TFB Review: The XMag Coupler from Germany

Let’s begin with the story behind the invention of this product. As with many other great inventions, it started with restrictions due to legislation.

In Germany you’re by law only allowed 10 round magazines, or 20 round magazines limited to 10 rounds.

Therefore the practical shooting competitions sometimes become a matter of who can reload the fastest, and spare the ammunition while still only shooting in the A zone. It’s a bit like planning a stage while shooting a revolver with its limited capacity, and that’s not why most people shoot and compete with rifles.

A friend of mine came up with a solution to this, and it’s been on the market for a while. While I don’t (yet, I should add) have any issues with my local legislation to use any sort of magazine there are some other reasons to get this product.

For instance when you are prone, and the barricade opening is too low for a normal magazine (which to me is a 30 rounder) then it’s a benefit to use a 2 x 20 coupler. Reloading, if needed, is easier with your spare magazine in front of you than finding a new magazine in your belt.

The base of the XMag is also very flat and steady, so you can use it as a magazine support.

If you happen to end up in a Shoot-off competition, it’s quite handy to change the magazine quickly.

The reason behind the name “XMag-Coupler” is because the coupler fits all variants of PMAGs, EMAGs, G-MAGs and OA-MAGs in .223 and .308 caliber.

The magazines are connected at the lowest possible point, so there’s no issue with a short coupled magazines to get stuck in the magwell. You can also holster an XMag in most, if not all, magazine holders.

The material is billet aluminum which is then milled, polished and hard anodized in black.

The couplers are all high quality, no sharp edges, just like any German quality product and what I would expect from any high-end quality brand.

XMAG-COUPLER II connects two magazines and XMAG-COUPLER III connects three magazines.

PMAG GEN M3 Magazines will use the XMAG-COUPLER II3, which is the one in the installation pictures below.

I have yet to find a need for three magazines in a holder. I think it might get tricky to reload due to weight and uneven weight distribution, but I haven’t tried.

Below: Installation is easy. Just remove the bottom of the PMAG and keep your hand over the spring, slide over the XMag and you’re done. These are brand new Magpul PMAGS AR/M4 Gen M3 about to get “XCoupled”. The knife is an Italian Lionsteel T.R.E., damascus steel with titanium and carbon fiber, very nice.

One down, one to go.

Here you can see the bottom of the installation.

After about 60 seconds the install is ready and you have 2 x 20 rounds in a low and stable format.

Installation done, ready to use. You can use any PMAG Gen3s in this one, but I think 2 x 20 is the best choice.

In a competitive situation you may want to have your close range bulk ammo in one magazine and your expensive “Alpha Zone only” long range match bullets in the next. In a tactical situation you may want to have tracers in one or for home defense supers or subs. If coupled, they stay on the rifle with you all the time.

Apart from the reviewed XMAG-COUPLER II, they also manufacture couplers for other magazines. I haven’t tried any of these, but it would surprise me if the function is any different.

The XMAG-COUPLER IIH.30 is a magazine coupler for .308 AR10 magazines and is milled out of a billet of high-strength aluminum material.

The XMAG-COUPLER II.30 will connect all .308 PMAGs and OA-MAGs magazines in a stable and easy way and allows also the usage of short mags with mag funnels.

The couplers are milled, polished and hard anodized. Standard colour is black.

Photo used with permission

Heckler & Koch shooters will like the the XMAG-COUPLER IIH.30, a magazine coupler for the HK MR308.

The XMAG-COUPLER IIH.30 will connect  all 10 and 20 round MR308 magazines.

Note: In the US the MR308 is called MR762.

Below: Here’s an example of the XMag Coupler on a 7,5″ AR-15 in 300 BLK. As you can see the base of the coupler makes the rifle stand on its own. JP Rifles upper, with Aimpoint Micro, NEA stock and a Glock G43 on the side. Low visibility gear.

There are several companies in Europe that sells the coupler, and they also sell direct. I don’t know how they are able to ship internationally.

The price is around €46 / 52USD for the XMag II and €69 / 78 USD for the XMag III.

The Magpul MagLink coupler is only about 18 USD, but the products are different and I’ll leave it up to you what’s best for you.

I also tried coupling 2 x PMAGs Gen3 30 rounders, and it works just as good as the 20 rounders.

I tried them in the Tavor as well, no issues, and the couples makes the Tavor stand on itself. Unfortunately my camera broke down, so I couldn’t take any photos.

