Bow Your Heads – Suppressor Dies Spectacularly to Cyclic M249 SAW

Ladies and Gentleman – I stand here before you today and eulogize our dear friend Suppressor.

Suppressor was the strong and silent type.

Suppressor was a great Silencerco SWR can, who devoted his whole life to the protecting the ears of our beloved shooters. His strong tube took the repeated blows of our enemy – hot gasses – while faithfully allowing our partner bullets to exit and travel to their destinations without hindrance.

His years of tireless and faithful service are a testament to the quality of his character. Never too baffled by any problem, he was flexible, moving to weapon after weapon year over the years providing his underappreciated services. Sure, he had a little weight up front, but he always held the concentric line, never letting any errant round strike him down.

That was until July 6th, 2017. Suppressor was put to a challenge that no can could survive – cyclic fire on a belt-fed. Instead of twisting off, he held firm against the repeated explosive forces until the pressure finally won, overtaking his body and ending Suppressor in a flash of glory. Almost 300 rounds beat him down only cracking his strong facade, but the onslaught still came. At over 500, he gave all the strength he had and was ripped asunder.

Let us all look to Suppressors example of holding firm under times of great duress. May his sacrifice not be in vain. May we aspire to his service, his strength, and self-sacrifice. He will be remembered in a YouTube video eternal.

Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.



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  • G B

    Man, they’re lucky they didn’t wind up with some pretty serious burns.

    Cool video though.

  • Monies

    Ahh to have money to burn. I would be happy being rich enough to piss away ammo like that, let alone own a fa beltfed, ruining said beltfed’s barrel, and ruining beyond repair a suppressor.

    • Scott Wagner

      Except that WCA is an indoor range and SOT. So that honestly isn’t that much money.

    • Well, in fairness, when you’re an FFL/SOT manufacturer, it’s a LOT cheaper, easier, and faster to pull together a belt fed and suppressor for destructive “testing”. Especially if you use equipment that has already been used (and thus “paid for”) for other (legitimate) testing and demonstrations.

  • Roy Rapoport

    Wow. That introduction literally made me sad for Suppressor. Nicely done, jerk 🙂

    • Rick O’Shay

      How about, “he died doing what he loved?”

  • Major Tom

    So they found the one 249 in existence that can fire more than 100 rounds without stoppage or risk of stoppage.

    • Ranger Rick

      Probably has to do with a mysterious $100 an ounce gun oil.🤠

      • Rick O’Shay


        • Johnsmyname

          Careful, you might get sued for such insinuations

        • Ranger Rick


        • John

          We are not saying but… can lube your gun….and make GREAT fries!

    • Mr. Katt

      Who said there wasn’t a stoppage ? Every time the scene changed, you could have easily had a malfunction, had to clear it, then continue – edit video later to make it look consistent.

    • valorius

      The ones in my unit worked very well. Of course they weren’t beat to death from 14 straight years of warfare.

  • SGT Fish

    should have had a XXX Warrior…

  • Johnsmyname

    I love the guys face while he’s shooting, hahaha

  • Johnsmyname
  • KestrelBike

    Am I just paranoid to feel that it was dangerous to do this to the point that baffle strikes (clearly an understatement) were guaranteed? Or what if enough suppressor material had melted first and instead of being pushed/shot away, had caused a pressure backup in the barrel and subsequent kaboom?

    I’m talking danger to the health of the people/shooter there, not to the firearm system.

    • Rnasser Rnasser

      VERY dangerous…
      Some people have more money than brains.

    • Sianmink

      I was a bit shocked by the lack of substantial PPE on the shooter. I would have wanted a quarter-inch ballistic-rated faceshield, armor, and heavy gloves.

      • Risky

        All I kept thinking about was that red hot piece of suppressor flying off and landing in someone’s collar. It would be like a hot piece of brass ejected from Satan’s Desert Eagle.

    • neckbone

      No you just shouldn’t worry about what other people do with their property, on their property.

    • BrandonAKsALot

      Come on, that steel was only in the 1800 degree Fahrenheit range. A little glob of near molten steel probably wouldn’t kill you. Just ignite the flesh it hits.

      • Mattie Dimes

        Professional welders deal with this on a daily basis

  • Need to do that to a new suppressor not a old one

  • Brad

    Kinda proves the fallacy of suppressing a weapon used for suppression. The blow out happened about the 350 round point. So, at the cyclic rate(650-800rpm) the suppressor lasted 30 seconds. How long would it last at the rapid rate (200 rpm) or the sustained rate (100rpm)?

    I think the “demo” would happen often in the real world of the “two way range”. Hopefully this video has been sent to the Army and Marine weapons boards.

