New Strike Industries AR Stock Stop Compliance Part

Sometimes a solution is so simple that we wonder, why the hell did I think of that? The Strike Industries AR Stock Stop is exactly one of those solutions.

When it comes to AR compliance parts, I am blissfully ignorant and have a rather hard time understanding what part is needed to comply with a particular law. One that I do grasp is the prohibition of collapsing stocks on modern sporting rifles when banned by name. Now I won’t get into the politics behind the assinine laws, but the fact remains that if you live in an area that has a similar law, you need to comply with it in order to avoid prosecution.

The AR Stock Stop is a rather simple piece that you cut to length and stuff into the slot on the bottom of your buffer tube. When combined with parts like the Strike Industries Mega Fin grip this turns your rifle into a featureless build for compliance purposes.

Specs from Strike Industries:

  • Length: 3.48 inches
  • Width: 0.3340 inches
  • Height: 0.4220 inches
  • Weight: 0.12 oz.

Materials:TPU-85A (thermoplastic polyurethane)

Package includes:
– 1x AR Stock Block

Strike says that the device has been designed to conform with DOJ criteria but has not received approval yet. If the AR Stock Stop is used with a non-compliant part, the build is no longer featureless and will need to conform with the proper laws such as registering.

If you want to learn more about the AR Stock Stop, head over to the Strike Industries website. MSRP is $5.95.

Patrick R

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  • valorius

    Move. To. America.

    • Joe

      Where was the whole damn country supposed to move to between 1994 and 2004? Do I live in a ban state or agree with ANY infringement? Hell no. But I’m getting tired of smug responses when we all had to live through this sort of crap for a decade, with little innovation like this to help ease the pain.

      • valorius

        We voted in republicans, they made the assault weapon ban go away. You’re not going to vote republicans into California, Maryland, New Jersey or New York in numbers anywhere sufficient to change things in those states.

        You know and i know it. So move to SWING STATES where your votes will be IMMENSELY more helpful and powerful in future presidential and congressional elections.

        • Geo

          So I can leave my career with pension, family, and friends behind and move to a “swing state” so I can (legally) own an adjustable stock?

          Now why didn’t I think of that?????

          Here I thought I could just try to educate and promote positive pro 2A agendas in a non 2A friendly State. Silly me.

          • Cymond

            But muh freedoms!

            Don’t you know? You’re not a real 2A supporter if you tolerate even the slightest infringement, regardless of the circumstances or other advantages. Living in a ban state, even temporarily, means you have forfeited all of your rights, your man card, and your citizenship in the True ‘Merica!

            Or at least that’s what I’ve been told. I’ve actually been told I should have gotten a divorce instead of living in CA for 3 years.

          • Geo

            Haha yup. Very true. People rail upon the infringement of our 2A rights, but are quick to dismiss those living in non friendly states instead of supporting and fighting with us.

            You fight it here, so it doesn’t come there.

          • valorius

            California, Maryland, NJ, and NY are lost. They are DEEP blue. You’re wasting your votes there COMPLETELY. Move to swing states, and you assure the US will maintain a Republic and a 2nd amendment forever.

          • valorius

            Yes, if you care about the country and your rights you’ll move.

          • Geo

            Or you and other pro 2A voters could move to less gun friendly 2A states and joins the fight to swing the vote. So sell the house, pack up the kids, put in your two weeks. Because states like Texas and Wyoming and Arizona don’t need the pro 2A votes. See ya soon!

            But other than that, thanks for proving my point with your response.

          • valorius

            If we did that we’d weaken our majorities in states that are already pro gun, which would be foolish.

          • Rusty Shackleford

            There is another solution:

            In states such as California, New York, or any large city over ~750,000, the State could hold a referendum. The ballot would read “should the City of X be made it’s own City-State.”

            Residents of the City would not have a vote. If approved, the city would be made its own polity. It would have only 2 electoral votes, and would be required to sustain itself through tax revenues, etc.

            The City-State could petition for a probationary return to the mother state after 10 years. Also subject to voter approval in the rest of the state. The probationary period is subject to summary special election revocation, permanently excising the city from returning.

            It is a simple, and Constitutional solution, since such a City-State already exists as the District of Columbia. No need for states such as California to secede, since the majority of those wishing to do so are concentrated in the aforementioned large cities. It would very quickly become clear that their non-urban brethren do not find them amicable co-inhabitants.

          • int19h

            Why exactly would it have only 2 electoral votes? It should have the same number of votes as any other state, according to its population.

            (Of course, if you do it that way, turns out that most states *are* their respective cities when it comes to votes…).

          • valorius

            Think about all the leftist cities that would secede if that was a possiblity, and all the patchwork laws we’d then have.

          • valorius

            I would submit that a man who would not move for his core beliefs really doesn’t have any deeply held beliefs.

            I’m a voter in swing voting Pennsylvania, so i’m practicing what i preach.

          • Geo

            Troll on. 👍🏻

          • valorius

            My position is perfectly grounded in logic.

          • Random Disabled Person

            Wanna bet the “move folks” all list the gun parts for sale ads with “discrete pay pal”? Because that sacrifice of not using paypal to stand up for the 2A is too much for them. Yet they expect everyone else to sacrafice their life savings, senority achieved, scrap their whole community, move away from family, from most of what some have known their whole lives. To spend all their family savings on court battles, but you also gotta pay that 3% if you honor and won’t lie claiming a sales was gift….

  • PK

    $6, and you end up with another CA gun owner wanting the real utility of the unblocked stock. Good! A niche is fulfilled, a silly law is complied with, and perhaps the culture shifts just a little bit more toward the thought “why is this even needed?”

  • USMC03Vet

    No adjustable stocks allowed. Adjustable genders preferred
    Meat and potatoes in the woman’s restroom = a ok
    This piece of plastic that extends = you’re a felon

    • noob

      So what does the sensual liberation version of “open carry” look like?

      • Marcus D.

        Deep woods camo, the only place it is allowed.

  • Marcus D.

    $6 for a $.10 piece of plastic. Nice profit margin.
    I have concerns though as to whether this is compliant, since it would be an easy task to remove the blocks. I seem to think that the state wants permanently fixed stocks (which can be accomplished with a drill and a $.40 tension pin).
    If this is legal, though, I was thinking that if one could just remove the adjustment lever, leaving everything else in place, the locking pin would drop into place and be very hard to move (the spring is pretty stiff). I was going to do that, but the stock I have has a tension pin holding the nut in place and it doesn’t want to come out.

  • Pedenzo

    “… need to comply with it in order to avoid prosecution.”

    “… need to comply with it in order to avoid persecution.”


  • Sledgecrowbar

    Someone else makes a much smaller stock stop that just creates sort of a preset a la UBR stock feature that you don’t have to think about setting your stock to, but IIRC it’s about the same price. This isn’t the $20 I figured it would be, so someone at SI is grounded in reality. Most compliance stuff is a small market so the items tend to be pricey.