FAMAS to H&K 416F Morph

You all know the story about the French Army switching the FAMAS to the Heckler & Koch 416F by now.

The first HKs have recently been delivered, and the changing process will continue for several years.

It takes time to produce almost 100 000 rifles, and the Heckler & Koch factory is already filled with orders from other countries.

Someone, I think it was actually the French Army themselves or their marketing company, did a morph to display the change from the FAMAS to the new HK 416F.

It’s pretty cool how the FAMAS pistol grip transforms into a magazine, and the HK 416F magazine does the opposite. The trigger changes position as by magic.

Morphing a conventional rifle like the HK416 into a bullpup must be rather challenging, but the gif file works really well. You could say that the only thing they share is the caliber.



HK416F with HK grenade launcher attached. The model is HK269F (40 x 46 mm) grenade launcher.

And bayonet. Probably works for cutting Brie cheese and bread too.

Bipodded HK416F.

According to WikiPedia: “The HK416F replaces the flip-up front sight with a specialized bayonet lug, has a rounded trigger guard reminiscent of the Patriot-Ordnance Factory P416 and uses a custom barrel muzzle to attach and fire rifle grenades.”

It will be interesting to see the HK416F fitted with some sensible optics. So far I have only seen it with an EOTech red dot, which seems to be the choice of the Special Forces.

It is said that the French Army will re-use the nationally made Scrome J4 optic, which is a 4× magnification scope, but I haven’t seen any pictures of this configuration yet.




Meanwhile…there are reports from France saying that the FAMAS rifles are having a hard time accepting their replacement. We received this top secret picture of a FAMAS trying to mate another FAMAS in an attempt to propagate. Apparently the the only remedy is to sterelize the FAMAS by removing the firing pin!

Eric B

Ex-Arctic Ranger. Competitive practical shooter and hunter with an European focus. Always ready to increase my collection of modern semi-automatic firearms, optics and sound suppressors. Owning the night would be nice too.


  • RTW365

    I don’t know why the French are so dedicated to a “bullpup” design, any thoughts on this?

    • Aaron

      Why are Austrians, Australians, and Israelis so married to a bullpup rifle? Could it have something to do with the facts of a domestic company and domestic manufacturing.

      New Zealand didn’t care (of course their contract was for a military that typically does not deploy to other countries) when they went to LMT for what is essentially an enhanced M4.

    • Malthrak

      Well, theyre not dedicated to it anymore, theyre replacing it with the 416.

      Mostly the bullpup was originally chosen to replace both SMG’s and full sized rifles, with the expectation of lots of cramped mechanized transport, so the bullpup package made sense to accommodate the SMG and transport requirements, but that was over 40 years ago now and theyre not so hot on that package anymore.

      • RTW365

        Yes, I should have said why “were” the French dedicated to the bullpup.

    • Brendan G

      Back in the seventies and eighties it was like a trend. Many European and Asian countries switched to bullpup because they all thought its where the future of the assault rifle is heading. I think they all thought that wars would be fought in nuclear wastelands with soldiers jammed in APCs. But now we can see that the AK and AR platform still dominate and many of these nations are switching back to the traditional style.

      • Steve_7

        Yes this was the narrative, however in reality a FAL will fit inside an APC no problem, in reality it was thought to be better for urban warfare, the French were thinking about Algiers I think and the British were thinking about Belfast.

  • Audie Bakerson

    Really? A magwell grip in 2/3 pictures? I know quadrails are a pain to grip, but you’ve got gloves dudes.

    • Cal S.

      Go ahead, try holding that rifle in a C-clamp grip for a couple of hours. You’ll be gripping that magwell soon enough…

      • Joshua

        Not really.

        Once I went to the Magpul angled grip i never had to use the magwell.

        • Cal S.

          But is it a Costa-approved C-clamp? I didn’t think so, drop and give me fifty!!

          • Joshua

            aye aye el capetan!

            Sadly mine was more of a run my thumb down the side of the rail with a more supportive hold under the rail.

            The AFG just gave me a good solid grip on the underside. Could do the same with a gripstop.

            My grip was not Cost-approved.

          • Cal S.

            Audacious! Utterly unheard of!

            Someone revoke this man’s Operator card… 😉

          • Joshua

            I’m a failure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            *Bows to the Costa god”

      • Wow!

        Well a C clamp isn’t held extended all the time. You only bring it up when you see a threat. The only real purpose of a magwell grip is supporting yourself for a more precise shot, or when you need your muzzle covering a general area for an extended period of time, (like attempts to restrain an individual or something).

        • Cal S.

          Indeed. My comment is based on the testimony of a soldier who was asked about the differences between ‘civilian training’ and military rifle-holding techniques. He basically said that it didn’t matter because eventually, after a few rooms in a building, pretty much everyone reverted to the magwell hold naturally out of muscle fatigue.

          I personally use both, for the purposes and reasons you stated.

    • Wow!