    • B-Sabre

      All it proves is that a suppressor built for “normal” usage on a rifle cannot survive conditions that exceed its design requirements. A suppressor purpose built for belt-fed weapon is obviously going to have to be built to a more robust standard than one for a magazine-fed rifle.

    • Bob L

      Or perhaps just have a can on each barrel, since gunners change out barrels or control their rate of fire far more than they do in this video.

    • CommonSense23

      Well fortunately that’s not the can that is being used on MK46s and MK48s currently. The AAC cans that Socom uses for belt feds are quite more robust than the rifle cans.

      • Samuel Millwright

        Hell i know of rifle cans designed to take this much abuse and more several times a day day in and day out for ridiculous amounts of time.

        Commenters here should read the tfb post about the delta p brevis 2…

        • iksnilol

          Those small titanium cans are really robust. We got something similar in Norway as well (Tronrud Titan). They tested it on a shortened 30-06 mauser (minimal legal length barrel, so 40-45 cm). Rapidly fired over a 100 rounds IIRC (bolt started seizing). Suppressor was fine.

    • iksnilol

      No MG gunner is gonna fire cyclic for half a minute in one go.

      Besides, you change barrels, I presume you’d have a suppressor on your spare barrel(s).

      For suppression weapons are exactly where a suppressor is needed. Because the guy raining the most rounds down is the one that draws most fire to himself and is more likely to get shot.

  • jcobbers

    Poor Silencer, killed by those who loved him 🙁

  • Dan

    Silencerco has amazing customer service (ask me how I know). They should send it in and tell them it had a baffle strike on their Mossberg .223 bolt gun.

    • KestrelBike

      Alright I’ll bite: What’d you do to your silencer?

      • Dan

        Slidefire + ar15 sbr lower + 6″ 9mm upper + Octane 45 + I forgot to tighten it tightly = end cap and last baffle strike

  • QuadGMoto

    That barrel and gas system got quite red by the end too. Did they suffer any damage?

    • Anonymoose

      Rifling? What rifling?

    • The way you recondition that gun for service again, is remove the stock and pistol grip and just slid ea new machinegun under them. LOL

      Yeah, I wouldn’t trust ANY of the moving parts or from the receiver forward after that level of abuse.

  • alex archuleta

    First time I’ve seen a SAW fire that many rounds and not jam. Although the one I carried was so old it was probably used in desert storm.

    Btw, beauty eulogy I can one hope people say the same about me!

    • Blake

      I know, pretty depressing to know some random suppressor gets a eulogy better than any I could ever hope to get.

    • valorius

      Shame you never got to know the SAW when they were new. They were simply fantastic weapons.

    • James

      I have always loved the SAW. But it makes M-4’s and M-16’s look like low maintance weapons. Then again when your life rides on it, who cares about hours of maintance when yoi die if your weapon fails. Most 249 gunners slack in maintance then gripe at the weapons system. I had my range and deployment barrel, then there was that ash colored thing that took all the rounds I could feed her till droopy time.

  • GuySerious

    Another gaggle of armchair scientists and ballistics experts. Professional runners-up in the annual Darwin Awards. Are burndown videos, gun torture tests, and pounds of ballistics gelatin the fad these days? Videos like this go against every bit of training that these supposed ‘tactical’ ‘experts’ take on a regular basis.

    • Scott Wagner


      They were giving one of their guys that was retiring a fun send-off. Heaven forbid they do something nice.

      • Joe Schmoe

        Something nice, like a catastrophic barrel failure or OOB detonation? Molten steel and supersonic shrapnel are a hell of a going away present. Sounds like a real hoot, but hey, as long as THEYRE HAVING FUN GUYS. Right?

        • RocketScientist

          Dude, they didn’t force him to do it. Lots of people do dangerous things for fun. Jumping out of airplanes. Climbing mountains. Hiking/hunting in remote areas. SCUBA diving. Hell, most everyone here (presumably) enjoys shooting guns. Every trip to the range dramatically increases your odds of some sort of traumatic injury. who appointed you the arbiter of what is responsible and fun and what is reckless, and (more importantly) why the f**k do you even care what someone else does on their own time with their own s**t?

