Hogue Freedom Fighter California AR-15 Fixed Mag Kit

If you’re not already tired of another California compliant AR-15 part post here’s another one coming down the pipeline from Hogue. They’re putting together their own fixed mag conversion kit to help Californians make their ARs California compliant. They’re calling their kit the Freedom Fighter Fixed Magazine Conversion Kit. Kinda funny that you’d use a kit called the “Freedom Fighter” for a rifle you’re making compliant to California’s laws.

There are already a few other fixed mag kits for California compliant ARs on the market. There’s the Cross Armory SAFE MAG release, the Patriot Pin and the AR Mag Lock. Like with the other kits on the market the Freedom Fighter kit from Hogue fixes your magazine in place, you can only release the magazine after you have removed the upper receiver from the lower receiver. The downside of Hogue’s kit is it requires you to drill into your AR’s lower receiver, the other kits on the market don’t require any permanent modifications. The upside is the kit from Hogue includes a jig and all the parts to modify up to three rifles. Hogue recommends you take your rifle to a gunsmith to install the parts, or you can attempt it yourself. The video below shows how to install the kit. The kit will retail for $42.99 and is currently available for pre-order over at Brownells.com.

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  • John Hamblin

    LIke I’d do this when there are other options that require no drilling or modifications? What are they smoking at Hogue?

    • raz-0

      Hogue smokes lots of stuff. The majority of their products are a bit WTF when you compare them to current market trends. Yeah, their rubber finger groove grips are priced ok and work. Beyond that the only thing I’ve seen that was both useful, timely, and priced reasonably are their g10 maggrips.

    • lucusloc

      That is the price you pay for $15 per rifle. Considering that most of the other kits are $40-80 per rifle this is a bargain.

  • DangerousClown

    ARs are so cheap these days, if I lived in CA, I’d just bring an upper and half dozen lowers to the range.

  • Russ Kell

    Yay, more permanent mangling of a lower, only for that modification to be considered ‘not enough’ a few years from now.

  • uncle bobedy

    Looks like an interesting product!

    At some point, there is going to be an increase in “modularity” of California AR15’s by redesigning the lower to have a detachable mag compartment. The only available modules that will slot into the newly designed lowers will feature an innovative “TACTICAL” boat anchor that also becomes a decorative stand for the weapon system, and the “TACTICAL” Iron Maiden that can only be accessed by getting into the device WITH your AR, then you will have a fully functioning weapon without the legal razzle dazzle of cosmetic alterations. The only downside of the “TACTICAL IRON MAIDEN” system, is that you will be locked inside until the ATF and CA DOJ let you out. Please contact you local DOJ or ATF representatives for further details.