Topstraps Rimfire Match Won With A 2×4

My friend Tom often says “It isnt about the arrow. It is the Indian that makes the difference”. Here is a photo of Chris Kirkpatrick. No, he is not the guy from NSYNC. Chris won the Topstraps Long Range Rimfire Challenge with a 2×4. Ok it is actually a Winchester 52C strapped to a 2×4 with what looks like a finely tuned system of barrel blocks and duct tape. I have been told Chris used half of a Powerade bottle for a cheek rest. This gun has a name, she is dubbed “Ugly Betty”. Chris has won consecutively in May and June of this year with Ugly Betty.

Oh and yes that is Wolf Performance Ammo you see in the photo above. They like to set limits on how much money you can spend on ammo to keep it challenging.

Here is a video showing what the course entailed back in April.


Did you watch the whole thing? The axe head bullet split is tough. But a toothpick? Wow that sounds tough.


Here is something similar. A guy duct taped a Savage to a 2×4 and hit steel at 1000 yards.

Nicholas C

Co-Founder of KRISSTALK forums, an owner’s support group and all things KRISS Vector related. Nick found his passion through competitive shooting while living in NY. He participates in USPSA and 3Gun. He loves all things that shoots and flashlights. Really really bright flashlights.

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  • Sgt. Stedenko

    Do you play NSYNC while training with your mall ninja gear or just when you and Miles get your hair highlighted?

    • Giolli Joker

      You’re mean.
      But yeah… names of boy band “singers” aren’t among the best choices of “cultural” references on a gun blog…

      • Matt Taylor

        I had to read that over again thinking that he messed up the spelling of NYC… Even saying NSYNC didn’t make me think NSYNC…

    • Joby

      Do you not?

  • Edeco

    What a hero! Makes me want to try competing with a toilet lid, radiator clamps and 4-loko can cheek rest.

    • Person

      4 Lokos, baby!

      • Klaus Von Schmitto

        Just don’t forget the pint of half-half to coat your stomach first.

        • jonp

          No,Pepto Bismol. You want that celebritory pink projectile vomiting when you win

    • HenryV

      That sounds like something our government would issue to our army.

  • Raptor Fred

    That match course is pretty awesome. Funny enough this is a place where Wolf ammo is actually prefered. Crazy rimfire shooters……

    • iksnilol

      Wolf rimfire is hella good.

      • m-dasher

        wolf Rimfire is …..okay……..for serious shooting, Eley or lapua is what you need

        • JimmyJamz

          Apparently not, according to the entire point of this article.

          • Tuulos

            Not according to the article and the guy they are writing about. They limit the price of the ammo to keep things equal and interesting, not serious. The guy himself says that they get some dropped rounds due to the ammo.

        • iksnilol

          I’d still say hella good for the price. Though I should shut my trap considering I shoot mostly Eley or SK standard.

  • Nicks87

    “No, he is not the guy from NSYNC” WTF?
    There are some strange people that visit this website but I bet very few (if any) of them made that mistake.

    • Nicholas C

      To be honest, I don’t know the NSYNC guy either. But I tried googling Chris Kirkpatrick to find more info on him and the match. Sadly NSYNC results popped up.

    • I made the mistake of pronouncing each letter individually because I thought it was an acronym.

  • Jim Smith

    “If it can’t be fixed with duct tape it can’t be fixed.” Red Green

    • HenryV

      During the Cold War it was said if the Soviets invented a ray that disintegrated duct tape then UK armed forces would collapse on day 1 of WW3. 🙂

    • Schwerpunkt

      “Uh haw haw haw, but Uncle Red…”

  • wetcorps

    This is pretty awesome.

  • Vhyrus

    Here’s hoping for a MacGyver division in the near future.

    • Thomas Weißhuhn

      Won’t happen, MacGyver despised firearms. He used one as a wrench once but iirc never as a weapon.

      • AD

        MacGruber then. He despised firearms… until he actually tried them, then he was hooked!

      • David Silverstein

        I don’t think he’s talking about a live combat match with MacGyverized rifles. I think he means a sporting competition. You can’t tell me that MacGyver would have been opposed to a sporting competition of accuracy using only physics and junk.

        • Thomas Weißhuhn

          that sounds like and idea for some competition.
          build a gun using only the things that can be bought in a hardware store. 😀

  • iksnilol

    Man, all th0se companies selling stocks and chassis systems are gonna hate him.

    • Phil Ward

      Haha, is that half a buzzfeed clickbait headline?

      • iksnilol

        Boyds hates him, find out how with this one simple trick.

        This message brought by Home Depot.

  • Ryfyle

    Glory to the rise of the Tactical Plank!!

  • Kelly Jackson

    I dunno according to the backyard operators on Sniper’s Hide you have to spend AT LEAST $1,200 on a stock if you want to hit the side of a barn.

    • Sunshine_Shooter

      If its on Sniper’s Hide, then that barn is a mile away.

