SilencerCo Summit Series – Dakota Tactical D300

Some things in life are just so beautiful that it makes you want to cry. For example, the birth of your children, your wife (or husband) on your wedding day or that last ice cold beer on a scorching hot day. Even better than all of those seemingly trivial events, however, is a properly built, custom Heckler and Koch patterned firearm. I offer as evidence the newesest SilencerCo Summit package featuring a Dakota Tactical D300 and SiCo Omega silencer.

As the name suggests, the D300 is chambered in 300BLK and includes all the features you’d expect from the expert craftsman at Dakota Tactical. As you may know, as much as I love the silenced life, I have yet to dip my toe into the 300 blackout world. However, paired with a quality subsonic round, the rollerlock (delayed) HK action should make for an awesome host for the SilencerCo Omega.

Along with the sheer beauty of this Summit Package, the price may also move you to tears. However, if you are a well heeled collector or enthusiast, one of these 10 limited edition sets will find a way into your arsenal. Capitol Armory is the exclusive dealer for the D300/Omega collaboration. Additional details listed below.




MSRP: $7,125.00

This collaboration between Dakota Tactical and SilencerCo features a D300 A3 SBR paired with a black Summit Edition Omega 300. Due to high demand and extremely low availability of parts, the D300 is incredibly rare. If you are able to find a way to purchase one, the wait time is usually extensive. Because of this, SilencerCo has paired up with Dakota Tactical to bring you this firearm in a ready-to-buy package. Sold exclusively through Capitol Armory, only 10 are available – so get yours while you can!


  • D300 with Engraved SilencerCo Logo Chambered in 300 BLK
  • Integral Receiver Top 1913 Picatinny Rail
  • 8.3” Free-Floating, 16-Flute, Cold Hammer Forged Barrel with 1:7 Twist
  • Tungsten-Filled, Sear-Ready Bolt Group
  • DTAC Modular Handguard System Featuring M-LOK Slots
  • 30-Round Curved Detachable Magazine
  • A3 Collapsible Stock (SBR)
  • Sights: Rear Rotary Drum, Front Hooded Post
  • SilencerCo ASR Flash Hider
  • Parkerized with HK Black Duracoat Finish
  • SSR™ Technology
  • Summit Edition Black Omega 300
  • U.S. Military Aluminum Storage Chest with Custom Cut Foam

Dakota Tactical – Facebook

SilencerCo – Facebook

Capitol Armory – Facebook


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  • alex archuleta

    Even if I bought this it’s still cheaper than a woman, it’ll never say no and will always bring happiness

    • datimes

      From that perspective it may be a bargain at twice the price.

      • Flounder

        Don’t forget the ammo!

  • Jeff Smith

    Glad to see it finished. Their Instagram is worth following – TONS of roller-delayed porn.

    Also, they posted a video of an out of battery detonation while tuning the rollers of a prototype of they 300 BO. It’s kind of amazing in an “oh crap oh crap oh crap” kind of way.

  • Gus Butts

    That’s a beautiful little carbine.

  • RustyNutz

    I was so excited when i got the email announcing this co-lab, until i saw the price! I do understand the rarity and tech, but still too rich for my blood. I’ve been lusting after an MP5 style firearm for a few years now. My Wather 22lr mp5 held me over for a bit, but I’ve got the itch for a true 9mm. I’ve been researching and looking into the Zenith/MKE MP5 classics. Time will tell, even 2k is hard for me to justify for a ‘toy’ gun.

  • William Johnson

    Reminds me of the HK53 I carried in Denmark.

  • gamma

    Being someone who has spent that kinda money on firearms I have a hard time with this one. Capital armory lists Dakota Tactical D53 A2 SBR at $3,895 (5.56 version), SilencerCo Omega is $1000, so what’s the extra $2000 charge? Barrel change to 300 blackout is not that much. Seems better to buy individually.

  • Vitor Roma

    Roller delayed + supressors = <3

  • mrpotatocat

    For 7K, I can dip my toe into the legal full auto game.