Add A Round To Your Shotgun Without Adding Bulk

Ever find it annoying that your Remington 870 won’t hold a full box of buckshot in the magazine tube or want to add some capacity without adding a ton of bulk? The Wilson Combat Scattergun Technologies plus one magazine tube only adds 2″ of length to the magazine tube to keep the shotgun feeling lightweight and bulk-free.

Many thanks to Brownells for sponsoring our Modification Minute videos. The part used is:

Patrick R

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  • Jonn Doe

    OR you could have just bought a Mossberg Instead and had a 5rd mag to begin with and still had money left over for ammo,am I the only one who thought that?

    • Ebby123

      Yeah but that weak aluminum receiver will blow to pieces after a few hundred rounds. Only the Remington 870 has an all-steel receiver that can withstand an eternity of heavy 12ga loads!

      *troll face*

      • Gary Kirk

        The RUST is a feature.. Naturally occurring camo

        • It gives your enemies tetanus!

        • Beju

          A tasteful patina.

      • Jonn Doe

        UMmmm..I’ve had my Mossberg for 30 years now and put hundreds of rounds though It, guess what..receiver not go boom.
        *Experience face*

        • Ebby123

          Call me back when youve shot thousands of rounds through it while fighting your way through zombie hordes. Only a Remington can withstand the apacolypse like that.


    • Some Rabbit

      Yeah but Remington has an ejector that can’t be easily replaced, that “clever” feature has to be worth an extra $200. (/snark)

  • Swarf

    Next up is a $150 kit to give your 870 an ambidextrous tang-mounted safety.

    Eventually you’ll have a $900 Mossberg 500 with rust issues.

    • Some Rabbit

      Dang it, you stole my comment before I even thought of it.

  • iksnilol

    Hold on, pardner, you’re saying that if I extend the mag tube by about the length of one shell… I CAN HAVE ONE MORE SHELL IN IT!?


  • MrBrassporkchop

    Isn’t there like a follower that can be removed or replaced that lets you fit an extra round?

    I had a Chinese knock off 870 that did. Just barely couldn’t fit one extra round but taking out the little plastic bit did. Not sure how real 870s are.

    • FightFireJay

      Sounds like the plug used for hunting water fowl.

      • MrBrassporkchop

        Ooohhh, I don’t hunt. I think I ended up throwing it into the camp fire.

      • thedonn007

        I had a cat that ate the one that came with my shotgun.

  • MadMonkey

    Unless it weighs less than the stock magazine cap, that is literally the definition of adding bulk.

  • Andrew Dubya

    Sooooo many Mossberg fanboys patting one another on the back.


    • Swarf

      Sorry about your shotgun.

      • Andrew Dubya

        I don`t have a Remington. Nice try though.

  • Destro Yakisoba
  • Joe

    Neat, but like others have pointed out, now you have spent more money to equal the capacity of a standard 500. I used to own both, liked both, and if you’ve already got an 870 lying around and some money to spend, adding a little capacity is nice.

  • Lady Libby

    Will this make their shorty 14″ equal to Mossberg’s 14″ now?

  • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

    Except it will still hold a full box of shells without the extension.

    Did someone forget that the chamber exists?

  • armed bear

    LOL added a plus 4 to my 930, so with one in chamber, I now have 10, semi auto shots of 12ga boom goodness.

  • armed bear

    My 500’s have full length tubes under the 20″ barrels, for 8+ and with a ghost load, 9, pump one in, and 10.

  • DangerousClown

    I’ll stick with my 14+1.