      • Russ Kell

        And obscured by foliage in low light…

    • G

      Jacob Bynum is the shooter in the Savage video. He is, as far as I know, a member of Sniper’s Hide.

      • noob

        Maybe that is a very expensive bedding and trigger job on that 2×4?

  • Jim_Macklin

    It wasn’t even a walnut or maple 2×4. A steel I-beam might work even better, but it would be harder to tune for harmonics.

  • Vincent

    This only fuels my desire to try weird things for the sole reason of finding out if it’ll work.
    That and hand carving a Ruger Mini-14 stock using a block of wood from somewhere like Home Depot and whatever thing that’s sharp enough to cut and gouge wood that I can find in the garage.

    • Don’t hold back trying weird things is a good hobby and, who knows? Maybe you’ll come with an idea you can sell. Life is more interesting that way in my opinion.

  • DW

    You can even fix a precision rifle with ductape, but can it fix a Remington?

    • Sunshine_Shooter

      The best way to fix a Remington is to throw it away.

      • Wow!

        Wait, what is bad about a Remington? The only criticism is being overpriced but it is a solid rifle with a good reputation.

        • Sunshine_Shooter

          Remington’s quality on all guns for all companies they own has dropped in the last decade. In the last few years, this has even extended to their core weapons, to include the 700 and 870.

          • Wow!

            I am kind of surprised. I knew Remington isn’t what they used to be but I thought just innovation is what was dead there. I don’t really work or sell 700s all that often so I haven’t seen the newer lots. What has degraded on the weapons? I bought a 770 about a year ago to fool around with the 300 win mag and it seemed to work fine despite the plastic parts. It is a real shame if the 700 is now crud after all these years. I never cared for the 870 though due to the poor placement of the action release.

  • AD

    OK, my question is WHY did he do it? Was it just to troll all the shooters with their expensive target rifles?

    • Dennis Kirkpatrick

      The whole story isn’t told here. When I traded for this old Win 52-C it only had one action screw holding it in the stock. Couldn’t find one and every time we ordered one it had the wrong thread pitch. The gun always flopped around in the stock but it shot as good as any of our other high end rifles and either won or finished second in every longrange match it shot in.

      I always threatened to bolt it to a 2×4 just to see how it would shoot. This was thrown together the night before my next match and my Son Chris shot it missing only 2 of the targets out of 100. Was really just a test to see how well it would shoot with just the basics holding it together. I’ll put it up against any of the other high end guns that shoot my matches. We do have a really nice bench style stock for it that is being finished up but the way it shoots I might leave it like this for a while.

      I’ve always played with things a bit different just to see how they would do including building a couple rimfire pistols to compete against the rifles with. Chris and I also use bolt action pistols to shoot our local 1000 yard matches at Rayners. Gotta have fun with this sport. Searching YouTube by using keywords longrange and XP100 should bring up videos of our rimfire matches and other things we’ve played with shooting longrange.

      I limit ammo costs to no more than $8.00/50 just to keep the equipment race out of it which is the biggest limiting factor for longrange rimfire shooting. No tuners, no fancy benchrest type rests but you can use any gun/scope combo. Yes, group sizes were nearly half with higher end ammo at 200 yards and we do get dropped rounds with the Wolf but it keeps everyone a bit closer together at the matches.

  • Blake

    Wolf Match 22LR is some of the best bang for buck you can get in precision rimfire ammo. IIRC it’s made by SK.

    • Dennis Kirkpatrick

      I shot this 10 shot group with Ugly Betty at 197 yards with Wolf MT ammo during a lull in the match. It’s the same size as a clay pigeon which I sometimes fit in this holder. I knocked it out on the 8th shot and had to ride out to reset it. Hurried back and the top mark at 11 is the 9th shot and the 10th dropped right back into the group. 9 shots were a bit under 2 inches with a 5mph wind. Still amazes me this thing shoots this good for what it is.

      • David Silverstein

        That’s incredible! Good shooting. Perhaps I’m showing my ignorance of these things, but why 197 yards? Why not an even 200?

        • Dennis Kirkpatrick

          Ran out of room at my backstop.

  • Ruth Hammons

    So who says they are going to take out guns…when one can build them to work! ;o]
    You could be a Redneck if your gun is built on a plank of wood!! (Hey, who cares, as
    long as it works when you need it to!!)

  • Armchair Command’oh

    To be fair, a Mark 23 has the same ergonomics, and that’s considered a match pistol.

  • 🦑 🐙

    No civilian should need a 2×4 that accurate. Ban 2×4’s!

  • crimsonfalcon07

    To be fair though, that guy with a Savage has a Teludyne SJ, making that still probably a $1K+ rifle.

  • ToddB

    What your shooting skill is not decided by how much you spend on gear?

  • carlcasino

    Price of 2 X 4’s just doubled.

  • Donald Darr