Officer Reunited With His LAPD Issued Ithaca M37

Last year, almost to the day, Pete posted an article about LAPD holding a lottery for LAPD officers to get LAPD issued Ithaca M37s. The caveat was that to be eligible for the lottery, you must have had gone through the LAPD Academy when the M37 was issued.

Michael Grasso was one such officer. After he retired, he tracked down his 1992 Riots Issued 37. Once he got it, Ithaca restored it for him.

Congrats Michael and thank you for your service.


Nicholas C

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  • Taylor Hardin


  • Photo makes it look like a Let’s All Party Down rescue vehicle.

  • Code3Patriot

    Nothing beats the feeling of getting ahold of your department issued weapon.

    • iksnilol

      And hearing that familiar rattle?

  • jamezb

    Always loved the no nonsense look of oiled wood and park’ed steel on the clean lines of an Ithaca riot gun.

    • Henry Servatt

      Ditto here, bro. I’d trade my modern 870 for a working 37 most any day.

  • jamezb

    Uh oh… the AR’s in picture #2 don’t look California compliant!!!

    • Mike Grasso

      It’s cause I retired to a “free” state!

  • TheNotoriousIUD
    • Flounder


      It’s like he is trying to shove his fist through the trigger guard.

  • Kelly Jackson

    I bet that butt stock bashed a lot of smelly hippies

    • Blue Centurion


    • BaconLovingInfidel

      Smelly hippy wipes right off.

    • CavScout

      LAPD of a 1992 issued RIOT gun? LA… Riots… of 1992…


  • Jim

    Good for him! I tried to buy back my 1972 issued Rem. 870 when I retired, but my department wouldn’t allow it. Went out to third-party bid. Never had to use it, but it sure did persuade a lot of bad guys to surrender peacefully!

  • Blue Centurion

    Awesome story and surprisingly good deal from the City of Los Angeles. The day my agency would be “allowed” to do the same by my city would be the day we have “inclusivity” riots among the lefty’s ………and we are badly outnumbered. Or, they most likely would hold a news conference for a “melt-a-thon” followed by a group hug and million dollar grants to “community stakeholders”.

  • scaatylobo

    Met Mike and he is a pisser of a man [ in a good way ].
    In fact we have shared a Bark River grind in and a cigar and beverage or 2.
    He has a LOT of storys,many are far too colorful for these pages .
    ATTABOY to him & his find.

    • Mike Grasso

      Definitely had more than one cigar and a good time!

  • pismopal

    Car keys secured in Sam Browne buckle in LAPD fashion.

  • CavScout

    Californians don’t support 2A rights for Californians…
    Now NY, CT, and even maybe MA are a different story probably…