Indian 7.62x51mm Ordnance Factory Board Rifle Fail Trials

The state-owned Ordnance Factory Board’s most recent rifle submission has failed the Indian Army’s initial rifle qualification trials, in the words of the Hindustan Times it “miserably failed”. This most recent trial comes right on the heels of the failed “Excaliber” INSAS enhancement, and the MCIWS that hasn’t been able to achieve a successful adoption. From the Hindustan Times-

Official sources said there were “excessive number of faults” in the guns and “complete redesigning of the magazine” was needed to consider the guns to be used by the Army.

“Excessive flash and sound signature” were observed in the rifles during the trials, they said adding reliability aspect of the weapons needs comprehensive analysis.

The rifles had excessive number of faults and stoppages to the extent of more than twenty times the maximum permissible standards, the sources said.

The Army badly needs the assault rifles it is learnt to have been disappointed over delay in their procurement.

According to numerous hopeful sources before the trials, this new rifle was a hastily designed 7.62x51mm NATO prototype, using what appears to be a Kalashnikov action, with a forward, left-hand charging handle that pivots down when not in use, and magazines very similar to Galil magazines in appearance. The design was apparently drawn up, and brought to fruition within six months time, at the request of the Indian Army. It features a right side folding polymer stock, picatinny rail portions for optics mounted directly to the receiver cover, 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock portions on the handguards, in addition to iron sights, of which also have the rear sight mounted directly to the receiver cover. The receiver itself appears to be milled, and the cover looks to have been connected to the gas tube via a Krinkov swivel system. Selector positions are Safe, Semiautomatic, and Automatic fire, and is a Tantal-like ambidextrous switch on both sides of the receiver.


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  • UWOTM8
  • Brett baker

    Methinks the Brita bequeathed crappy rifle design to India.

    • GaryOlson

      If you think their rifle designs are crappy, try to get computer systems consulting from India. Your amazent will magnify tenfold

    • john huscio

      The only rifles the indians made that ever worked were ishapore copies of SMLEs and FALs.

    • El Duderino

      And here I thought Brita was mainly in the “water filters for soccer moms” game.

  • Raptor Fred

    This is like a joke that just doesn’t stop. The world is full of 762 nato battle rifles that work. Buy one of those. #indiansoliderlivesmatter

    • Vhyrus

      They should buy the new 308 Tavor. 308 rifles don’t need select fire anyway.

      • Major Tom

        But it’s nice to have. Especially for close range “oh sh*t” moments and/or if you can plop down on a bipod.

        • Jan Moszczuk

          The only situation I can think of when .308 FA would be effective is CQC in room full of Terminators

          • Major Tom

            Don’t forget facing armored and/or shielded Spartans or Elites or Brutes.

        • Still not convinced full auto from a reasonable weight infantry rifle in 7.62x51mm is worthwhile…

          And I’m a BIG fan of Happy Switches on line rifles…

    • they might as well just buy ak104s or license produce them. I mean the thing already looks like a botched ak105

      • Kurt Akemann

        Yes, but that overlooks a major problem for India: Russian arms designs eat BEEF! 😀

    • int19h

      Not just that, but they made one based on the AK action (and, by the looks of it, it’s pretty damn close to the original).

      And how bad do you have to be to fück up an AK? I mean, if Pashtun tribal smiths can make them in a cave?

      • Zach

        inb4 they’ve been subcontracting the engineering to Century

        • int19h

          I feel like this may be all the way in IO Inc territory.

          • I actually own an IO rifle that works well and shoots straight (yeah, I got lucky), so no…

          • int19h

            Good try, Mr Leprechaun.

          • LOL. Now, admittedly, I did have to file the oversize rails back to get the bolt carrier in and out without fighting, polished the bearing surfaces, and flushed the grit and filings (some mine, some OEM) out before relubing…

            But that means it’s still better than anything out of the Indian Army rifle saga. 😄

    • Sianmink

      India’s wanted to field an indigenous rifle for decades, but their corrupt bureaucracy and shoddy manufacture continuously screws it up.