You can find more information about the product here:


  • Very easy installation.
  • Only one part, which is made out of durable aluminum. It’s not likely going to brake.
  • Couples almost any magazine.
  • Couples the magazines at the lowest possible point of contact, so will work with most wide magwells.
  • Good for shooting prone, can act like a stand.
  • Great for shoot-off competitions where reloading is mandatory.
  • Available for a large amount of brands and generations.
  • For certain calibers, like the 300 BLK, you may have a need to switch from subsonic to supersonic ammunition. With the XMag you can keep your rifle loaded and have quick access to both without a belt on you.


  • A bit on the expensive side.
  • Adds width and (a little) weight to your setup.
  • Availability (Shipping to the US may be expensive)

Note: While I know the inventor as a fellow competitor from various matches, I have paid for my XMag couplers in full.

Eric B

Ex-Arctic Ranger. Competitive practical shooter and hunter with an European focus. Always ready to increase my collection of modern semi-automatic firearms, optics and sound suppressors. Owning the night would be nice too.


  • PK

    …plus, with the 2-mag coupler, you can hang them on your belt. One mag inside the waistband/belt, one outside.

    Interesting product, one that is a legal workaround for a lot of areas. It seems a lot nicer than competing products made from polymer, as the thin body of the coupler tends to be easy to deform/break.

  • Markus

    … mags that hold more than 10 rounds are allowed by law in Germany (at least they still are, but the EU is already on it’s way fixing that…).
    Yet for certain applications, the number of rounds you may load is limited (10+1 in shooting competitions, 2+1 for hunting).
    But nobody will stop you from semi-auto blasting a 50rd drum from an AK onto a paper target, if that’s what you’re into.

    Great idea anyway, espeacially for ipsc shooters.

    Greetings from the Alps

    • Ralph Mouth

      I’m happy that you corrected the blog writer regarding magazine cap limits in Germany as many of these guys just run with their assumptions and opinions and not the facts. I will give him credit for bringing this item to our attention. I’ve been to Germany several times for IWA – keep fighting for your rights.

      This item is ITAR regulated so before anyone orders them, they had better do it through proper channels, especially if the order is over $100, by going through an importer.

    • neckbone

      But do all mags in Germany have to be sharia compliant?

      • Markus

        Not yet, but probably will be, as soon as the recently passed EU guidelines have been transformed to national law.
        Then it’s 10rds max for long arms of any type, and 20 for pistols.

        Unless there’s a court stopping the guideline.

  • Holdfast_II

    Good for a home defense scenario where your pajamas may not have mag pouches.

    • AZgunner

      That’s not a bad idea. I keep a loaded AR next to the bed, but if I need to jump out of bed and use it, there’s little chance I’ll have the time or awareness to throw on a mag carrier.

      That being said, I could also just start using a magpul 40 round mag or a drum.

      • iksnilol

        Two 40 rounders coupled together. Mag couplers already exists, this one is only different because it clips at the bottom.

        • Giolli Joker

          It sounds like a very bad night if you need 80 rounds to fend off a home invasion…

          • iksnilol

            Meh, rather have 70 rounds to spare, than miss one round.

          • neckbone

            Do you have a Muslim invasion problem in your area?

          • iksnilol


          • Ryfyle

            Welcome to North Las Vegas.

  • Anonymoose

    They’d make a fortune if they shipped these to the unfree states in the US.

  • Old Tofu

    good lookin’ gun

    • JK

      yeah, I was gonna what’s the handguard on that sbr

      • Cactus Air Force

        That’s a JP Enterprises modular handguard

  • Markus

    Hi Eric,
    you’re technically correct, although the passage you’re quoting may be a little bit misconceptional. It is referring to the sentence before, and therefore only meaning IPSC shooting, and not legal fireams use in Germany in general.

    No offense, keep up the good work!

  • JoshuaK27

    What in tarnation are you saying with the a zone vs short range ammo ? That would require two different hold overs I would imagine ,or are you using a red dot ,4x combo? I would just use one consistent batch of ammo, or ….reload keep your standard deviation low

  • Scottie Mince

    The word is ‘break’, not ‘brake’.

  • Kelly Harbeson

    That looks like just the thing for my Tavor. The Pmag coupler doesn’t work with the 20 rounders in the Tavor magwell.