      You use a magwell grip when you want to take a more accurate shot while standing. Elbow tucked on the ribcage and all that.

    • Derrick Bonsell

      It worked for me to shoot Expert…

      Though if I get a quadrail I’m going to move to an angle foregrip. At least try it out.

  • FredXDerf

    So which rifle better survives drop testing…;-)

    • John

      The FAMAS. Although it withstands full auto better than any HK product.

    • Johnsmyname

      I see what you did there…

    • TDog

      Well, if we’re gonna play semantics, which one is the better artist’s tool?

      The AR-based one: it always draws every conflict it’s in!

  • Sam

    French rifles: never fired dropped once!

    • TDog

      At least they had the temerity to lose to Nazi Germany. We took on the Taliban and got at best a draw?

      • ostiariusalpha

        We’re still working that one out. Insurgency takes longer than a full war, as we found out in the Philippines (1899-1913).

        • TDog

          A work in progress is a polite way of saying “not winning.”

          • Wow!

            How do you define winning? That is the first step. Take Vietnam. Our purpose was to support the French who was being slayed. The French gave up but we saw that we had a great position in the USSR’s and China’s neighborhood. We maintained our presence there until it was no longer needed. Some people think Vietnam was a loss because Vietnam isn’t part of the US, but that wasn’t the purpose of the Vietnam conflict. Similarly, look at the flak Bush got for “mission accomplished”. The people criticizing him were the ones who didn’t pay attention to the agenda. The goal of a power shift away from the previous dictatorship and the destruction of the WMDs succeeded. The only reason it destabilized was because our goal was flawed in giving the power back to the muslims. And it slowly degraded into a bigger mess thereafter with Obama just like how Vietnam became a mess when JFK ordered the coup against the Diem Government.

            However despite this, It is pretty silly to say the US is “not winning” especially when you view the comparison by attrition. Right now our goal is to fight terrorism to keep them out of waging jihad at home and so far Trump is doing a pretty good job of that. Its like people who say the war on drugs is a failure because drugs aren’t eliminated. That isn’t the purpose of these conflicts, it is to fight our enemies when they pop up and not to just be passive let them roll us over like what is happening to France and the rest of europe right now with the refugee invasion.

      • Brett baker

        Actually, if their generals hadn’t sucked so bad, they would have done better. Read “The Blitzkrieg Legend” to see how it could have been worse for the Germans.

      • Joshua

        That doesn’t pan out.

        Nazi Germany wasn’t a religious form of governing we were fighting.

        It was a modern military.

        The Taliban is basically a radical religious form of governing.

        Fact is we win our engagements, but even the crusades were unsuccessful at defeating Islam.

        If Congress and the American people gave us the authority to go scorched Earth we could wipe out isis pretty easily. But it would be messy and no one in the US wants that, as it would require killing men, women, and children.

    • MeaCulpa

      Oh that is soooo funny, you know since “only” 210 000 French soldiers died in WW2 (more than the US as a portion of the population) and another 390 000 civilians, “only” 1 350 000 French soldiers died in WW1 along with 40 000 civilians. And let’s not forget that 7 000 French soldiers, sailors etc died in the American Revolutionary War. That’s also Crimean War where the majority of the allied force was French, the opium war, the Italian war of independence, the war with Prussia that left 140 000 French dead not to mention the myriad of wars and conflicts involving the French including a bunch of colonial wars. Also they have never been defeated by the Canadians.

      • TDog

        And let’s not forget that they accomplished their goals in Mali in a relatively short amount of time and with a minimum of effort. We could learn a thing or two from them.

        • Jean Luc

          The second foreign airborne regiment did a grate job there

      • Rich LPS

        Battle of the Plains of Abraham. English forces crushed the french and captured quebec city. Spectacular amphibious assault, the french under estimated the English Navy who sailed up the rocky river in the middle of the night. Landed their inadequate forces which were outnumbered by the french and challenged them to come out of the fort and fight on the plains. french did and paid the ultimate price. The Royal Green Jackets of the British Army have “Quebec” in their hat badge as one of their Battle Honours. The English are a founding nation of Canada and immigrants from the UK became Canadians.

        • MeaCulpa

          Well a bunch of the French also became Canadian so Canada is on both sides of that one. Anyways, the French went out and fought on the plain, hardly the attitude of surrender monkeys!

          • Sermon 7.62

            The French have always been good warriors.

      • Wow!

        Well I mean WW2 only happened because the allies didn’t listen to the US about managing debts and loans. There are great frenchmen today for sure, but France as a whole has well deserved their reputation. Pre-revolution French were undoubtedly badasses though.

    • Derrick Bonsell

      Who can forget the French defeats at Austerlitz and Jena & Auerstedt? /s

      • Alex Chakri

        PLEASE, LEARN HISTORY…Austerlitz, Iena & Auerstaedt battles were french victories. These battles are still taught in military academies such as Saint-Cyr, Westpoint, Sandhurts etc. Austerlitz is still considered a tactical masterpiece of Napoleon!

