Apex Rolls Out New Anodized Blue Freedom Edition Triggers

I like Apex triggers. I also like America. But I never was much of a fan of the Apex Freedom Edition triggers until now. I find that I have an unnatural desire to buy one fo the newly announced blue freedom edition triggers. Why? Because they are blue and look nothing short of amazing.

After using one of their flat triggers on my P320 for a while and currently evaluating the FN 509 flat trigger, I have become a fan of a flat trigger on a pistol even though I was initially hesitant. The blue freedom triggers will only be available for a short time given they are a limited edition run.

They are made to the same standards as the regular Apex Tactical triggers, except these are anodized blue, then laser engraved with the eye catching U.S. flag motif. I can’t think of a more appropriate bang switch to dispense freedom with should the need arise.

If you are looking for one of the Apex Tactical blue freedom edition triggers, head over to your favorite online retailer or buy it directly from Apex Tactical on their website. MSRP for a bad ass blue trigger starts at $84.95 and goes up to $184.95 depending on what model firearm you have. Currently, there are options available for the M&P, M&P Shield, and Glock models.

Patrick R

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  • Jon E

    They need to release that 509 trigger now!

    • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

      I think they are coming very soon. I have one in my safe currently and will be doing a write up soon.

  • Bill

    Today must be crotchety old man day: IRL who ever sees a trigger? It’s either covered by a holster or a finger, and not something I’m likely to stare at when it’s nekkid, unlike a girl’s butt.

    I suppose if somebody is standing next to me when I’ve got my finger in register might be impressed, but that’s not high on my life list.

  • Swarf

    The Blue Jingo trigger.

  • USMC03Vet

    Why aren’t they coloring the trigger safety still? RED WHITE AND BLUE, APEX!!

  • gunsandrockets

    The profile of a couple of those triggers looks very much like the profile of an eagle’s head, doesn’t it?

    So obviously an eagle’s head style decoration is in order, eh?

  • SGT Fish

    upon seeing this, I finally ordered a trigger for my glock brand glock. though I got the thin blue line one, not cuz im a cop or anything, but it was just the right amount of style and not overdone like these lol. Hopefully I like it, ive been shooting my standard gen4 g19 trigger so much that I know every little bit of it and exactly when and where it breaks

  • GuySerious

    4 U.S. Code § 8 – Respect for flag