The Full Conceal M1 – SIG P320 Compact (9 mm)

Full Conceal out of Las Vegas, Nevada, have released the M1, based on the SIG P320 Compact in 9×19 mm.

The setup gives you a 19 round magazine capacity.

Nineteen? Really? Yes, if you count 9 in the grip, 9 in the front magazine holder and 1 in the chamber.

Detailed picture of the magazine.

The “lower” is made out of 7075 Aluminum and 303 Stainless Steel and is Made in the USA.

Below: Details of the active magazine retention and the adjustable trigger finger gap.

The footprint is really small, at least while not considering the width. Here the M1 Sig P320 compared to a Samsung S8+ Phone. I hope neither will ever catch fire!



Product video of the M1 SIG P320.

Video of one-handed shooting below. Perhaps this is the distance that most people will use the M1 at, but at judging by how I shoot with my Glock 43 I would advise against 30 yard precision shots. There is not much pistol grip left, but it seems to work good enough.

Double taps with the M1 P320.


The M1 SIG P320 Compact 9 mm includes a M1 SIG P320 Compact Pistol and M1 SIG 9 mm Magazines (9 rounders) for 899 USD. This requires shipping to your FFL.

There is also a “lower kit”, which allows you to convert your own P320 Compact (9 mm) to the M1 configuration. You swap your trigger housing and upper assembly to the M1 lower kit by yourself, all for 349 USD plus your own labor.

Eric B

Ex-Arctic Ranger. Competitive practical shooter and hunter with an European focus. Always ready to increase my collection of modern semi-automatic firearms, optics and sound suppressors. Owning the night would be nice too.


  • M.M.D.C.
  • Well, it’s certainly different.

    This is 3.6″ tall; a G26 is 4.17″ tall, and the Kahr PM9 is 4″.

    • Sunshine_Shooter

      Yeah, but it holds 19 rounds! Aka 18+1. Aka 9+9+1.

  • Major Tom

    This thing looks like I’d have to hold it like a tea cup using proper British etiquette. How the bloody hell am I supposed to use such a thing with man hands?

  • Hellbilly

    I don’t see this pistol that everyone is talking about. I do see an attractive blonde with her arms outstretched, though!

    • Phillip Cooper

      I just see some bottle blond that’s only passably attractive if one is in New Jersey, with a vacant look in her eyes.

      But then, I did say blonde, so the vacant look is to be expected.

      • BillyOblivion

        That’s why I shave my head.

        So it takes people longer to figure out I’m blonde.

    • BillyOblivion

      s/attractive/large breasted/

  • Jeff Smith

    Nothing screams “we have a quality product” like having your item showcased by a braless women in a semi-transparent shirt.

    • KestrelBike

      haha and it’s not even the Sig in her hands, it’s some Glock they torch-cut.

      • Mike

        Hang on now, she’s holding a gun??!! I didn’t even notice

    • Giolli Joker

      At least she has no finger on the trigger…
      …he could not fit her nail inside that limited gap left.

      • Indianasteve


        • Marc

          I’ll fit her gap.

    • BrandonAKsALot

      Don’t forget the classy flat brimmed hat.

      • Sunshine_Shooter

        At least they got their merch game lined out before they go all “making products” and that nonsense. You got to get your swag ready to go first so as soon as your product drops you can fulfill the demand for shirts and hats!

      • valorius

        That’s the style now man. It’s no more stupid than any other stupid style.

        • Paul Rain

          To hell with ‘the style now’.

          • valorius

            You think your parents liked your style? Mine didn’t like mine either.

        • Anonymoose

          Nah, that’s literally “old hat” now. “Dad hats” are making a comeback now.

          • valorius

            What’s a dad hat? Curved bill?

    • Trotro

      Totally agree, but I gotta admit that was what got me to click on the article.

      • DD Marketing


    • MeaCulpa

      I’d guess a woman with obvious implants, pink lipstick, flat brimmed hat and blond hair from a bottle could up the professionalism a couple of pegs.

