TFBTV Mailbag #1: The First TFBTV Mail Call!

TFBTV received their first piece of mail! In this episode of TFBTV, James has the exciting task of opening the first (and as you will see, probably the last) piece of TFBTV fan mail.

If you want to see the TFBTV Mail Room continue, send something (not hazardous/illegal [without clearing with James first]) to:

TFBTV Mail Room:
PO BOX 52288
New Orleans, LA 70152

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  • Jeez Louise

    I’ll be sending one from across the pond! No, the other pond, the Pacific Ocean!

  • Dougscamo

    Well, at least you got a beer out of the deal. It could have been worse, though there are few beers I think worse of….

    • MissileMech

      Miller Lite deserves a one fingered salute.

      • James Young

        What is wrong with you people? Isn’t Miller one of the most popular beers?

        • BigR

          I thought it was. We drink it in Texas!!!

    • Car54

      Geez, Miller Lite? Really…REALLY?

      • BigR

        I like Miller Lite! But, what do I know!!!!

  • Haulin’ Oats

    James, I think you are starting to get too old; we are dealing with a generation gap here. Most younger people today probably don’t even know what a P.O. Box is and feel like snail mail is something from a by gone era. What is there that i can write to you via usps that i cannot do via email, twitter, disqus, etc.

  • If they do then they are blocked and then deleted.

    • BigR


  • Mike Lashewitz

    i wonder if this is a hoax? To drum up mailings. Just sayin!

  • mazkact

    No Keymod slot for you.

  • Green tip

    I think ‘TFB’ is JUST gettin’ “old” period. Gimmicky, bait-type crap with the occasional decent piece. Idk, maybe just needs BETTER material…

  • BigR

    Hey, I enjoy James’ videos! I’ve learned a few things about some guns I didn’t know much about. Wish I could do some of the stuff he does. Of course, I’m older than him, and a lot slower on the range than he is!! But, I gotta say this- he knows guns and this old dog can still learn a few new tricks about guns.