  • Vhyrus

    That top picture looks like it needs an accompanying Luther Vandross soundtrack.

    • Major Tom

      Maybe some Marvin Gaye too. #lewd

    • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

      And that is how P90s are made

  • Squatch

    Is there any chance these could make their way over here as parts kits? Or more likely sold off to police/other country or flat out destroyed.

    • KestrelBike

      In previous TFB posts on the FAMAS [being discontinued/switched to 416], people were saying that they’d just mothball/warehouse their FAMAS or give them to National Guard/Reserve-equivalent type units. Makes sense to just bury them deep when/where they might need them sometime in the future in the event of a serious conflict.

  • Dr. Wedgie

    Convert em to semi auto and import them now!

  • TheNotoriousIUD
    • Uniform223

      It’s amazing what you can do with 100mph tape

  • hikerguy

    When I look at the morph above it helps me understand why they went with the 12 inch barrel. It will fit in all the racks inside their APCs and other vehicles the FAMAS previously sat in.

  • SP mclaughlin

    Those two FAMASs in the first photo look rather….intimate

    • Major Tom

      *lewd intensifies*

    • Wow!

      It isn’t gay so long as barrels don’t touch.

  • Bierstadt54

    That first picture lol. I am not sure how that would work, but…

    Full-auto FAMAS is “hot to trot.”
    “Your barrel… it’s so warm…” or,
    “That’s not my magwell! Get that hair-trigger of yours off my buttstock!”

  • john huscio

    The french army uses extrema ratio bayonets.

  • john huscio

    (From the looks of it) The future is piston driven.

  • Texas-Roll-Over

    I wish we could get some of these imported again. I love the bugle.

    • TDog


  • Brett baker

    Isn’t anyone else worried that the manual contains a “reassembly chant”that goes “Ein Volk, EIN Reich, Ein Furher”?

    • MeaCulpa

      No, because most people understands that that happened more than 70 years ago, much in the same way that nobody is worried that an AR-15 manual contains passages about leaving the rifle to a slave for cleaning or test firing the rifle on “some indjuns” or a SCAR’s manual containing passages about maintaining discipline in the Congo.

      • KestrelBike

        Ehhh, Germany seems to be goin’ back in time pretty quickly, in terms of free speech/thought/market.

        • int19h

          It does?

          If you mean restrictions on political speech (like banning extremist parties), they’ve been there since West Germany was re-established as a state. And the corresponding constitutional provisions were put there because the occupying Allied states wanted them.

          • Joshua

            Did you miss where they were kicking in doors with the military and arresting people over tweets a few weeks back?

        • MeaCulpa

          Thanks to the constitution courtesy of the US.

    • Sianmink

      Appeasing the Machine Spirit is an important part of any maintenance task.

  • mosinman

    i want a semi auto FAMAS

    • KestrelBike

      really, really bad.

    • Sermon 7.62


      Hate bullpups, but FAMAS is an exception.

      • Raginzerker

        I agree, I think the lever delay blowback it has is super cool

      • mosinman

        same, but it is so sexy

        • Sermon 7.62

          Yes it is.

    • Noishkel

      There’s a bit of a rumor that Century Arms actually build a small run of semi FAMAS rifle built off of parts kits. I have heard they show up on GB once in a blue moon for several thousand bucks.

      Hell, the gun’s design is probably out of patent. Maybe an enterprising gun maker could reverse engineer it. :p

      • Steve_7

        Century imported 20 semi-auto MAS 223s (some people say 50, I’m not 100% sure.) I’ve played with two of them. They weren’t from parts kits, they were direct from MAS in France before the 1989 import ban. They were going to import more but Bush stopped them. In France they sold a rifle called the FA MAS Civil which was chambered in .222 Remington and had a 570mm barrel, so it qualified as a Category 5 hunting rifle. However the European Firearms Directive in 1992 put them into Category B so that was the end of that.

        GIAT gave up on the civilian market when they took over MAS, but they sold large numbers of deactivated FA MAS rifles, both F1 and G2.

  • tsubaka

    “And bayonet. Probably works for cutting Brie cheese and bread too.”
    -Wonju Hills January 1951 against chinese troops
    -Verbenja bridge in Ex-Yougoslavia, the 1rst company of 3 RIMA took back the bridge with a bayonett charge using Famas

    • Ninoslav Trifunovic

      It’s Vrbanja bridge, and no, they did’t use bayonet charge.

  • ozzallos .

    Hot gun on gun action.

  • Wow!

    Basically everyone is going to the M16 design that they should have started with to begin with.

  • dltaylor51

    For sale;WWII French military rifle like new,never fired and only dropped once.

  • Google translate

  • CavScout

    That first pic… I’ve never seen two FAMAS’s do it before.

  • Ninoslav Trifunovic

    Never mind what they say. I know few guys from the other side being there and no one ever mentioned bayonets.