Hi-Point in a High Tower Armory stock over this thing. It’s about $400 cheaper and it looks a lot better. Everything about this (like the shape) screams cost savings and not much else.

    For the price it would have been nice to see a P90 approximation…

    • Flounder

      It is probably vaporwear. They thought they would have it shipping months ago. The stock is still unavailable for order.

      And 400? A hi point carbine WITH the bolt hold open is 350ish, the stock (if it ever ships) is 2-300, but my guess there is going to be 300.
      350+300 puts it at 650 compared to the 900ish of this jard?

      Sure it is cheaper. but not quite 400. And yes, you can get a crappy or beat up or older model of hi point carbine for significantly less. But the Redball mags cost more than glock mags.

      TLDR it is cheaper, but not that much cheaper unless you compromise

      • Cal S.

        Erm, nope. 1) Not vaporware, it just took longer than anticipated. HTA posted pictures of the finished molds just last week, and they said that was the longest (and most expensive) leg of the operation. If they were just going to disappear with it, they wouldn’t have forked over the cash for the molds.

        2) It’s not my fault you don’t know where to shop. I bought my 995TS BNIB this January for $275. HTA has said the stock is going to be about $250.

        Ok, so you got me by $25. But, $900 for this cookie-cutter, sheet-metal boat anchor versus $525-$550 for a sleek fit and finish is worth the loss of 5 rounds to me. Besides, this is relatively untested, Hi-Points have a long history of actually working.

        • Flounder

          If they just posted pics of the molds right now i dont believe they will deliver the stock this year.

          So… maybe vaporware maybe not. I hope they will deliver but they have yet to. And i am going off their 10/22 stock prices. There is no way the stock will be 200. Maybe 250. And since development and production is not going smoothly, i think the upper limit of 300 will be closest to the price.

          And i never said i paid that. I just said that is the going price. Meaning nationally a fair price is around 350. For the model with the last round bolt hold open. I think it is disingenuine to count sale prices. I did admit that you could increase the price gap. I have seen used non LRBHO hi point carbines for 150. But that is not repeatable for others. That is not the going rate. So it would be a dishonest to say that a hi point in a bullpup stock (lets assume they actually release it at 250 a piece) is only 400$. But i could say it and have it be true.

          And does this not take glock mags? Meaning in 9mm the difference is 33 vs 20(redball mags) or 17 vs 10 for standard mags. The other calibers i dont know and it doesnt make mention of in the article. But i kinda agree with you on the small loss of capacity is not a big deal. I think even 20rds of 9mm would be fine for almost anything you would use a 9mm rifle for. It could be improved and hta says they will be launching double stack mags if the bullpup sells well enough.

          Tldr you are fluffing the price difference without hard facts or repeatable circumstances and someone who reads these comments five years from now would be misled.

          • Cal S.

            Well, I’d rather take their word and the countless updates they’ve given on the forums over the opinion of a pessimist. They’re saying they will have samples by the end of July, and production units shortly thereafter. What, do you own JARD stock or something? Are you a pawn shop that’s been gouging your customers on jacked-up 995TSs and are afraid the word will get out? What’s the motive behind this endless nit-picking of what amounts to about $67.98?

            “There is no way the stock will be 200. Maybe 250.” Gee, that sounds an awful lot like what I said…confused as to what you’re trying to say I said that I didn’t say.

            I just pulled up gun(dot)deals and found 4 full pages of listings for brand-new Hi-Point 995TS’s for less than $290. If people are over paying for them, that’s not my fault. Even on Gunbroker only 4 of the top 15 results breaks the $300 mark. Is English your first language? I said the Hi-Point/HTA combo was $400 cheaper than the J68, not $400 out-the-door ($900 – ~$500 = ~$400). Misquoting me to cast me as “dishonest” is…well, you can figure it out. Thus, with the ‘going price’ of the 995TS being about $300 for people who use the interwebz, the HTA995 is about $525 with a max of $650, which is still a massive cost savings over this…cardboard box Glock.

            “But Redball mags!” Irrelevant, I live in Colorado. Besides, I’m not familiar with the figures, but I’d bet some coin you could get some serious Redball action with your leftover $400.

