Steyr OD Green M9-A1 Now Available, Tacticool Shooters Rejoice!

Steyr Arms has added an OD Green M9-A1 to their pistol lineup finally. Even though they have been using OD Green polymer on their firearms for nearly 50 years on both the SSG 69 sniper rifle and the AUG, they must have just got around to it. I guess late is better than never and it sure as hell looks cool.

A lot of shooters feel that the M9-A1 is far too often overlooked as one of the great polymer pistols out on the market currently. A lot of that has to do with the almost complete lack of marketing that Steyr does in the American market and that they haven’t been adopted by many police departments, if any. Sure, most American shooters are well aware of the Steyr brand when you start talking about the AUG, but bring up one of their superb handguns and you are normally met with blank stares and them asking if you meant Beretta.

Other than the color change, the M9-A1 remains the same as the black pistols that are currently on the market. You still get the 4″ cold-hammer-forged barrel and a reasonably ergonomic grip shape that houses a 17 round magazine, as well as the rather unique sights that come standard on the M9-A1.

Make sure to visit the Steyr Arms website to get more specs on the new OD Green M9-A1, MSRP is set at $575.

Patrick R

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  • Jason Culligan

    Steyr doesn’t do much marketing full stop. They rely on word of mouth and reputation for the most part here in Europe as well.

    • Mark

      Seems to be the same in Australia.

    • Nicks87

      Yeah, these are great guns and they used to pop up on sale for under $400 every now and then.

  • Sasquatch

    One day I shall own one of these funky little guns. I think their so darn cool. 😎

  • SGT Fish

    id love to get my hands on one. I hear such good things from the people who actually own them.

    • totenglocke

      I have a Steyr M9-A1 and it’s hands down my favorite gun.

  • Jimmy Chimichanga

    You would think they would release Mud colored frames as well, + a special edition Snow version since the AUG is available in all four colors. That being said, if I got another Steyr to accompany my M9-A1, it would be black.

  • Zundfolge

    My EDC is a pre-A1 M40 … I may have to retire it and replace it with a green M40A1 now.

  • Madison J Coleman

    Love my C9A1 sans one thing, absolutely no magwell. So thin, so small, so hard to reload quickly. Otherwise it’s awesome.

  • gunsandrockets

    Now that’s a low bore line!

  • Evil Brad

    I notice these are significantly cheaper than the Glock 17 in 9mm. How come?

    • Richard Lutz

      Because the Glock has a much better reputation for reliability.

  • feetpiece _

    If only we could get conversion kits and full capacity mags for the S9 series….

  • DP

    My C9-A1 is my favorite carry pistol hands down

  • Ron Hatfield Jr

    Smith & Wesson SW9GVE 9mm 4″ Green/Matte, 16 round

    • Ron Hatfield Jr

      and a whole lot cheaper…

  • Caleb Wise Gray

    Mine chews through garbage steel cased ammo like potato chips.

  • Richard Lutz

    Nice looking pistol, but it needs a shorter grip, while they never seemed to have the same reliability as the Glocks according to all the reviews I ever read as they tend to choke on some brands of ammunition that Glocks don’t have a problem with.