HERA Arms CQR Stock for AR-10 rifles confirmed

While HERA Arms are doing their best to deliver back orders of the CQR buttstocks for the AR-15 rifles they just announced officially that they are in R&D for a version for AR-10s.

As you can realize there are no pictures or drawings for us to show, but the best guess is that it is going to look very similar to the AR-15 version except in size.

Until we know more, all the pictures here are of the current AR-15 Hera CQR models.

We were on the phone with Germany HQ this morning and they whispered the magic words……..’CQR AR-10′




Below: Hera Arms CQR Buttstock in Tan (AR15).

From LAN World Inc.

It is official! the CQR stock system for the AR-10 rifle is a go!! it will take a couple of months for R&D and manufacture. We will update you all as we get more information. We have been getting daily requests for an AR-10 version and we are happy that Germany listened! Yes there will be a California/NY version as well


The difference between a CQR and the California CQR is the addition of a removable aluminum plate which prevents anyone from illegally gripping around the pistol grip. For the future CQB AR-10 version this will be the same.

In another matter, it struck me that the Raptor Stock for the Ruger 10/22 by Center Balanced Systems is a little look-alike to the HERA stock. (RRR2)

Eric B

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  • Gun Fu Guru

    I don’t see how the grip screws into the stock. What am I missing?

    • Tym O’Byrne

      Maybe your Gun Fu is just weak today! LOL!

    • Nicks87

      It’s held in place by the German people’s work ethic.

    • Palmier

      Your missing the panel that pops of and let’s you screw in the grip bolt with a round headed alan wrench, and that fact that this mostly clamps on the buffer tube for strength.

  • Palmier

    I’ve got one on one of my ARs, looks cool, not as comfortable as it looks.

    • Steve

      I only bought the foregrip and it only lived on my 10″ AR long enough for a photo shoot with the Magpul drum… I agree – it was not at all comfortable.

    • GaryOlson

      I didn’t have to buy one to determine it is uncomfortable. All looks, no joy…sounds like far too many women.

  • TangledThorns

    Sexy! Hera is picking up where Magpul dropped off.

    • Zack mars

      Well, magpul furniture is generally comfortable, sooo