  • EdgyTrumpet

    India weapon procurement, my favourite running gag.

    • Kurt Akemann

      I find it LOL-worthy myself as well. The problem for India is that China is also laughing.

    • Beju

      We’ve definitely got enough to work with to make an original Netflix series.

  • John

    Ya’ll gonna have to wait for that .308 Tavor to hit stores. I reckon India’s got first dibs, because they sure need them.

  • AC97

    The Young and the Rifleless saga continues…

  • surprising no one

    • No one

      I don’t recall being too surprised, quite the opposite actually.

  • InternetCynic

    Apparently nobody told them that intermediate to full power cartridge don’t work as well as it does the proper way around.
    The Indian Army should just buy the Galil Ace rather then just keep building knockoffs.

    • No one

      Yeah but then the alternative would be the INSAS if they wanted an intermediate rifle.

    • hikerguy

      They could produce both 5.56 and 7.62 versions and cover all their needs.

    • Iwi would gladly sell them a manufacturing license and tech package imo

  • No one

    To the surprise of anyone?

    India can use a bit of knocking down a peg or…..maybe a few actually with all the recent border troubles they’ve been causing however.

  • Martin Grønsdal

    Soap-operas normally stop at season one. This is going good at episode 15000.

  • Petto

    Hey India , there already exist a AK in 7.62x51mm , stop recreating these cheap ass knockoffs and get real rifle that works – Zastava M05 N2 or Galil ACE

  • Gary Kirk

    Look, something that actually is “breaking”, and they don’t put it in the header..

    But guess they could’ve used “EXPECTED” as well

    • I see what you did there buddy…. but then that would ruin my objectivity…

  • hikerguy

    This we know: Their experiments with putting FNFAL with the AK did not work before either. I wonder why they tried it again? I know they want their own designs and understand that, But why not licence a successful one and go with it? Their MSMC PDW is the only promising firearm I have seen and politics killed that. Good luck folks….

  • LazyReader

    Kalashnikov meet FAL, FAL meet Kalashnikov……….

    • Major Tom

      That’s an uncalled for insult to both the FAL and the Kalashnikov. They both work. This does not.

      • plumber576

        The right and left arms of the world recoil in disgust at the skin tag of Southern Asia.

  • Big Daddy

    Right now one of the better looking 7.62 NATO battle rifles is made in Turkey. But there are enough of them that India should not have a problem buying and building a version there. This is a perfect example of people reaching their highest level of incompetence and making decision they have no business making.

    There are so many modern weapons of all kinds out there all you need is money to arm your forces. No excuses for this and I wonder how the soldiers feel. I guess about the same way I was when handed pre-Vietnam war era equipment in the 1980s in the US Army.

    • InternetCynic

      Better looking < actually good. The Neo-Ottomans are just slightly better at making ripoffs, we all know they copied the HK 417.

      • moonstar

        A lot of people think MPT-76 is copy of HK417 but it is not true. MPT-76 is a derivative of AR-10 with a short stroke piston system. HK417 is also a AR-10 derivative with G36 gas piston system.

        You can manufacture AR-10 because all patents are expired but you can not copy G36 piston system because HK will sue you. So MPT-76 use different piston system than HK417.

        A Turkish soldier in Eastern Anotolia with MPT-76 against PKK terorists.

        • InternetCynic

          No, it is a copy of the HK 417. There is no difference between the two weapons. Your just engaging in Noe-Ottoman in apologetics.

          The PKK are terrorists as much as the French Maquis were. So your comparisons are just slander aganst people who fight against terrorist and a religious government no better than Daesh.

        • Huh, I wonder how HK defends a patent on what is basically just the AR18 gas system (that’s right, the G36 gas system is simply a copy of another 50 year old Stoner system…)

  • john huscio

    They should stick to computer programming. Their call center thing isnt so hot either…..