            TL;DR Everything I’ve said is perfectly repeatable by anyone in the US with access to a PC/smartphone/tablet. I’m not the one fluffing anything, and I’d trust the intelligence of someone five years from now to deduce that prices *might* have changed in the interim.

  • Dan

    Well that’s a whole lot of ugly.

  • Lou

    I don’t understand why some guys are ripping on this firearm. If its not your “cup of tea,” then fine but be happy that another US gun company is coming out with some new models.

    You should have been around after the 1989 H. W. Bush “assault rifle” import ban – we had nothing AR-15s from a handful of companies, M-1 carbines, Feather Enterprises carbines, M-11/9s, and MIni-14s for the most part for years along with some thumbhole stocked AKs – everything else was five times the price with no more models being imported..

    I’m happy that JARD came out with this.

    • Lou

      “we had nothing but…” (correction)

  • Edison Frisbee

    Certainly looks like a TARD product….

    • civilianaf


  • I wunder

    I don’t see this at $900, being a better value than Hi Point, Keltec, or even the overpriced JR carbines. Or how about the 9mm m1 clones from Italy? How about the 9mm ak pistol that takes Beretta92 and Glock mags? Both of those can be had for $500. And let us not forget the Cz evo scorp. For the money, Id rather have a pistol braced scorpion or pistol braced 9mm Ak pistol.

    • DangerousClown

      $900 would get you a Scorpion and a mountain of boolits.

      • RazorHawk

        A Scorpion pistol yes, not a Scorpion carbine, that costs more.

        • DangerousClown

          I see no reason to buy the carbine. The pistol has a barrel nearly 8 inches long. No big gains going to 16. Not even for the sight radius, as most users mount a red dot.

          I couldn’t choose, and bought both. After a half dozen outings, the carbine usually stays home. It just doesn’t do anything that much better than the pistol. If I felt I would be engaging targets outside the range of a 7.72″ 9mm pistol, I’d use my 10″ AR.

  • civilianaf

    Well thats a thing…its definitely a thing…

    Its like a cardboard box and a Glock had a baby, a really fkn ugly baby.

    • Sunshine_Shooter

      Well it’s dad was a Glock, so…

      • Gary Kirk

        So.. Get this, a Glock got really drunk at a bar full of lumber.. And if you think two Glocks make an ugly baby.. Wait till you see this unplanned pregnancy..

        ETA: Pete!.. This calls for an episode of Glocky and McColt..

  • Until Steyr gets around to releasing a Glock compatible 9mm conversion kit for the AUG, this is pretty much it for scratching the 9mm bullpup itch.


    • noob

      Talk to Thales/Lithgow Arms. Once upon a time they used to say their evolved steyr aug in 5.56 – the F90 –
      would never ever be a civilian semi auto. That was until they saw how much money there was to be made.

    • RazorHawk

      Ugh, that magazine angle is even worse than the JARD pullpup.

      • JSmath

        Yes, why on earth would a firearms manufacturer design a rifle to feed a pistol magazine at the same angle as the original grips they fit in… That’s just DUMB. /s

        • Ryobiwankenobi

          The magazine for a tilting-barrel recoil-operated gun would have to mount and feed at a different angle to feed in a straight-blowback fixed-barrel gun ( or you could engineer a new feed ramp angle).

          • JSmath

            Stop and think about what you’re saying.

            If it worked that way, then the original angle would not just be more prominent – it would be the bare minimum required to get straight-blowback carbines to work. If the mag is at that angle to load into a barrel tilted up, then (if the load angle was so hypercritical) the mags would have to be tilted even further downward to load into a straight blowback barrel (since the barrel doesn’t tilt up, the magazine would “have to” tilt down; but my whole point is this premise is mistaken).

            Plenty of PCCs load at the same angle the pistol mags they use do, and have done so for years. Sub2000, Cx4, dozens of AR15-based generics.

  • QuadGMoto

    They didn’t “just release” it. I’ve had mine since December.

    Correction, I got the first one in December. I got it’s replacement in February.

