Prometheus Design Werx PDW Badger – High Class Utility

No, you haven’t stumbled upon The Knife Blog. Sometimes, in the constant search for relevant gear, non-powder burning steel rises to the top. The team over at Prometheus Design Werx has recently designed a solid yet functional everyday carry style knife called the PDW Badger.

Before you ask, if you are a part of the $19 “Walmart special” knife crowd, yes the Badger is pricey. But if it’s anything like past creations and collaborations spearheaded by PDW Owner Patrick Ma, this knife will be functional for several lifetimes.

Besides being attractive and rugged, the Badger has unique features like a light activated, glow in the dark thumb stud. Additional specifications and details are listed below.

PDW Badger

PDW Badger Materials:

  • Blade Material: S35VN
  • Scale Material: Titanium
    Approx. Dimensions:
  • OAL: 7.00″
  • Blade: 3.00″
  • Cutting Edge: 2.875″
  • Blade Thickness: .160″
  • Approx. Weight 4.4 Oz
  • Dual Thumb Stud: GID Inlay
  • Locking Type: Frame Lock
  • Pocket Clip: Billet Tip Up
  • Lanyard Pin: Internal for 3mm Cordage
  • Badger mark laser engraved in handle pocket
  • PDW logo laser etched on blade
  • Made in the USA
  • MSRP: $439

PDW Badger Press Release:

Badger™ Framelock Folder
Stout, Compact, Finely Designed Folder for EDC, Expertly Built in USA

PDW introduces the production Badger™ Framelock Folder. Compact and stout, this folder like the wild predator it is named after, is able to hold its ground against many beasts larger than itself. Featuring a level of detail and machining uncommon in other folders in its class, multi-axis machined contoured handle, extra detailed chamfering, functional engineering, V-cut blade seat channel, glow in the dark dual thumbstud inlays, to the proprietary internal lockbar pocket, all make this folding knife a production stand out. Staying true to a purpose driven, industrial tool aesthetic, the Badger™ Framelock Folder is designed produced entirely in the USA.

The Badger™ Framelock Folder is the first production iteration of this signature, purpose driven, folding knife design from Prometheus Design Werx.

The Design and R&D Team at PDW states:

“The PDW Badger™ folder design is an instantly recognizable tool aesthetic and characteristic of our Founder-Chief Designer’s lifelong design ethos. This folder is inspired by and takes its design cues from the tried and trued millennia old spear point blade silhouettes, to the tapered capsule shapes, streamlined arcs, and the purposeful fluting and texturing of the modern machine age. Many of this design’s details will only be noticed after the knife has been picked up and handled in person. The lock bar ‘pocket’ is a new approach in creating the relief needed for the ‘lock bar’ for folding knives of this type. Our signature PDW glow-in-the-dark thumbstud inlays provides just an extra bit of visibility if the knife is every dropped in the dark and easier to spot and recover. Extra chamfering and 2-piece handle construction with integrated backstrap jimping required extra time on the mill, but all add to a greater whole. The Badger™ was designed to be as a stout, compact, yet elegant cutting tool, ideally suited for EDC, and for any discriminating user who prefers a smaller folder footprint.”

The Badger™ Framelock Folder will be available on June 28, 2017 via their website,


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  • Eric B

    Thanks – I don’t mind a knife or two here. I think I needz it, for my Honey Badger 300 BLK.

  • DanGoodShot

    439, you can buy a wal mart special, a couple boxes of ammo, a surefire g2 and a leo trade in Glock…. or a pocket knife.

  • Bradley

    If I spend $400 on a knife it will be one that doesn’t have a bevel angle similar to a crow bar.

  • Dave

    $400 for a knife without an overtravel stop or hardened steel lockbar insert.

    Do these people not understand working with titanium on knives?

    • ZuluHotel

      You pointed out the things I was going to. I amazed PDW and TAD do this. Minimal effort at the most amount of money. I guess people who are knife people can weed this kind of stuff, but ZT gives you everything this knife does with a lot more to go along with it. ZT gives you a titanium frame lock, steel lock-bar interface/over-travel stop, S35V blade with probably a far better profile, KVT bearing pivot (on most their models) which is incredibly smooth, better ergos (subjective, I know), etc.

      • Dave

        Well TAD has previously worked with Strider on their knives before this one, so it kind of makes sense they continue the trend of poorly designed, and poorly engineered over priced blades.

