I always enjoy seeing great custom license plates. Here are some that I have seen and photographed that are strictly gun themed. The photo above is my custom license plate. I got it when I moved back to PA in 2013. I was surprised no one else had already taken this plate.  And here it is on my Trail Teams FJ Cruiser.


I saw this one at an FNH USA 3Gun Championship match

I saw this one at an FNH USA 3Gun Championship match

Another one at an FNH USA 3Gun Championship match. I like the incorporation of the Gadsden snake as the A for Versamax

Not strictly firearm related, but we can relate to it.

At the Stone Mountain Machinegun Shoot.

At the Stone Mountain Machinegun Shoot. Awesome plate from NY. NY allows up to eight characters on their personalized plates.

Not firearm related either, but it is the Marine Corps and the plate is just awesome.

Armscor Mustang after leaving Shot Show Range Day.

Caracal truck at Shot Show Range Day

NFA MP5SD at the Great American Outdoor Show

I see what I want to see. And this is for Caspian Arms. LOL

Very surprising to see this in CA. SOPMOD.





  • Klaus Von Schmitto

    I’m not up for advertising to car burglars.


    • Nicholas C

      You assume we leave guns in our cars.

      • Qoquaq En Transic

        I assume a potential burglar will either

        1) break in to find out
        2) run my plates via the web and find out where I live.

        I love custom plates and stickers, but I won’t advertise.

        • Ebby123

          There are 350,000,000+ firearms in the U.S.

          You really think a burglar is going to go all mission impossible to find out where you live so he *might* be able to steal your guns?

          This is a little silly, no?

          • Qoquaq En Transic

            Silly right up until someone decides to do it.

            I’ve got an extensive collection of NFA items which I’d rather not many people know I have – outside close friends and certain family. And it’s WAY beyond just cans.

            IMHO advertising your gun hobby is fun, but I’ve no real desire to do so for reasons aforementioned.

          • Ebby123

            I think you overestimate the planning abilities of the average burglar.

          • Qoquaq En Transic

            I think I’ll not take that chance – just so I can display a gun sticker on my truck.

            You’re welcome to do so if you wish.

          • n0truscotsman

            if you assume the worst, you will never be disappointed 😉

          • n0truscotsman

            Thats what irks me about your address on driver’s licenses for example.

            Or even registration and proof of insurance. There’s nothing that couldn’t be told by a bar code or series of numbers by official eyes seeking that information as needed but mean 12th century arabic to a would-be thief thats not so well meaning.

          • Humble Servant

            I’m looking him up right now😎

        • Zapped 02

          How easy is it to run a plate via the web. ?

          • Qoquaq En Transic

            There are lots of sites which offer that service.

      • Klaus Von Schmitto

        That made me go out and look. Yep, sure enough, my carbine was still there in the floorboard under the McDonalds bags and unopened mail.

      • Edeco

        It wouldn’t be a garuntee to the hypothetical car burglar, but it might make the car more a attractive prospect.

        • Gun Fu Guru

          The problem with your thinking is that burglars will be disappointed if the gun is not in the car. What’s to stop a burglar from going to the vehicle owner’s home?

          • Edeco

            Problem? In this convo I haven’t thought past the car break-in since that alone is enough reason that I wouldn’t have a gun themed plate.

          • Flounder

            i doubt someone will pull the registration out of the car in order to go to your house. It increases the likelyhood of getting shot too much. It also means that a thief who was looking for an easy score is suddenly going to jump into breaking and entering a home.

            It’s possible. I remember hearing of it happening. But at the same time it is very unlikely.

          • JDC

            Just depends on how aggressive they are. My car dealer told me not to put my home address into our GPS “in case a car thief steals the car and wants to rob you, since he knows you aren’t home.”

            I then pointed out that such an industrious car thief (defeated the ignition interlock and push button starter that requires the key fob) would probably just get the (required) registration out of the glove box and enter the address into the GPS.

