Buyer Beware – Counterfeit Medical Gear

Where tactical trailing has been picking up steam for quite some time, those who treasure their tactical skills or want to be involved past the shooting stage have been opting for tactical medical training. With the plethora of combat-experienced medics discharging from the armed services and various EMTs, Paramedics, Nurses, and Doctors offering their knowledge, its easy to argue that tactical medical training is hitting yet another new high point.

In much the same way that the firearms community has to deal with various counterfeit accessories (especially from the airsoft world), the tactical medical community has also been plagued by cheap knock-offs. Sadly, the problem has been getting worse over time.

Fortunately, there have been those trying to spread the word on those fakes, including InRangeTv and They recently posted a video focusing on the CAT or Combat Application Tourniquet, which was the standard issue for the Army.┬áIn the video, they highlight the dangers and sadly the quality of the various fakes – which are visually better than the real thing.

For those interested in how to catch the fakes and reasons why the genuine article is so important, check out the video below. Its a sobering reminder of how people will want to steal and save dollars when lives are on the line.



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  • 22winmag

    Firearms not Politics, counterfeit medical gear, flashlights, knives, rocket launchers,crew-served weapons, luxury jihad Bentleys, military procurement dramas, and anything else I forgot.

    • Herp

      Are you saying it’s not relevant?

      It’s relevant.

    • AD

      Firearms Not Politics. That’s the promise. No-one ever promised not post about other topics related to firearms. If you don’t like the posts, just don’t click on them. Problem solved.

    • Hess

      The blog is slow enough that it doesn’t matter. You can easily keep an eye on every post that is made and ignore the ones you don’t like. I don’t click on half the posts on the front page because they don’t interest me. The site isn’t designed purely for me though, the posts that I ignore are enjoyed by many others. I love Nathaniel’s posts on firearms design theory, I’m sure many don’t and ignore it, that’s fine for me. Different strokes for different folks and all that. The knives, rocket launchers, crew served weapons etc have very strong overlap with the firearms enthusiast crowd too. It is like being angered that a flute blog occasionally posts about headphones or pianos.

      Sorry about my English.

    • USMC03Vet

      Could be worse. Could be “prepper” related stuff. Have you seen alloutdoor? 90% of everything they post is “prepper” in the title and absolutely dreadful.

  • Klaus Von Schmitto

    Rescue Essentials. Not cheap but they ship fast. As an added plus you can use your FSA without any problems at all.

  • Sasquatch

    Just get you some bio foam. It works in Halo ODST.

    • SP mclaughlin

      Can’t wait to get some biofoam to go with the Tavor 308.

  • nick

    I se the relevance , if you are around firearms long enough….this stuff is important. Our Fire / Rescue Team has been offered sub par medical equipment before, it happens easily, as elected councils look for lowest dollar quotes.
    Its a trend, but not bad yet , and if you know what you are looking for, its ok.

    ….now, the used pump parts that were installed on our Engine 216….by a dealer….That’s a bigger piss off