More Torque! The Torsion Holster from Bravo Concealment

I’m willing to bet that there are many out there like me. I typically carry IWB, often with a tucked shirt (Management has to meet certain appearance standards…), which while often highly effective, has its own set of problems for us larger folks. While you skinny guys and gals can carry appendix, those of us with more to love are often forced to go strong-side. Without a naturally wide and falt facade to conceal a long grip, grip length becomes a major concern for concealment – especially tucked.

This is often fixed by a small cant to the weapon system. Which when at the 4 or 5 o’clock position is a welcome position, as the hand naturally pulls forward during the draw stroke. However, it still can limit what one carries. In my case, a single stack 9mm with a short grip.

I want more ammo and grip!

Looks like Bravo Concealment has a potential solution with their new Torsion holster. Instead of setting up the weapon parallel to the Kydex, the holster puts it at an inward rotation, pulling the grip closer to the body. Thus, less of it is likely to print and us big guys may just carry the double-stacks we so crave.

The Torsion is available now for the usual swath of Glocks (sorry long-slide lovers, no joy yet) and two M&P models, the 9 and 40 compacts. Where Bravo Concealment typically excels at offering weapon light options, alas the Torsion is pretty much weapon-only at this time.

Retail is set at $69.99, with shipment in 3-5 business days. Pretty good for built-to-order holsters. 

Features (From Bravo Concealment):

D.O.S. (Drop Out-of Sight) TORSION Holster

  • Even Deeper Concealment with NEW Torsion Technology
  • Integrated 10 degree inward cant for greater conceal-ability
  • Designed specifically for IWB concealed carry.
  • Virtually drops out of sight and erases your weapon’s visual signature.
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • One of few IWB holsters offering retention.
  • Holster adds minimal mass to weapon.
  • Holster retains its shape for efficient one handed re holstering.


TFB’s FNG. Completely irreverent of all things marketing but a passionate lover of new ideas and old ones well executed. Enjoys musing on all things firearms, shooting 3-gun, and attempting to be both tacticool AND tactical.


  • MarkT

    I ordered one for my G17. Very good quality, but for me the gun rides too high and doesn’t conceal well (I carry AIWB) .

    It is a great concept, I just wish that it could be adjusted to sit lower than the lowest setting allows.

  • pablo4twenty

    It doesn’t have the padding of the Alien, but that cant is a great idea.

    • Bart Jabroni

      It also doesn’t have the garbage materials and design of an alien gear.

    • The problem with padding on things like the Alien Gear holsters is that it makes for a large, insulated footprint. This translates to a nice, large sweat stain and discomfort especially when it’s hot. Don’t get me wrong, it adds some comfort to keep the pokage down, but I’m not sure that that really balances out against the discomfort of the added heat.

      • USMC03Vet

        You know how I know you’ve never worn an Alien Gear holster…..

        Your complaints are hilariously inaccurate.

        • Indianasteve

          I agree with you USMC03Vet. I wear an alien gear and it is as comfortable as I can expect. No holster that I’ve ever worn is comfortible. The Alien Gear can be adjusted to ride quite low. When it is low it holds both my glock 19 and 26 tight to my side/back. It doesn’t print unless I bend over to pick something up. A great holster, in my opinion.

        • *looks at the three alien gear holsters in his discarded gear bin* Wanna bet, sparky?

          • Joey

            You hated the first one so much that you bought two more to keep it company in the parts bin?

          • no, I bought three of them at once for three different pistols.

          • USMC03Vet

            Read it on the internet. Must be legit.

  • Madcap_Magician

    Huh, that is actually… a new AND good idea.

    • It’s a good idea, but it’s not new. Andrews Leather and a couple of others have designed leather IWB holsters that do exactly the same thing going back at least 20 years. It’s new in Kydex-land, I guess.

    • Gee

      What you are seeing here is marketing in the wild. That is, of course, if you only want to carry a Glock because that seems to be the only thing they are making holsters for these days.

  • Destro Yakisoba

    Thats neat. And without any add on wings or claws or doodads. I may try one if they are not stoopid $$$$

  • Scott

    Some leather or other material on the body side would be nice. Otherwise, looks interesting.

    • PK

      Agreed. For a holster designed for close skin contact, I prefer a hybrid design of kydex and leather.

    • Some Guy

      Gets in the way of a good grip on the draw though and IMO, having tried both styles, you don’t gain much comfort with a sweat guard.

    • ActionPhysicalMan

      How about all leather – Andrews Custom Leather MacDaniel II. As has already been pointed out by David Knuth, this is no where near a new idea.

    • Bradley

      I must be doing something different because I can’t see how having leather against your body is more comfortable. It just turns into a sweat sponge for me. I wish more people would use something breathable like the stealth gear holdters.

      • Rob in Katy

        Well me too, I would come home with a good buffing from my HK grip, it is pretty rough. Switched to a N8^2 and that I can wear all day. I would say I am just a woosie, but I am still riding, racing and wrecking dirt-bikes at 60, so I am probably not a total W, but I was flinching every time I work the old WHat and that P30.

  • Hinermad

    I saw this a few months ago when I was getting ready for a CC class. My instructor in the previous class said he liked Bravo Concealment holsters, and when I saw this one I thought that might be for me. (I’m a “plus sized” guy myself.) I couldn’t get one in time for my class, but I’d really like to be able to carry my M&P instead of a single stack LC9 or a Shield.

