Brownells Visits Volquartsen – Uncovers Stainless Scorpion

Dispite my absolute disdain for social media for anything, umm, social, it is currently the best way to keep up with some of the best minds and and leaders of innovation within the firearms industry. So when I saw that my friends at Brownells visited rimfire master Scott Volquartsen and crew and got a sneak peak at a yet to be released stainless Scorpion pistol, I thought it was worthwhile to share with our readers here at TFB.

Why add a stainless steel version of the match grade Al Scorpion? I asked the same question. Apparently many shooters prefer the feel of a heavier weight pistol over the aluminum version. Also, some owners wanted a fully stainless gun rather than an hard anodized frame upper. Either way, functionality and accuracy will remain the same for both versions.

The stainless Scorpion will be ready to ship in about three months and will have an MSRP of $1800.

Stainless Scorpion Configuration:


  • Compensator
  • Hard Chrome
  • 4.5 inches
  • Hi-Viz Front and Target Rear
  • Black Accessory Rail
  • Hard Chrome Stainless


  • Hogue Grips
  • Black
  • MKIII Style
  • Hard Chrome


  • 2lb 14oz
  • Product Number: VC3SS‑4‑C‑HC‑HVT‑H

Thanks to Brownells for sharing their behind- the scene pics from Volquartsen. They traveled together with brand ambassadors “thejeepcalledyeti” and “thewildyolo” to look at arguably some of the best rimfire offerings available.

~ Just a Lil Sunday Quality Time out on the Backroads of Iowa ~ 🌾🚜 Hangin on the Farm with Our friends & YouTubers @highjak86 & @nsz85 Shooting a Small Steel Silhouette at 1/2mile • • • 6.5 Creedmoor @aero_precision, @burriscompany XTR II 4-20x Horus, @geissele Precision mount from @brownellsinc, Built Lower, Gemtech Tracker Suppressor from @SilencerShop . . . Thank You Guys so much! We had an Incredible time with you!! Already can't wait to do it all again!!! ❤👊 • • • [ Day 47 : on #TheRoadToUwharrie ] #TeamBrownells #LifeOfAdventure #SundayGunday #PewPewLife #Iowa #Country #Farm #SmallTownUSA #FieldCraftSurvival #OffTheGridSurplus #UnderArmour #Brownells #TeamAdventureMachine #YetiAndYolo #GirlsWhoShoot #AllSmiles #Rifle #Guns #Geissele #AeroPrecision #SilencerShop #EnjoyThisLife #CustomLife #LiveFreeOrDie #Tactical #Shooting #TheJeepCalledYeti ~ #TheWildYolo

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Stainless Scorpion




Volquartsen at Brownells


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  • PK

    They make such nice .22 pistols. The looks of this one don’t quite do it for me, but as long as they continue offering replacement parts that drop right in and improve the trigger… I’ll keep buying the parts as needed.

    • Anonymoose

      I think the 6″ ones are sexier.

  • Nick Pacific

    I mean my wife wanted a new Steel Challenge rimfire for her birthday, and I’m torn between the stainless and alloy. I worry the stainless may be too heavy in that application for her to transition as effectively.
    I asked VQ about the difference in weight, they said any given model set up in alloy, the SS will weigh about 1 lb more. That would put the short SS VQ in about the same weight range as a S&W 41 at 46 oz, and the alloy VQ about 38 oz. Any thoughts on which way to go on that? She likes the VQ action, it’s just the weight of the Stainless, I don’t want it to be a hinderance. any thoughts?

    • Brett baker

      Obviously, buy both.

    • iksnilol

      Uhm, have her try something with similar weights and see which she prefers?

  • keith mcnab

    I love the stainless steel frame but why not move on to mkiv frames.

    • AndyHasky

      Yeah I’d be way more interested in a mkIV

    • LGonDISQUS

      They’re basically reverse engineering Ruger designs. Time, money, or avoiding court?

  • I bet it’s sweeter than clover honey to shoot, but I just can’t shake the feeling that it can only be utilized to its full capability in Super Marionation.

  • Anomanom

    What is so special about Volquartsens that makes them cost so much? Now admittedly i’ve never shot one or even seen one in a shop, but i could buy like 2-3 cheap AR’s for those prices.

  • Kelly Jackson

    You sound like the angry 12 year old screaming in the background of a call of duty match.

    Literally nobody believes your SKS and AK are as accurate as a Volquartsen

  • Kelly Jackson

    You sound like the kind of person that thinks his 1983 Buick Regal is the ultimate evolution of automotive technology.

    Go be poor somewhere else.