G28s in Use by Turkish SOF

Recent photographs and information have come to light detailing the possible adoption of the Heckler & Koch G28 by Turkish special operations groups. Specifically the Turkish Combat Search & Rescue (Muharebe Arama Kurtarma) component of the Turkish Air Force has received the rifles possibly as early as 2014. From what we understand the CSAR component might have got them from trials done on the G28 by Army commandos but due to the political situation between Turkey and Germany over the refugee crisis (among others), the supply might have fallen through. The image above is actually from some of those trials.

From the photographs that have surfaced online, it appears that the rifles have come complete with their full product package of the standard configuration with the NATO STANG 4694 rail system (essentially a MIL STD¬†Picatinny M1913 rail) mounted with a Schmidt & Bender 3-20×50 PMII, with an Aimpoint Micro T1 as a close range option, however it appears to lack the Rheinmetall Soldier Electronics LLM-225 laser aiming module that H&K offers as standard on the product page.

Among other recent small arms in use by the Turkish CSAR is the H&K 416A5 in 5.56x45mm NATO. Ironically, in Turkey’s quest to standardize a locally made version of H&K rifles, the special operations components aren’t buying in entirely and are simply opting for the original rifles from Germany themselves.


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  • Petto

    Wait until Turkey will copy that thing , even they already did with the MPT-76 ;-P

  • Vitor Roma

    The handguard looks heavier than the rest of the gun.

  • ReadyOrNot

    I wonder if Erdogan managed to completely purge the military of ‘questionables’

    • GPSrulz

      No. Dictators never stop purging, there’s always ‘threats’ to the regime.

      • Some Guy

        The whole purging your enemies(real or not) creates more enemies(again be the real or not) for the dictator. There is usually a lot of paranoid behaviour and fear of losing the power involved in these purgings. Dictators that start purging never really stop as we saw with Stalin or the Kims.

  • Risto Kantonen

    Selling weapons to Turkey is a big mistake. Anyone who has been following what’s going on in Turkey for the past year or so will understand why.

  • Gus Butts

    That’s an oldschool flash hider on a very modern rifle, looks cool.

  • 2017

    2008 called and wants its stupid heavy handquards back…

  • jono102

    Never understood H&K’s “backwards” hand guards. Fixed rails is generally the best option for most general service rifles, but having the rail start mid way down the hand guard doesn’t make sense. Any illuminator/torch is going to reflect off or light up the side of the rifle when in use. The further forwards you can push them the more it can minimise this.

  • John

    And here we have a spectacularly rare sight: a customer who gets prompt customer service from Heckler and Koch! Such beauty!

  • mcjagermech

    Just the weapon to gun down protesters and the Kurds