EPT Precision Technologies: A 300 Year Old Gunmaker

We traveled to Austria to see how Ritter & Stark is making some of the most advanced factory rifles on the market, but to totally understand the thought process behind what they do we were invited to tour EPT Precision Technologies. I have been told that EPT has been in the gun making game for over 300 years and some of the machines on site date back to just after the First World War.

Just walking through the facility gives you a sense that it is occupied by craftsmen that are at the top of their field with a cutting oil soaked floor, well used and maintained machines, and a hammer forging machine that looks like it was used to build Mannlichers for the Emperor’s army. I hope that you enjoyed this look inside the doors of the factory that not only has produced some of the first Glock barrels but has a history that goes well past that.

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  • Raptor Fred
    • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

      I thought so too. I really wanted to see if they could dig one up for me but no dice.

  • Haulin’ Oats

    Too bad Alex C. couldn’t tag along with you to see all of this neat history.

    • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

      Alex no longer works for The Firearm Blog. He has moved on and will not be returning.

      • Raptor Fred

        LOL would love to know more about the never returning and reasons. Because soap opera.

        • iksnilol

          There was a gunfight.

        • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

          He decided he didn’t want to do gun media things anymore. There isn’t an interesting story behind it.

          • Raptor Fred

            LIEZZZ!!! Just kidding, ok.

      • Haulin’ Oats

        Oh, I know and I wish him well. But as a friend and hobbyist, i’m sure he would have enjoyed the trip with you.

  • Ken

    No examples of their early firearms?

    • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

      Sadly no, we were not able to get access to the vault. The person in charge of that was off for the holiday.

  • LazyReader
  • RazorHawk

    I bet it wasn’t called ept back then.

    • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

      No, it has gone through several name changes.