      Well I be damned, look at that!

      • Anonymoose

        Don’t forget the blank stare and duckface.

        • MeaCulpa

          Never forget the duckface… shame on me

    • Bucho4Prez

      They are out of Vegas, it would be impolitic of them to do otherwise.

    • PersonCommenting

      Didnt even notice, not a fan of orange people… Now that you said it I dont see a gun anymore.

    • Bill

      You say that like its a bad thing. Bras are concealment holsters for breasts.

    • Longhaired Redneck

      Is it irony to display what is concealed under the “Full Conceal” logo on her shirt?

    • Karl Vanhooten

      Sad outcome about what might be a good pistol review. Maybe the dumb marketing kid got fired as a result of these insightful responses totally drowning out the pistol presentation . . . I hope so.

    • Sean

      She doesn’t need the bra. Those things have more plastic in them than the gun.

    • nova3930

      Completely un-concealed!

    • Nimrod

      Not sure what the marketing strategy is for the porn star look but I do like the gun concept. FC started with a full size Polymer 80 glock frame and is now using a G19 frame. Let’s hope Polymer 80 comes out with a subcompact Glock frame which would make the whole package even smaller.

    • RazorHawk

      Be thankful they still hire real women for this. If the libs had their way, it would be another delusional rainbow jihadist man, pretending to be a woman, in drag, doing the modeling. Thank God for real women.

    • SNuss

      Screams are assured, if she gets a hot case down her low-cut shirt. I wouldn’t want her to get any burn scars, especially in that area.
      However, I can differentiate between the eye candy, and the product. The evaluation just takes a bit longer.

  • TropicThunder

    “Never go FULL conceal”

  • Tim Barrera

    I suppose it makes more sense to do this to a P320 as you can replace the grip for $50 over a glock where you have to buy a whole new gun, but still… not much to grab on to….

    • Bill

      I see plenty to grab on to.

  • No one

    This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen in quite a while.

    • Phillip Cooper

      You’re new here, aren’t you?

      • No one

        Sadly been here for years now actually…

  • Kelly Jackson

    This is a New York compliant pistol

  • EdgyTrumpet

    I love how they chose a pistol with the highest bore axis they could find so that there’s even less grip to grip.

  • Madcap_Magician

    I thought what happened in Vegas was supposed to stay there, though.

    • Major Tom

      Only when you’re drunk.

  • Phillip Cooper

    It’s a shame they couldn’t find a woman to pose for the splash pic that doesn’t do the retarded Duck Lips thing everytime a camera is in the vicinity, or who wasn’t wearing one of those imbecilic flat-bill hats.

    • Gary Kirk
    • Phillip Cooper

      Ironically, she’s nipping out in her “Full Conceal” shirt…..

      • Dougscamo

        That’s why it is so concealable….the average guy is going to be looking in THAT area….

        • Sunshine_Shooter

          Hiding in plain sight. Smart!

    • valorius

      you’re showing your age man.

      • Phillip Cooper

        No, I’m showing superior taste in women.

        I have no time for the dumb bints.

        This does narrow the field down quite a bit, though. I’m good with that.

  • ShooterPatBob

    Click bait title photo. It’s not even the Sig!

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Full conceal?

    I can easily see two 38’s….

  • Indianasteve

    I think it looks like a good idea. I have a pocket holster for my lcp that holds a spare mag like that. It squares off the print and makes it look more like a wallet or cell phone. This would be more convenient except for when you try to pull the trigger.

  • Raptor Fred
    • SP mclaughlin

      Is that one in the middle wearing a kimono jacket?

  • Who asked for this?

    LOL. P320? Compact? That’s like amputating the legs off a fat guy and saying how he effectively lost 100lbs… He’s still fat up top.

    • Anonymoose

  • PeterK

    That looks dumb. The bullets from the spare mag are right in the way of the trigger.