  • El Duderino

    You’ve come a long way down, India. The Taj Mahal is one of the most perfectly fitted/constructed buildings in human history. Now you can’t even make a knockoff rifle using technology the rest of the world left behind in the last quarter of the 20th century.

    • TDog

      To be fair, the Taj Mahal was built by the Mughal invaders who were more akin to the Iranians than the Indians.

      In other words, they can’t even really take credit for that…

      • .45

        It is kind of crazy though, how civilizations wax and wane. Go back in time a few hundred years and you’d think cultures like those in the Middle East and China would be winners in the long run based on their achievements and technology level, but fast forward and…

      • Roman

        Mughals were turk, several of the emperors themselves were half Indians. So, they can take credit for that. Just because most of the Middle East practicing a religion out of Arabia, use script from Arabic origin, etc, etc. means they cant take credit for their achievements?

  • Warren Ellis

    One of India’s problems is that not only does it have that terrible License Raj thing, it literally attempted to skip industrialization and go straight to services.

    That and massive, massive amounts of corruption. So it’s no wonder that India can’t build good quality stuff or have military contracts that work.

    • Look up the Wikipedia article for “Corruption in India” for the rest of the story…

  • Vincent

    “Excessive flash and sound signature”
    I’m exactly not sure what they expected when they said they wanted a 7.62×51 rifle.
    I was pretty darn sure that this was going to fall flat on it’s face though.

  • 22winmag

    Save a boatload of time, trouble, and money and just call the sales hotline at Zastava.

  • jonp

    Why don’t they have Russia build them some real AK’s that work? Hell, Russia is building them Aircraft Carriers and Subs

  • .45

    Come on India, illiterate Middle Eastern Tony Starks repair and build AKs in caves, they aren’t that complicated…

  • Anonymoose

    If they’re not going to just adopt the Galil ACE in 7.62×51, why not ask Izhmash or Molot design a 7.62×51 AK? It doesn’t have to be “modern” and fancy like the AK12. Just make a 100-series AK in 7.62×51…

  • Ben Rogers

    Here’s a tip India- buy a bunch of AK-47s from China and be done with it.

    • jcobbers

      India and China are not exactly on the best terms, given their long running border disputes so there’s that.. but yeah they should probably farm it out to a company in a country they are on good terms with who have a mature and solid weapons manufacturing capability, the amount of graft and corruption, nepotism, classicism and ‘looking out for yourself’ mentality prevalent in governments like India’s means that things are done as shoddily as possible in order to make a quick buck and fulfill the minimum asked of them. Of course here they’ve failed to do even that.

      • Alexandru Ianu

        “India and China are not exactly on the best terms” – Then buy from a NATO country? Cugir has a new 5.56 AK design, that while heavy (4kg unloaded), is though as nails and modular enough. It passed trials, and the only reason they aren’t producing it is because the military has other procurement priorities right now. Or Arsenal Bulgaria’s AR-M9 series, or anyone else really. All of these companies have no problem with kickbacks and other arrangements, so why not?

  • Sianmink

    Surprising literally nobody, another Indian committee-designed rifle is totally junk.

  • Edison Frisbee

    Who’s in charge of their rifle procurement….Gandhi?
    (cuz he was all about non-violence…)

  • RicoSuave

    Those village gunsmiths in Pakistan seem to be able to build superior weapons to anything coming out of an Indian weapons factory.

  • May

    Between what a disaster the INSAS was and the fact that this appears to be derived from that, I can’t say I’m surprised.

  • Pete66

    actually worse then made in china

  • Theodore Kennedy

    Can’t Israel just send them a bunch of Galils?!

  • RJ

    Is it my imagination, or does that thing look like a Hi Point carbine?

    • Andrea Goldstein

      It may or may not look like a Hi-Point carbine to you, but if it WERE actually a Hi-Point it would at least have been extremely reliable.

      • RJ

        Oh, make no mistake, I’m not one of those gun snobs that look down their noses at Hi Point. I’ve owned both their pistol and their carbine, and found that both gave a solid bang for the buck.