Now A Heckler & Koch Rebate? Four Free Magazines? Maybe They Don’t Hate Us!

Interestingly, the last company on earth that I expected to see offering a rebate has done so. Welcome to the struggle Heckler & Koch.

Any consumer that buys a new full-size P30 or VP9 between July 1, 2017 and September 30, 2017 will be able to submit a form on the HK-USA website and receive 4 free additional magazines. Of course, the rebate processing time is 8-10 weeks, but 4 FREE HK mags is nothing to sneeze at!

Sadly the promotion is not extended to the P30SK or the VP9Sk for whatever reason. I imagine that HK isn’t having much trouble moving the compact sized pistols but the full sized guns are moving a bit slower than they would like. I am willing to bet that HK built up quite the inventory just like many other manufacturers in preparation for the last presidential election and wasn’t met with droves of buyers looking to fill their gun needs with high capacity things.

We are in interesting times for a gun consumer right now. Manufacturers and retailers are trying their damnedest to separate you from your hard-earned money in exchange for some of the best deals on modern firearms that we will likely ever see. It seems that they are relying on rampant consumerism to rectify their inventory levels.

If you have bought a VP9 or a P30 within the window specified in the rebate form, head over to the HK-USA website to claim your 4 free mags HERE.

Patrick R

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  • Major Tom

    HK will always hate us. Always.

    • Justin Roney

      IDK, I always considered hate to be giving someone free magazines, bullets first. Giving someone free mags with bullets backward would be more of a passive/aggressive “I don’t care about you.” Full mags means “I care about you.” Empty magazines? That’s more of a “I am indifferent to your survival.”

      • SP mclaughlin

        Sounds just like the scene from where Laurence Fishburne gives Keanu the Kimber with one magazine in John Wick 2 lol.

    • Brett baker

      Considering HK is British-owned now, on this day celebrating the original Brexit, I agree.

      • VanDiemensLand

        “original brexit” hahaha

  • Brett baker

    I expect to hear an angel blowing a trumpet, announcing the time of tribulation.

    • James Young

      I think I saw something in the forecast showing snow storms in Hell, so maybe you’re on to something.

  • William Johnson

    If it included the hk45 line I might consider upgrading my USP.

  • RSG

    Disabuse yourself of that silly notion. They still hate us. But their love of money is greater than their abject hatred of American civilians.

  • Harry’s Holsters

    This is working. I’ve bought a shield and I bought two Springfield’s at the beginning of the year and would have bought another if not for their politics.

    I’m planning to buy a Walther PPS M2 and I guess now I’ll be buying a P30 before their rebates end. Both of these guns are behind on my list due to others requests being higher up but I can’t turn down the value.

  • Bill

    I desperately don’t want to buy another gun. I successfully avoided the election fiasco and the Shield rebate, but this may be too much for my limited self control. I keep a minimum of 6 mags per pistol, so this is definitely my cup of meat.

    Great, another pistol that isn’t agency approved, that’ll either never get shot or will get shot in place of the pistols I should be practicing with. Wonderful. I hate everything.

    • James Young

      You’ve got months to think about it. The promotion runs for a while

  • ActionPhysicalMan

    My pagan solstice resolution was to be nicer to Patrick. My gods penalties for failure are pretty severe. Thanks, Patrick, this is indeed useful information and a perhaps and an indication of a glitch in the order of the universe.

    • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

      The universe is doomed.

  • pcb_duffer

    A response to the rebate from their Kraut competitors?

  • USMC03Vet

    You’ve got Springfield in muh HK!

    Free mag deals are always awesome. Springfield extended theirs for an additional 2 months. Suns out mags out!

  • Edeco

    *checks mags in pic for backward cartridges*

    Grrr, you win this round HK.

  • InternetCynic

    Is it the 1980’s again?

  • Dickie

    The px4 rebate got me. Now this.

  • jonp

    Their guns are still wildly overpriced. Free mags are not going to change that. I just ordered a Shield for $200 shipped. I bet it goes bang, too.

    • Person

      A Shield for $200?! Get. Out. Of. Town.

      • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

        I feel like he didn’t read the listing correctly. Probably $200 shipped after mail in rebate.

        • Jedediah Pendergast

          Yeah, there at the end of the original rebate, Palmetto offered a $45 coupon code that made the price to your FFL $199.99. Which made the $240 I paid seem high – drats, getting spoiled!

          • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

            Damn. Almost makes me wish I had bought one.

      • jonp

        Got it today. Yup, 9mm Shield $200 shipped

  • Sasquatch

    I would love to take advantage of all these promotions. Just cant draw water when the well is dry…… 😞

    • James Young

      Sell something! Guns, furniture, your car, your dog

      • Sasquatch

        You ain’t lying. To bad I need what I got and nothing I don’t.

  • Steve Alexander

    I’d rather have a cash rebate like Walther. Then it could be applied to bring down the cost of ownership on those pricey HK’s. (Which I like but Walther beat them to it. PPQ 9mm from grabagun, cost of ownership, $400)

    • James Young

      Well, you can get one for about $480 which is pretty cheap for a VP9. Plus 4 of their overpriced mags makes it a good deal if you’re in the market for one. The PPQ can be had just under $400 which is pretty much just as a good of a deal.

  • Jedediah Pendergast

    Beretta, Walther, SA, S&W and now HK, will Herr Glock swallow his pride and offer us something? Come on their production costs are around a hunnert per gun, so they need to get up off some of that lettuce they got stacked up.

    • James Young

      Don’t forget Sig. That’s the last company on earth to offer a rebate

  • James Young

    Alright, HK did it before Sig. C’mon Sig.

  • Barantos of ReCon

    Yeah a VP40 is coming home soon

  • These are the good old days, my friends.

  • KFeltenberger

    Instead of a rebate, just lower the price of the firearm and be done with it. Quit this BS smoke and mirrors stuff and just bottom line it.

    Maybe when HK actually starts innovating again I’ll buy some of their overpriced drek.