Get A Better Grip On Your Glock With DIY Stippling | Mod Minute

There are few jobs on a Glock that are more intimidating than a DIY stipple job. The OT Defense stipple kit makes it easy with custom made tips designed for stipple work as well as a wood burning iron that was carefully selected to stay in the right temperature range. Since this was Patrick’s first DIY stipple job, it came out respectable looking as a result of the OT Defense Stipple kit from Brownells.

Many thanks to Brownells for sponsoring our Modification Minute videos. The tool used is:

You will also need a Dremel tool, sandpaper and something to mark your borders. 


Patrick R

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  • Russ

    Can’t watch the videos because I refuse to sign up for Facebook. 🙁

    • El Mysterioso

      Take that, Zuckerberg!

    • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

      It is not available yet for some reason. We are working on the issue. You can see it on Instagram though.

  • Bill

    I’m not stippling my pistol; it never did anything bad to me.

    Really, before this became a hip & trendy Thing, if you took a soldering iron to a GLOCK people would have though you were nuts, or apparently a genius. What will we do when factory frames come pre-stippled?

    • There are some patterns on factory frames that are similar to stippling. And TBH companies have been improving the grips on their guns.

      • m-dasher

        some of the Sig grips ( like the 229) are actually really good, like a nice fine stippling, except it doesnt look like crap.

        • Lyman Hall

          Taurus PT series has a real nice grip. Other manufacturers should pay attention.

          • No one pays attention because the rest of the gun is junk.

          • Lyman Hall

            Opinions vary.

          • Well I suppose so. But that isn’t an opinion, it is a fact.

    • Person

      Grip Zone!

      • USMC03Vet

        Legit grip.

      • Jonathan Ferguson

        How you gonna T-Zone if you got no Grip Zone?

    • ExMachina1

      What do you “before this became trendy”? People were doing this back into the 1990s and quite a few companies sprang up in the early 2000’s and are still making $$ doing this.

  • Scott Tx

    the $60 oregon trail defense stipling kit is actually a rebadge $10 soldering iron 😛

    • Dan

      Exactly. Special tip my ass, my wood burner came with the same looking tips

  • Ark

    Counter argument: You could, just, not.

  • john huscio

    Oregon Trail eh? Looks like that glock fell in the river and got pneumonia.

  • Giolli Joker

    Brownells sells no basic PPE? 🙂

    • Nashvone

      Actually, they do have a Safety category in the gunsmith tools area. It’s a pretty decent collection of gear.

  • ActionPhysicalMan

    My grips are simple smooth mammoth ivory and with full power 180gr .357 loads the gun doesn’t slip even when my hand is sweaty. I haven’t tried shooting with a blood covered hand though. Oh, and they look way better than black polymer too.

  • rennsport4.4TV8

    I’ll never get the point of spending hundreds of dollars on something just to molest it later.

    • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

      $75 Gen 3 frames FTW!

      • Person

        Cheap date.

      • Flounder

        WHAT!? WHERE?

        • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

          The internet.

      • rennsport4.4TV8

        Fair enough.

    • Person

      You’ve never taken a date to an expensive dinner?

    • Palmier

      Modifying it is most of the fun.

    • ExMachina1

      Isn’t Rennsport all about molesting Porsches?

      • rennsport4.4TV8

        Rennsport means racing sport in german. For my username it just references racing in general. But you get RS cars stock from Porsche and most car modifications are not permanent so it is not really equivalent anyway.

  • Nicks87

    IF you decide to stipple your own gun, remember that most gun shops will give you LESS for it on trade.

    • Palmier

      oh noes!

      Pro tip, most gun shops give you peanuts on a gun trade anyway.

      • Flounder

        Stippling makes them give you way less peanuts. If they dont outright reject you. And harder to sell privately too.

        Do a great job, or dont bother. And know you are devaluing your gun.

    • 22winmag

      Private sales = the Wild West of gun sales

  • Gary Kirk

    It’s a Glock, they’ll function through anything RIGHT?? Just tie it to the back of the truck and haul ass down a gravel road..

  • M1911

    Use grip tape instead. If you don’t like it, you can take it off.

    • Palmier

      The problem is, I don’t like it, so I took it off….and stippled instead. Can’t stand having tape stuck to my gun.

    • Grip tape slips.