    • Harbinger1117

      Why did it need to be replaced? I’ve been interested since the J67 came out, but have concerns around reliability.

      • QuadGMoto

        It was having a lot of problems with feeding and trigger failures. The replacement mostly solved those problems. There are still some rounds it doesn’t really like, like Federal Syntec and their 147gr flat point. There were some problems with springs and some more with the trigger. They’ve made engineering updates to fix those problems.

        Even through all the problems I had, their customer support has been excellent.

        • Harbinger1117

          Many thanks for the thorough reply. I’m a sucker for anything that feeds 9mm from Glock mags, and have been eyeing these for a while. Thought it might be a fun suppressor host too. Just don’t want a $900 jam-o-matic.

  • Gary Kirk

    God, that thing looks like a gun out of a South Park episode..

    • LGonDISQUS

      Not a gun, it’s a Walkie Talkie!

  • Vitor Roma

    Why so much space behind the bolt? Does it travel that much to cycle?

    • QuadGMoto

      The bolt sits towards the back, just above the magazine. Just behind the magazine is where the rounds are ejected. It does not have a major amount of travel.

  • Mark

    $900 for a 2×4; no way!


  • Mark

    $900 for a shooting 2×4- no way!

  • Mark

    $900 for a shooting 2×4 – I think not.

  • Mark

    $900 for a shooting 2×4; I think not.

    • ShooterPatBob

      Mark, go back and delete 3 of your identical posts, please.

  • jonp

    Great! If you have a Glock, that is because there are no other handguns on Earth

  • QuadGMoto

    Is there a way to post pictures without having to wait for TFB approval?

    • wetcorps

      Upload them directly from your computer.

  • LazyReader

    Why does this gun look like it was made by the people that brought you Erector sets

  • RazorHawk

    I normally dont like bullpups, but in a PCC, it might actually work better than on 556 or 7.62 rifles. In fact, this one looks really cool.

    The problem with glock mags is the weird angle, makes it harder to load a fresh mag under duress. Why dont they just us double position feed mags like the Uzi Pro’s?

    • Sledgecrowbar

      The same reason Glock magazine AR ‘s have overtaken colt smg AR ‘s, because people already have Glock mags.

  • Widgt

    Good lord. I’ve seen more appealing abortion pics. That this is horrendous.

  • Martin Grønsdal

    Is this made of Lego?

  • USMC03Vet

    That PCC rides the short bus.

  • AD

    I feel like building a pistol caliber carbine as a bullpup has less value than for a rifle caliber carbine? Like, you’re not gaining as much from having the longer barrel?

    By the way, does this thing eject downward from behind the magazine (Keltec RDB style)?

    • Palmier

      You gain about 20% more velocity with 16″ barrel in 9mm compared to a 5″ so its kinda worth it.

  • thedonn007

    It needs a collapsible stock.

  • Sledgecrowbar

    People are saying this is ugly, but I don’t see anyone coming out with their own design that msrp ‘s for $900. If you want a sexy bullpup, you can pay a lot more for it.

    • JSmath

      You don’t need to own or make something to look at it and say something’s ugly. This gun IS extremely ugly. And especially for $900, considering it is somehow uglier than the HiPoint carbine (which is super ugly) and KelTec Sub2000, both of which frequently cost less than half that amount.

      • Sledgecrowbar

        Your examples aren’t bullpups, which if you do a cursory Google search you’ll find routinely go for a lot more than the closest conventional equivalent, so your argument about price doesn’t hold water. Also I really think the Hi-Point carbine is uglier than this, and the Sub2K isn’t much better.

        My original comment is that you shouldn’t berate something unless you can do better. Having made a PCC from rod stock, I find that it’s a labor of love, and beauty is definitely subjective.

  • JSmath

    Kinda feel like I’d gladly pay $50 extra for them to add a few cuts, folds, and welds to the bottom receiver. Something like a trio of trapezoid shapes…


  • Lance Blinent

    That gun looks like Hillary Clinton!

  • Billy Vegas

    i feel like a gun hipster with Ruger PC9 and 9mm Colt carbine….

  • fmike15

    Fugly and expensive!