            I have never had an issue with smash and grab, but my daughter did (parked on a street at college where the $#%^& thief broke into about 15 cars). I now have a small safe mounted under the back seat that I can secure my handguns in when needed….just like home they are locked up unless on my person.

        • Nicholas C

          You argument could be applied to anytjing expensive.

          Expensive watch, jewelry, exotic Cars etc.

          Don’t live in fear. Be free to love life how you want.

          Should we not wear pro gun shirts either? Are we not advertising we have guns? What’s to stop criminals from following us?

          Criminals are typically dumb and looking for an easy score.

          • Edeco

            I don’t have gun t-shirts. I don’t think it’s as bad of an idea as a licence plate.

            Do you lock your car doors 😛

          • Nicholas C

            Of course. I’m from SoCal. Don’t trust anyone.

          • Edeco

            Yeah, so some precautions are reasonable.

            I hardly ever carry. I mean, I’m an expert pistolero of course, but CCing takes effort and my self-assessed personal safety was fine before I chose The Way of The Gun.

          • DangerousClown

            Your last sentence sums it up. What do you think these dumb criminals think when they see someone advertising an expensive hobby or business right on a vehicle?

            Not as bad as someone advertising a photography business across their back window, but a target of any size is still a target.

      • Gun Fu Guru

        You both assume that burglars only want the items in the car (hence “car burglars”). It’s not a big leap to go from cars to houses: smash the window, find the registration, locate your address, wait for you to leave, and burglarize your residence.

      • Pod

        Maybe so, but why risk a break-in? I don’t want to pay an insurance deductible if I don’t have to.

    • John Deagan


      • Major Tom


    • Mike

      Agree, gray man

  • Major Tom

    It’s Marine Corps! Not core! Please stop relying on autocorrect and spellcheckers!

  • Giolli Joker

    The MP5SD needs to be on an expensive German car.
    Waiting for Patrick’s Tacoma with ROL SPL.

  • A.WChuck

    Ooo, do you have another car with Nike, or McDonald’s, or Levi’s custom plates?

    I kid…

  • iksnilol

    Caspian couldn’t afford even an Audi? For shame.

    • Nicholas C

      This wasn’t a car for Caspian Arms. AFAIK. I just saw the plate at a parking lot. Other than the Caspian Sea and the C.S. Lewis book Prince Caspian, I do not know what it refers to. So I am projecting my own interpretation and like to think they are Caspian pistol fans.

      • iksnilol

        I was thinking it was a company car. Makes sense that a fan that spends money on CAspian pistolas can’t afford anything but a volvo.

  • Al Wise

    Being a Marine hardly qualifies anyone as a gun enthusiast.

  • Asdf

    They all might as well have had a licenses plate that read PLS STL GUN

  • TechnoTriticale

    What actual message does any vanity plate send to various demographics, and what, if anything do they do in response?

    As others are pointing out, plates that say “break into this car” “steal this car”, or “vandalize this car” might suggest some pondering.

    If I were to ever get another vanity, I’d want “STOLEN”, because the overwhelming majority of car thieves would pass it up. “WEBCAM” might be OK, too.

    • Vhyrus

      There was a guy with a modded integra that challenged me to a street race once for money. His license plate was ‘ILLEGAL’.

      I swear on every name of god I am not making a word of that up.

      • Nicholas C

        Pics or it didnt happen.

  • Edeco

    I don’t do vanity pl8s. If some school bus driver wanted to cause trouble, or hallucinated that someone passed them when they had the stop-paddle out, I don’t want my plate to be the easy-to-remember one. Or if someone’s road raging.

    Plus it’s not my aesthetic. I don’t like empty decoration on my machines (rawr) to start with and having plates is a hoop I jump thru, not something I do for its own sake or take pride in.

    • Ebby123

      “I don’t want my plate to be the easy-to-remember one”

      This is sage advice. Same with bumper stickers and custom paint jobs.

      If I was forced to flee a scene (there are many legitimate reasons why this may be necessary) I don’t want to my vehicle to be easily described.