  • Paul Prochko

    Not sure why it’s taken this long to figure out how to pull the gun butt in like it should be as good designs in cross draw (which do exactly that) have been around for a long time (I have a few of them). Glad to see it’s finally hitting the market in materials other than leather….and I am a lefty…lame excuse for not having a left hand version though…i.e. CNC to make the mold cost money…lol. All molds masters cost money…nothing new, they just haven’t gotten to it, or choose not to.

  • i_the_jury

    The inward cant idea has been around for a long while now, the Raven Claw and CCC Shaggy come to mind.

  • Bill

    We’re getting to the point where “concealment” is over-riding usability. A holster that fits my body so tightly that I cannot get a good shooting grip on the gun is not great.

    If you are going to carry it’s with the idea that the gun might need to be shot, so sacrifices have to be made. Thus I’m the guy in the agency who always has a sport coat or vest at hand.

    • BillyOblivion

      Different people have different habitats and different risk models. There are places I go where 99.999 percent if the time it’s going to be more risky to my long term being to *have* a gun than not, because the risks of an event where I would need one are infinitesimal and the chance of getting caught isn’t. However there are spaces between where I am, and those places where the odds change. It is not my job to go LOOKING for bad guys, and I have a degree of latitude as to how I deal with one.

      By your use of the term “agency” there is some indication that your models and habitats are different than mine, and your choices of response are thus different as well.

      In most places where I need deep concealment it is more likely that I will have warning of something before I actually need my gun in my hand, and it is more likely that I’ll get fired for having a gun than that it will save my life by being ready to hand.

      Other places I go the ratios are different and the methods of concealment are different.

      For the novice is it yes, no, always, never. For the journeyman it is sometimes and it depends. For the master it is always what it needs to be.

      • Peter (BE)

        very well put sir.

      • Bill

        That’s a very well stated position. It’s a shame that employers and locales make it so difficult to carry something that I believe is as innocuous as a wallet. But then there are the guys who carry the George Costanza wallets……

  • Grant

    For everyday carry, I don’t really see the point of carrying a full sized double stack. I know for all the cool kids it’s a must to carry a full size, light bearing and double stack AIWB. I just can’t muster the enthusiasm to put up with it. Plus even though I carry when its possible, I know the likely hood that I will ever need to use my pistol is very small.

    • scaatylobo

      Sorry sir, but insulting us “cool kids” is not what I expect in a response to a good question and a point that many would appreciate.
      Quality conversation and points to consider and LEARN from are useable.
      I am not a “kid” by any means and I fully grasp the valid point that better than 99 % will never even think about the fact they are EDCing,on any given year or decade.
      BUT as a retired LEO, the FACT is that if you happen to be that poor unlucky guy / gal,you might need a LOT ‘O’ GUN.
      I train for my worst case scenario, a Mumbai attack in a mall or theater [ movie or other ] as well as a church or Temple [ I sometimes go to both ].
      At 70 years of age,and training as often as I do,my real problem is I cannot “run”.
      And if my wife is with me [ VERY likely ] my ONLY choice is to hide and then be a shooting platform.
      Its not cool,its not neato keen, its all that I can do to survive = if ” that moment ” ever happens.
      I will be happy to live out my life with my high cap mag’s and spare mag & light.
      NEVER NEEDING them.please go lightly [ or not at all ] on the shots over the bow thing,you will get a great deal more appeal & understanding of YOUR not so humble opinion.

    • ActionPhysicalMan

      Other than when you have to go into metal detector/radar scanner controlled area, when is it not possible? I have carried a 10.5″ long double stacked gun outside my home all but 3 short (a few minutes) exceptions in the last 3 years. One of the those times it was because carrying it is so easy and comfortable that I forgot that I hadn’t put it on. Implying that other peoples larger firearm choices is Fuddish.

  • MeaCulpa

    On the subject of firearms and being “big” or “heavy”,. In the US 15700 people where murdered in 2015 and an estimated 300000 people died of obesity. So there’s that.

    • PK

      Winner, winner!

      Have fire extinguishers/smoke alarms in the home. Wear a seatbelt in vehicles. Wear a helmet and riding gear on motorcycles. Carry a firearm that you can use well.Get in shape, proper BMI, and practice cardio. Don’t drink or smoke to excess.

      Live a long, happy, safe, healthy life. Best of all worlds.

      • BillyOblivion

        Just to pick a nit, the last sentence of that first paragraph would be better as “don’t drink to excess or smoke”, as a beer/glass or two of wine a day seems to increase health markers and longevity, while smoking doesn’t really do anything good for you.

        Well, small doses of nicotine do seem to have a measurable positive effect, but are drowned out by the negative effects, until you hit about 70. Then smoke *a* cigarette with lunch and dinner. By the time the bad effects kick in you’ll be 90 and f*k it.

        Oh, and that has to be a glass or two a day. Don’t skip and try to make it up on the weekends by drinking the whole case.

        • PK

          Thank you, yes, your phrasing is certainly better.

  • Asdf

    You would need to dig around in your love handles to get your gun?

    • Swarf

      Fat folds offer excellent concealment opportunities, but don’t forget to map the location in case of loss.

  • Brian James Lewis

    This is of little help to any one unless you carry a Glock or M&P according to their website as they are the only brands the holster is available for.

  • Tom of Toms

    Wait wait wait…like a decent, leather pancake holster?

  • Hyok Kim

    Maybe time to go diet. Btw. I believe in off-body carry.

  • Jon

    It’s another example of Glock, Sig and Smith privilege, none of which I own so it’s a so what.

  • SigShooter

    It’s just a crappy version of the PerSec SPEAR. Nothing new here…