    • Ryan

      I also noticed that pocket clip is not recessed flush to the grip attachment point….a royal pita when stowing the knife in your jeans pocket. Crap like that is a pet peeve of mine.

  • wetcorps

    I don’t mind a post about knives here and there, but I’d rather not be berated by people who have monney for several lifetimes.


    • Pete – TFB Writer

      Just so we are clear, I carry a $39 Spyderco. Sorry if I came off Dew-She

      • wetcorps

        Good to hear it 🙂

  • Certainly looks like a nice usable knife. But I don’t see where the 439 comes in. It looks like a $99.99 knife at most. I’ll stick with my Benchmades.

  • VanDiemensLand

    Looks pretty boring IMHO

  • BillyOblivion

    I’m not part of the $19 walmart knife crowd. I have a small pile of Spydercos, an ESSE 3, and some lesser blades.

    But 440 bucks is seriously nuts.

    And a photo-luminescent thumb stud? <>

  • Edeco

    Nope, steel blade right on titanium lock bar, so 10 years ago.

  • Jack_A_Lope

    It must really rankle the gear elite to know that millions of people find more usefulness, functionality, and value from a $13.99 knife from Walmart than a $439 PDW. I have been using the same $13.99 Walmart special for over 20 years. It has opened thousands of bags of lava rock, river rock, bark mulch, top soil, gypsum, fertilizer, charcoal..It has pried up thousands of staples from 2x4s, popped tops off beer bottles, and hammered in the loose nail. It has stripped wire from hundreds of feet of Romex, whittled tomato plant stakes, screwed in hundreds of Phillips head screws, and opened a thousand envelopes. I’ve sharpened it 25 times in 20 years, holding a good edge for months at a time. I bet gear snobs laugh at those of us carrying a $13.99 Walmart knife, but it’s a tank, it’s served me well, and if it broke tomorrow, I wouldn’t cry about it – I’d try to find the same knife again. I’d take the PDW if someone gave it to me, but lets not use the review as an occasion to knock a Walmart knife buyer. There’s no way you can justify $439 for a knife. It just wouldn’t get used in the same manner as the $13.99. $10 says owners of these knives would rather saw around a staple than use their $439 PDW tip to pry it up. NO such compunction with the $13.99 special.

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      Hey, I get it. But if we were to base everything on utility alone, everyone here would own only Glock 19s and drive Toyota Camrys. People drink $50/glass whiskey and smoke $100 cigars.

      The only reason I made the Walmart comparison was because I knew that many would just shun the price.

    • Snoballs72

      I think that $400+ for a pocket knife if excessive to say the least (but if it floats your boat go for it). That being said I do enjoy some higher value knives and the most expensive knife I own cost around $130. I have $2 knives and $100 dollar knives and each has its place. but I think that most people are best served by lower cost knives; however, I think that the sweet spot is the $25-30 knife like the Ontario rat series or Kershaw Cryo’s, etc.

  • Flounder

    440 compared to 20 bucks… No dude, just no. There is literally no possible way that this knife is worth that much.

    Is it nice? sure.
    Do i personally spend way more on knives to get something worthwhile. YES. But 440?!?!?!?!!? It should be pure titanium or something! And forged in liberal tears!

    Edit:it is significantly titanium, COOL. Still not worth it.

    This is hidiously too expensive. Although if they had a 50% off sale it would be totally worth it. I also suspect it will be sold below MSRP in most places.

  • MyFifteenthAccount

    I have a couple ZTs. More than a few Kershaws, SOGs, Columbias, Schrades, and Spydercos. I even have one of those thousand dollar folding pocket cleaver things that I got as a factory reject from some knockoff place in China, with a blade made from D2 and a titanium handle.

    I wouldn’t spend $400+ on that thing. Oooooooooohhhhh tritium in the thumb stud can I pay you $500? GTFO

  • Threethreeight

    Gotta burn those SF office ninja dollars somehow.

  • DwnRange

    At least with my $400 SureFire Delta I get a seat belt/harness cutter, a glass-breaker, a wire cutter and a wrench along with my S30V steel blade………

    Ya’d think they could provide more than just a knife for that kind of money.

  • vernSL

    Ordered one the other day. Looking forward to it, although I’m concerned with the plunge grind. I can see that the back of the edge goes too far. For this price, plunge grind issues like that shouldn’t exist. But I love the design.

  • Suppressed

    Over $400 and it’s not ambidextrous? Niccus plz.