  • James Earl Jones

    Business plan is as follows.
    1) Hacksaw
    2) Deep whorange bimbo
    3) see through shirt for said bimbo
    4) profit?

  • Mmmtacos

    Little to no grip.
    Little to no room in trigger guard cause of the magazine.
    Have to put your hand in front of the muzzle to reload.

    But hey, it’s more concealable than a Glock 19. Because, you know, no one ever bothers to CC a Glock 19.

    Maybe they’re approaching this the wrong way. Make a gun with a 3″ slide (so it’s basically just a chamber) and give it an extended magazine with another magazine hanging below the trigger guard. BAM! Now you got like 37 rounds or something. Even with the horrendous accuracy you’re bound to hit what you’re intending to eventually with all that ammo.

  • valorius

    Well it’s nice they got that stripper down off her pole long enough to do a photo shoot. 🙂

  • Joe Schmo

    This “setup” gives you 19 round capacity like two 4 inch penises give you an 8 inch pecker.

    • pun&gun

      Brilliant, my dude.

  • gunsandrockets

    Okay, that is a goofy concept.

    But in the spirit of constructive criticism, I would like to make a suggested improvement. (of course I assume the maker hasn’t done this already)

    Make the magazines connect via the baseplates. So the process for deployment would be remove the forward magazine, connect that magazine’s base pad to the base pad of the magazine already in the grip, which gives you a pseudo grip extension. After the first magazine empties, flip the connected mags 180 degrees and continue firing.

  • Badwolf

    Just from the title picture I knew it was click bait. I KNEW IT!!! But I clicked anyway… I’m so weak

  • jonp

    That round sticking out of the mag into the trigger guard looks like a problem to me.
    The Porn Star holding the gun looks like a fun date

  • Comrade Misfit

    One word: Derp.

  • Sledgecrowbar

    P250/320 frames are like $30. You could buy one and cut it down, and buy one of these magazines if you wanted this. Then, worst case, you’re out that much if you decide that the sacrifice in control-ability doesn’t make up for the conceal-ability.

  • richardstevenhack

    I’d like to see someone do a reload with that getup…I suppose if you practiced big time (which you should anyway), but…

    Basically I don’t see the point. Is reducing the grip size really all that important at the cost of shaving off magazine capacity and then Rube-Goldberging a magazine under the barrel?

    Is it April Fools Day already?

  • pun&gun

    Things that make me not take your company seriously:
    1. This product
    2. That hat

  • oelgunny

    Banned from most ranges – no eye protection.

    • PaulWVa

      But welcome in bars and pool parties everywhere!

  • Tom

    Wow… talk about mixed messages! What amazes me (aside from the obvious “points” already discussed) is that they perform this chop job on a handgun with what has probably the highest bore axis.

  • Doug Smoke

    Does anyone else think this is the biggest waste of engineering and an abomination of a fine firearm??

  • richard kluesek

    Looks dangerous, that top round in the magazine is too close to the trigger and there is not enough grip to hold into, but the forces of capitalism will prove it out 1 way or the other, good luck.

  • Steve Kosovich

    For once I would like to see a freckle faced girl,skinny,with safety glasses,no boobs to speak of,pig tails holding a gun.

    • PaulWVa

      What gun?…..oh there it is……took me awhile…..I agree she needs shooting glasses…as for the rest…..I need more photos…please.

  • PaulWVa

    So….”Wacko’s- R- Us” is converting Sigs into garbage? Why not just just get the 320 Sub-Compact, 12+1 with 12 in your pocket, makes for 25 round capacity …right? And no hack saw needed.. People please….IF IT AIN’T BROKE … DON’T FIX IT. (or F**K it up)

    Come’on this has got to be a joke.

  • Spon Rilker

    What am I missing? why would you want this instead of the standard 12 round magazines that come with the subcompact 320? Or, even 10 round magazines for “those” places. It’s right there sure, but you’re putting your hand pretty close to the bad end to pull that magazine out.