Throwback: Raven Concealment Phantom Reviewed By Military Arms Channel Tim Without A Beard

As long as I have been watching Military Arms Channel, I don’t think I have ever seen Tim without a beard. When I came across this video while searching for a particular holster fitment video to go with my post that went live earlier today, I knew I had to share it.

The video is posted at the bottom of the post. Watch it.

Tim does a pretty good little dance while showing the fitment of the holster though. So that’s nice.

That said, the delivery of the narration if very much like what you would expect, but only with a mostly naked face. His review of an earlier Raven Concealment Systems Phantom made me pull my own Raven Concealment holster out and compare fitment and construction to the one in Tim’s video. Not surprisingly, Raven has made several small changes to the manufacturing process.

While it may not be with the same Glock model that Tim has in the video, my FN 509 holster from Raven won’t retain the gun when shook upside down leading me to believe that they may have revisited the amount of retention built into the holster. They also seem to have changed the molding process and use a form that is simpler than the ones previously used. Raven has retained the no tension screw design which I like.

Bonus points to Tim for carrying an old school cool fish gill Glock 19. Bravo.


  • Mmmtacos

    To you there is Tim pre-beard and post-beard eras. To me there’s Tim Jeep TJ era and Jeep JK era.

    That being said he sure does need that beard to cover that baby face (well, quite a few of us do too).

    Oh, and shame on you, Patrick. I thought you repped Texas and Bravo Concealment make the best Kydex holsters I’ve ever owned. Truth be told though I did check out a Raven once and it did seem every bit as good as Bravo.

    • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

      Raven makes some really nice stuff. Each holster manufacturer has its pluses and each have minuses as well.

      Either way, I don’t ‘rep’ anyone in particular, just stuff that works.

  • SGT Fish

    his channel also used to be called “sturmgewehr” too. before the MAC name caught on and he was able to change the channel name.

    • Patrick R. – Senior Writer


    • feetpiece _

      The Good ol days…..

    • Sunshine_Shooter

      No, his channel was always “Military Arms Channel”, he called himself “Sturmgewehr”. People are dumb and didn’t catch the distinction,thus the confusion, and it’s easier to just accept the unwashed masses than to change them, especially on something as pedantic as that.

      • SGT Fish

        no, his channel was definitely Sturmgewehr and he went by sturmgewehr on the internet. His show was called military arms channel. but the youtube channel’s name was Sturmgewehr

        • Anonymoose

          He also used the screen name Sturmgewehr on other places too.

  • m-dasher

    disappointed he didnt throw the holster at some steel plates, then complain about how it broke and how much it sucks

    • Petto

      He didn’t have any steel targets that he got for free back then ;-P

  • Jim N Jenna SK

    One of tims first subscribers!

  • Independent George

    Every holster should be tested for fit by doing the robot dance.

  • dtschirh

    Love the animation.

    Do a little dance; make a little love; get down tonight!

  • Slab Rankle

    I dislike beards, as they are old fashioned and typically worn by men who have something to hide or are too lazy to shave, so I was disappointed when Tim grew his. Also, it makes him look like a Talibano.

    However, none of that detracts from one of the best gun channels out there, by far.

    • The Punisher

      This has to be one of the funniest comments I’ve ever read.

  • feetpiece _

    There’s Tim pre-sponsor, normal adult Marine Veteran….

    And there’s Tim Post-Sponsor, reviewing firearms made out of unobtanium rocking a Tacti-Cool beard. Just like everyone else…

    I’d buy Tim (pre beard) a beer because I valued the opinion of a Regular Guy. Now, the channel is 10% content and 90% sponsor shilling/yapping.

    I can almost hear Hickock45 asking Tim to stop talking and cut down the jungle the Copper Custom Range is turning into.

    • SGT Fish

      I didn’t think Tim was a vet. I remember him talking about his colonel badge he wore because he was deemed a Kentucky colonel and never served in the military

      • Anonymoose

        He talks about being in the Marines all the time.

    • J.T.

      I have to agree. His videos were much better back then. They were shorter and to the point, without all the BS.

  • QuadGMoto

    Is it just me, or does his voice sound a bit higher in this video than it does today?

  • Anonymoose

    *Tim with a toiletbowl (I believe Tim himself referred to his beard as a toiletbowl, as it wrapped around but lacked a soul patch)

  • john huscio

    He still makes decent videos………but i find chris bartocci and mishaco to make more interesting videos now…….alabama arsenal is right there with em too.

  • Tassiebush

    There are important reasons to grow a beard

  • C.

    For the longest time, I thought Tim’s name actually was Mac.

  • DW

    I thought he grew a beard to shoot bullpups left handed, because the best integrated brass deflector is integrated on the person.

  • Sam

    I stopped watching his videos a long time ago. He became another one of those dudes that got paid to review stuff, which turned into everything being the best and most top quality when the evidence pointed in the opposite direction.