CNC Machined Throw lever for your main optic

Jyrki Partanen from Finland is the owner and founder of Nyrkkipaja Partanen.

Now, you’re never going to remember that, but if I tell you he runs a webshop called “” I bet you know what this is about?

He started the business in 2016 and run it as a hobby, described as “Affordable accessories for your boomstick“.

Originally he made his throw levers for the members of a Finnish shooting internet forum. The first lever model was for the Meopta R1/ZD/Meopro series

The Meopta R1 1-4×22 RD K-Dot are some of the most popular scope models in IPSC and SRA, at least in Finland. SRA is the Finnish Reservist Shooting.

Below: Steiner Nighthunter Xtreme

You would think that they were made from 3D Printing, but actually all of these throw levers are milled from POM-C.

A threaded steel insert and an M3 screw are used for mounting the lever in place. A minimum clearance of 7.6 mm is required under the magnification ring. This could be an issue with very low scope rings and some one piece scope mounts. Please measure your clearance.  Hint: 8 mm drill bit or allen key makes an easy gauge for measuring your clearance.

Currently levers are available for the following rifle scopes:

  • Leica Magnus
  • Meopta R1, ZD and Meopro
  • Meopta R2
  • Steiner Nighthunter Xtreme
  • Swarovski Z6(i) and Z8i
  • Vortex PST and HST
  • Vortex Razor HD II
  • Zeiss Conquest V6
  • Zeiss Victory V8

They all seem to cost 25 Euros each, which is affordable for a throw lever.

Orders are made to order and usually mailed out within 4-5 days on weekdays.

The shipping cost is flat rate 2.50 € to anywhere in the world – very generous in a World where I think shipping costs are killing a lot of my “needs” from eBay for instance.

Below: Leica Magnus

Below: Meopta ZD (Meopta R2 also available)

Below: Swarovski Z6i Gen 2.

The new Zeiss V8 can be found on the top image.

Check out more of the details here.

Eric B

Ex-Arctic Ranger. Competitive practical shooter and hunter with an European focus. Always ready to increase my collection of modern semi-automatic firearms, optics and sound suppressors. Owning the night would be nice too.


  • Johnsmyname

    Good prices and hopefully good quality, I’m in. I go on the website and find this…

    “Allen key – 0.20 € — Don’t have metric allen keys? No problem. This 2.5 mm allen key represents the finest Chinese tool steel 20 cents can buy. Pure shiny chinesium. Do not try to use for any real work.”

    Hilarious!! I give him +5 bonus points for style and humor. Bravo!

  • Longrange

    The levers are 3D printed plastic, not CNC machined out of metal. I have them for my Zeiss V8 1.1-8×30 and for my Vortex Razor HD Gen II 1-6×24. They are excellent.

    • Jyrki Partanen

      The levers are milled from a solid slab of POM-C. They are NOT 3D printed.

      • Longrange

        My mistake. I thought they were 3D printed but I was wrong. Anyway they are excellent and I recommend them highly to anyone needing a throw lever for their scope.

  • Nocternus

    I went with an Aadland Engineering Exact Fit Throw Lever on my Vortex Viper PST and I love it. It was a bit pricey for 3D printed plastic but I feel it is the best throw lever available. The wide thick throw lever is comfortable with a gloved hand and they aren’t kidding on the “Exact Fit” part.

    • Blake

      How do you think it’s 3D printed when the article title has “CNC Machined” right in the title?

      • Nocternus

        Where in my post do I say that the Throw Lever from the article above is 3D printed?

  • Badwolf

    Wow! I like it!

    It’s really nice compared to my 13 cent throw lever.