HM Defense Introduces AVENGER M308 Rifle

HM Defense out of Ohio is announcing the release of their all new HM10 Monobloc rifle dubbed the AVENGER M308 … Yes, in all caps. For dramatic effect.

Basically, HM Defense scaled the HM15 Monobloc rifle up to accommodate the .308 Winchester or 7.62×51 cartridges to satisfy customer demand for a harder hitting rifle. While I am kind of poking fun at the name, the rifle does have a reasonably nice set of specs listed on the press release.

Below are the specs of the AVENGER M308:

  •  HM Monobloc TM .308 Win barrel, 4150 Chromolly steel, 18” length with treaded end,
  • 1:10 twist ratio, rifle-length gas system
  • HM 15” free float 1913 Picatinny rail with MAGPUL M-LOK mounting system
  • HM custom designed billet 7075-T6 lower receiver
  • Velocity 3 lb. AR trigger
  • Stainless steel barrel nut
  • HM custom CNC muzzle break
  • HM light weight stock
  • Custom charging handle

So what sets the AVENGER M308 apart from other DI .308 AR based rifles? A sub-MOA accuracy claim by the manufacturer for starters. The barrel also has an integral gas block that is purportedly designed to minimize recoil as well as give the rifle that previously mentioned sub-MOA accuracy.

So what will a rifle with these impressive specs run you? HM Defense says that the MSRP is $1,895 and will be available in three Cerikote colors: Black, Midnight Tungsten and Field Dark Earth. Check out the HM Defense website for more information.

Patrick R

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  • Brett baker

    If I wasn’t broke, I’d buy one out of Buckeye pride.

  • derpmaster

    Nice to see H&M branching out from drop crotch pants, tank tops and James Reeves sized T-shirts.

    • Twilight sparkle

      Don’t forget the hipster scarves

  • codfilet

    I keep saying it here, but I just don’t understand why .308 rifles are so much more money than what is basically the same rifle in .223.

    • Pilot

      Because someone will pay it. So why not, lol?

      • No one

        Case in point: the 7.62x51mm Tavor.

      • Haulin’ Oats

        Beacause there is no standard for these rifles and therefore a lot of costly proprietary bits go in to each one, meaning there less competition to make components for the AR-10; thus less scale of production as well.

        But ya, also because they can.

    • mazkact

      PSA is getting the price point down on their “10” sized guns. Now, if they will make some with 20″ and longer barrels.

    • Flounder

      Smaller market which makes it harder to split r and d costs and harder to optimize production, people never just rip off a design they redesign things and make lots of proprietary parts, and probably just because they can. 308 is way more expensive than 223.

      Most also are “premium” they have lots of little things, like ambi controls, higher quality bolts and barrels (when was the last time you saw a non mpi bolt in a 308 AR?).

      The 308 rifles are for a different market usually.