Kahr Arms and Gallery of Guns Team Up on New Brown Guns


Kahr Arms announced the company partnered with Gallery of Guns to introduce a pair of new compact pistols finished with a Desert Tan frame and a Cerakote Patriot Brown finish on the slide.

Both of these new pistols are considered limited edition pistols that will be offered only through the Gallery of Guns website. Let’s take a quick look at the specifics of these new handgun variants.


The new CW3833PBR is a variant of the standard CW380 pistol. It is part of the company’s Value Series and is priced at $439. The handgun is chambered for the .380 ACP cartridge and holds 6 rounds in a flush fitting magazine. Without a magazine, the pistol weighs a hair over 10 ounces.

In standard colors, this gun makes for a popular concealed carry gun. It is relatively small with a 2.5″ conventionally rifled barrel and a thickness of only 0.75″ at the slide. The slide stop lever and other bits make the maximum width a bit more, but do not add much bulk to this diminutive autoloader.



A variation of the CW9 pistol, the CW9093PBR is also a member of the company’s Value Series of handguns. It carries a suggested retail price of $495.

Chambered for the 9×19 cartridge, this gun is larger than the CW380 above, but still compact enough for concealed carry on a regular basis. It has a 3.6″ long barrel and weighs a little over a pound with an unloaded magazine. Standard magazines hold 7 rounds.

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is http://www.gunsholstersandgear.com/.


  • No one

    I could not have come up with an uglier color scheme if I tried.

    …..*Thinks of all the tacticooled and poorly photo dipped guns I’ve seen in the past.*

    Wait, WAIT, hold on, I take that back! But It’s still pretty horrid.

    • John Yossarian

      Colors of the “diarrhea rainbow”, as TYM put it.

    • FlaBoy

      I like the color…similar to the Rugers that Davidsons offered. If you don’t like them, they still make the original color.

  • I wish Kahr would release their TP9 Gen 2 models that were due out a few years ago. The 5″ model is very handsome.

    • BaconLovingInfidel

      Those are only for highly sophisticated tuxedo clad commando ninja international assassins.

      • Hence my desire for one!

    • kipy

      They seem to have dropped off the face of the Earth.

  • Edeco

    Enough different colors of value series, render forth a 3″ barrel 380 with polygonal rifling.

  • Kelly Jackson

    Did Kahr’s always have their serial number stuck on the side of the grip like that?
    I just handled a black framed one at a gun show this past weekend I don’t recall that.

    • BaconLovingInfidel


  • Flounder

    Patriot poop colored… interesting. Does it taste like the MRE gum?


    When are they going to design a new gun?

    • Edeco

      Kel Tek K22; get it down to like 0.60″ wide.

      • LGonDISQUS

        10/10 would share kimchi with

  • NeverForget

    Moonie scat brown.

  • Big Daddy

    All the Kahrs I tried had terrible triggers. If they didn’t fix that well forget it. I like the colors, needs some green in there.

  • Bill

    It’s important that a pocket pistol look like dirt.

    Wait, no, it isn’t.

    • Bigbigpoopi

      You don’t holster it in your pants pocket; it goes in the pocket between your butt cheeks

      • CA

        So it’s the same concept as brown underwear then? Progress is moving too fast for me.

      • ZuluHotel

        Good ol’ zap-carry. Is Gunnit leaking?

  • CA

    This will be discontinued in “5 seconds.” Kahr, surely there’s at least 1 person in the company that can tell you not to combine Reese’s peanut butter cups and guns. That thing looks like it will melt at body temperature.

  • CA

    On a serious note: Kahr, are you listening? You have either a 9/10 or a 10/10 trigger for a DAO gun, and your pistols are very high quality. But people are not comfortable shooting DAO even on a good trigger. I’ve shot your pistols, and flinching is the #1 reason people can’t shoot well. Even with your trigger, I was not able to shoot consistantly. (Yes, I strongly believe I would do very well now that I focus on the target and shoot with both eyes open.) But even veteran shooters don’t know this.

    Now here is my point: Kahr full-size pistols are seen as “mini-1911’s,” but you don’t market them as such. Every 1911 owner knows that you can carry a full-size 1911 “comfortably” despite the weight because it is so THIN and the single-stack capacity reduces ammo weight. Also, the slide is longer than the grip, so it points down on its own.

    But 1911 owners won’t buy your pistols because they are DAO. You guys need to make a single-action trigger with a safety or DA/SA trigger with a safety. When you build it, they will come.

    • Edeco

      I hope to see thinness pushed in the near future. Assault capacity mags are pretty much mission accomplished for the moment.

    • Michael

      I disagree on the DOA trigger. It was the reason I bought my CM 9. While living in Wisconsin, I found that a heavier trigger while wearing gloves was needed, and it fit in to my jacket pocket nicely. I shoot the little pistol as well, if not better than my Glock 26.

  • CMonster 556

    I bought one Kahr as a truck gun. Cheap, but OMG it has a horrible loooong creepy trigger, and the checkering is so sharp it hurts to shoot it. Never again.

  • Gun-Toting Racist

    You can hide it in your diaper.

  • iksnilol

    Patriot brown?

    More like constipation doodoo.

  • DropGun25

    Having a serial number plate on the side of the grip seems like the most impractical design decision ever made

  • my.02

    If you have been used to shooting a Glock or M&P or one of the smaller Sig pistols, then you may not prefer the DAO trigger on a Kahr. However, the trigger is THE reason many people prefer a Kahr pistol. It does however require regular practice/training to become proficient as is the case with any firearm. The Davidson Exclusive “Patriot Brown” finish has been popular on the Glock line of handguns and the FDE appearance on many other firearms has been successful, so I am sure that while some of you don’t prefer this look, many do so, they will sell quite well. What I have learned as I have matured in my perspective of firearms, is that there is not a perfect gun that will make up for lack of training/practice. I practice weekly and have my preferences, however I also have learned to appreciate the differences in firearms without trash talking them as some are inclined to do.

  • Anon. E Maus

    I usually despise FDE, but with the matte black slide and the simplistic square lines of the Kahr, this doesn’t look bad.