          • Joe Schmoe

            Oh for gods sake, I didn’t say he was a bad person, or even that he shouldn’t have been allowed to. I was just trying to convey that it was a stupid thing to do, if I came off like a jerk, I apologize. It’s their gun, their ammo and their blood on the ground if they push that gun too far. No skin off my back.
            Also, in each of the activities that you listed, you’d better train and prepare before you undertake them. You’ve got to understand the limitations of your body when you’re hiking or climbing, you’ve got to understand what your equipment is and isn’t capable of if you’re sky or SCUBA diving. And if you’re shooting an automatic weapon, you should know that going cyclic for sustained periods isn’t a roll of the dice, it’s an inevitability. Your air system miiiight fail, even if you do everything right, your chute miiiight fail, even if you do everything right. That gun WILL fail if you hold that trigger long enough. Like poking a bear, its just a matter of how long you can get away with it.
            And as to my qualifications to determine if it was, in fact, stupid (scientifically and practically speaking)… I’m not going to be the jerk humble brag guy drilling off my accomplishments, unless you’re just dying to hear it. I like to think I’m qualified by a reasonable standard. Believe me or don’t, I guess. If that guy wants to tempt fate, he should go right ahead, I couldn’t give a hoot. As long as he’s not endangering anyone else (which is debatable in this case, but I presume everyone present knew the risks) and is willing to accept the potential consequences. I was just saying that it was a stupid thing to do. I do stupid things for fun all the time. Admittedly, not as dangerous as begging for a Darwin Award or a Kaboom resulting in a Blue Falcon, but that’s just the line I choose to draw. But let’s call a spade a spade, just because you justify it, that doesn’t mean it’s not still stupid. Sorry for the rant, just felt I had to clarify my point.

  • Mark Lee

    I don’t know WHY this was done, but it makes me take this as a challenge to develop a heavy duty suppressor that is capable of handling such abuse longer than the barrel would, using a large-diameter/thick-walled titanium barrel extension with 1/4″ monocore baffles.

  • Ricky Valentine

    Should has used a AAC MG-SD. The SiCo never had a chance, its like walmart tires on a Lambo.

  • MisterTheory

    It is one thing to run something hard or push something to the edge of its capabilities. It is another thing to just destroy something for the sake of destroying it. This doesn’t take skill, it only takes disposable income. It all just makes me sad.

  • John

    Here’s my problem with, no so much this video, but gun destruction videos in general. Yes, what you do with your own property, on your own property is your business BUT here’s a scenario for ya:

    Little Johnny takes his new Glock and jams it full of Ho Ho’s, Twinkies ,Ding Dongs, peanut butter and jelly. He shoots his new Glock and because of a barrel obstruction, Little Johnny blows off half his fingers and part of his face.

    End of story, right?


    Johnny’s mom is PISSED and Johnny’s dad is an attorney. She sues Glock, Hostess Foods, Winchester and Wolf. She starts an online petition and gets 1.4 million signatures from parents around the nation. She proposes a bill that says all guns must be made with a Twinkie proof cover that can not be taken off without a special key. She asks that guns and food not be allowed in the same room by law. She proposes that guns not be allowed in restaurants, food stores or gas stations because someone could jam FOOD in them.

    One more thing….


    Scared yet?

  • OldJarhead03

    Stupid. I’m sure the barrel is shot out too. What a waste.

  • Bob

    I remember urinating on a MA Deuce barrel in a firefight to “cool it down” in Vietnam back in 68. It helped a little. The barrel would turn a deep red and after a while it would “droop on you”
    Of course we had our asbestos glove and you 1) unscrew the barrel and throw it over the side of the tank or apc, 2) screw in the new barrel while trying to COUNT THE CLICKS (during a firefight mind you), 3) divide that number by 2 (it was usually somewhere around 90 clicks total if I remember correctly), 4) back the barrel out by the number you got from number 3 above, 5) then the go gage goes and the no go does not go or you adjust from there until the no go don’t go and the go goes.
    EASY HUH??
    That’s part of the reason for peeing on it!!!

    • JackGalt

      Chosun Reservoir…guys were packing snow and ice around the barrel to keep Ma cool…

      • Bob

        you were part of the “frozen chosun” Welcome home glad you made it.
        I was in So. Korea in 66 before I went to Nam. It was one COLD place in the winter time.

        • JackGalt

          Bob, my most humble apologies. I did not mean to give the idea that I was there. No, those were gallant, valiant heroes fighting for their lives against impossible odds…The stories I know of that battle was a matter of research and hanging out with old ROK marines and soldiers when I was stationed there from 85-90. One older gent who had befriended me was ammo guy on an M2 and he told me about him having to do that…with the snow and Ice. even with that he said during the night you could still see the barrel glow.

          And Thank you for your service…Welcome home.

          • Bob

            no offense was taken. I just thought that you were there. I’m thankful that I wasn’t there during the actual Korean war, but I was there during relative “peacetime”. They only killed 6 GI’s that I know of in 1966. I was not with that unit……….thankfully.
            Our gov’t has STUPID rules of engagement and how much ammo you can have, etc. I remember guarding an MSA which was a nike missile outfit with an M14 and ONE 20 round magazine!! At least it was loaded.

  • Colonel K