      “Big white truck” should be about as specific as someone could be about my vehicle at a glance.

  • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

    Why is the SOPMOD one so surprising to see in CA?

    With the second highest concentration of firearms and firearms owners in the United States it seems like it would be pretty common.

    • CA sux

      That and the significant military presence in the South

    • Nicholas C

      Where did you get the statistic that CA has the highest concentration of firearms and owners?

      • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

        Where did I say that? Please read what I said again. You missed a word.

        • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

          Though oddly enough, it looks like CA did way more NICS checks than Texas in 2015 and 2016. So that probably does put them at #1 for raw number of firearms owned.

        • Nicholas C

          Regardless of the “second” modifier. Where did you get that statistic?

          • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

            I read it in an NRA article several years ago.

            Now it looks like CA might have the largest number of guns per state in all the US. (Not per capita, total number).

  • Matthew Whitticar

    Liking what I see from my home state of Pennsyltucky

  • Zapped 02

    My old plate 2 vehicles back used to be ful auto, most thought it was for the s10 blazer being power everything.
    Nope, ful auto guns. Even my mother who knew I have full auto guns did not figure it out.

    And consider that people can have a special plate but does not equal they are a owner of that product.

  • Raginzerker

    As a resident of PA, those plates make me proud :’)

  • Mike Cramer

    I had “APFSDS 2” on my last truck. Only tankers and armor officers get it.

  • Joshua Prince
    • Edeco

      Someone must’ve stole your truck nuts 😛

  • Joshua Prince
  • codfilet

    I don’t advertise my gun ownership in any way. Only my like-minded close friends even are aware that I am interested in firearms.

  • Audie Bakerson
  • AZgunner

    Apart from a BCM baseball cap (and 5.11 pants for practicality reasons), I don’t really advertise my gun ownership. I didn’t even put the NRA sticker on my car. No vanity plate, no stickers, no flashy colors. I like my little commuter car to be totally unmemorable.

  • AZgunner

    Apart from a BCM baseball cap (and 5.11 pants for practicality reasons), I don’t really advertise my gun ownership. I didn’t even put the NRA sticker on my car. No vanity plate, no stickers, no flashy colors. I like my little commuter car to be totally unmemorable.

    • DangerousClown

      Is it a white Corolla? Because that’s as vanilla as you can get.

  • AZgunner

    Apart from a BCM baseball cap (and 5.11 pants for practicality reasons), I don’t really advertise my gun ownership. I didn’t even put the NRA sticker on my car. No vanity plate, no stickers, no flashy colors. I like my little commuter car to be totally unmemorable.

  • AZgunner

    Apart from a BCM baseball cap (and 5.11 pants for practicality reasons), I don’t really advertise my gun ownership. I didn’t even put the NRA sticker on my car. No vanity plate, no stickers, no flashy colors. I like my little commuter car to be totally unmemorable.

  • Ebby123

    Example #1.

    A few years ago I verbally stopped a deadbeat from beating the crap out of his girlfriend at a gas station. The police didn’t get there until it was well over with -but they did take the guy in for questioning.

    There were many other witnesses, so I didn’t need to be officially involved. That said Mr. dirtbag was well aware that I had called the cops and challenged him publicly – and he knew what my vehicle looked like.

    This took place less than 3 miles from my house, in a neighborhood I drive through daily.

    Because I don’t have any conspicuous identifying features, the best he could do is “I’m looking for a guy driving a white truck”.

  • atfsux

    I can’t find the picture now,… but at a DCM LEG match a few years ago, I spotted a Pennsylvania plate that said “M1 PING”

  • mazkact

    I used to have all the cool badge work on my vehicles but a few years ago it occurred to me that i was asking for my glass to be broken or to be followed home then broke into later. Broke my heart to remove my NRA Lifetime decal. My Camry and Powerstroke are plain wrappers now. I do like the ones that only serious gunfolks would get like Caspian or the little Silhouette stickers of rams,chickens and such, might put some of them on my back glass.