      TBH stippling is stop gap, a friend of mine does glue and grit jobs that are better than grip tape and stippling. Can be shaped, and the texture can range from very aggressive, to moderately aggressive.

      • n0truscotsman

        I did a polyurathane and grit job on one. It worked too good TBH. Was a pita carrying concealed. Maybe if one did small parts of the grip.

  • Palmier

    Stippled my PX4…I love it. A lot better than skate board tape or one of those grip condom things.

  • Don Ward

    DIY stippling your Glock is the firearms equivalent of DIY tinting the windows of your IROC Camaro.

    • Nashvone

      *Cousin-Wife not included with Glock.

    • Ah lurvs tha smell-a DIY winda tintin’ in tha mornin’– smells lahk vinegar an’ failure!

      • Edeco

        Aw crud, I remember that smell and feel squalid now 🙁

    • Gary Kirk
    • Nah that is cheap Sportorizing.

      Stippling is like a shade tree car tuner, some know what they are doing, some don’t.

      Heck how do I think most of the guys who do it professionally learned it? By starting it as a DIYer. You have to start somewhere.

      • Simon R.

        Exactly. Ill put a Cerakote job done in my home workshop against any ‘pros’. I just dont do it for a living. Stippling is not a difficult art if you are moderately crafty. And it works.

  • John Zie

    Honestly I would have liked to see SOMETHING – ANYTHING useful in terms of “how to” if I wanted to stiple my Glock. All I saw was a fast forwarded video with no helpful information on “how to” actually use the tool. I must assume it’s so easy a marine can do it if there is no info offered. I.E. Army proof. Am I right?

  • Holdfast_II

    I’d be more interested in just grinding off some finger grooves.

    • Old Tofu

      I just use 220 grit sandpaper to level them out a bit and to create more of an undercut for the top finger under the trigger guard. that way it’s a slower process and I won’t miss the sweet spot I’m looking for.

      • Holdfast_II

        Makes sense. It’s really the top one that annoys me – my middle finger is just too wide for the groove. And I don’t exactly have giant meat hooks.

  • Or, alternately: never ever do this because it is super dumb.

  • TDog

    DIY stippling kit: sixty bucks.

    Or you could tie the Glock frame to your rear bumper and drive for twenty minutes. Voila! Painful dents and dings in your Glock so you don’t drop it like, well, like no one ever has because it’s a gun and not a bloody sea cucumber with bullets.

  • 22winmag

    I get a kick out of all people selling their kitchen table-modified handguns on Armslist at value-added prices. Stippling is high on my list of unforgivable, unpurchasable modifications.

    • smee

      It comes down to the quality of the stipple job. It seems to me that you are a stipplephobic. Try it you might like it.

  • pliablemoose

    Finally, I can add an image of dickbutt to my Glock grip, my life is complete


    I swear you guys are trying to troll us or sway the market with these tips.

  • Auslander Raus

    Guess I can’t post a link to a horrible stipple job…. meh.

  • conrad

    Please, show me true stippling, I’ve not seen it yet.
    IMO the real deal is the man who creates the best surface purchase to grip, but when one LOOKS and turns the gun an image of Gaston, or art appears, then morphs as the gun is turned some more. Now I would pay for that even if it is lipstick on a pig.

  • Ryfyle

    Next We will see how to bore a cannon barrel with a thermal lance.

  • TheChunkNorris

    I’m just here for the comments… great work guys.

    • Palmier

      Thats why we are all here.

  • Glenfilthie

    Contrary to the self proclaimed experts and cool kids – there’s a time and a place to polish a turd, and the Glock is one POS that can certainly benefit from it!😆👍

    If it feels anything like honest high LPI checkering I am all for it.

    • MichaelZWilliamson

      Browning didn’t stipple my 1911 or Hi Power when he designed them. Therefore, stippling is an affront to God himself.

  • A few weeks ago my LGS had a stippled USP Expert on consignment. It was a pretty depressing experience.

  • Samuel Grant

    Or you can just keep your Glock like it came out of the box. What a load of crap.

  • DanGoodShot

    It must have really came out like crap. Low-res, excellent when you want to hide a crappy job. Than again… it is stippling. I’ve never seen that and well.
    Edit: Sorry, once, once I saw a nice stipple job.
    Also, the split second we got to see the finished gun besides the low res vid quality tells me crappy.

  • Tp

    I wonder if you could set up a CNC to do this perfectly, obviouly would need a small special melting tip of sort