MTM Releases High-Low Shooting Table

MTM has released a product for when all of us have access to a field like Mr. Guns & Gear and perhaps something ideal for him. Where Mr. GnG has always been shooting off of his bags (and now recently, having updated to some rests), often we could stand to see him behind a table instead of just behind that awesome and obligatory gas mask nodding shot.

The new High-Low Shooting Table is designed for the field shooter or someone who’s range tables are always crowded. As the name implies, the High-Low Shooting Table is just that – a shooting table capable of being adjusted from a low 18″ to a high of 55″, enough to cover most sitting and standing positions. Adjustment is via three legs with staked feet, which means it should be almost all-terrain, so long as the ground can support the load.

The table itself is a 17″ x 33″ surface “large enough to hold rifle and handgun rests, ammo, and tools. Constructed of engineering-grade polypropylene, it should be rigid to allow one to get off a few good shots. Moving the table should be easy with integrated shoulder strap (though no specs on weight were published).

The stock color is dark earth for the table top. Retail pricing it set at $139.99.


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  • Anonymoose

    So, probably wouldn’t work for the Barrett, huh? Darn.

    • Patriot Gunner

      Add a pic rail to the table and use it as a bi-pod for your Barrett.

  • uncle bobedy

    “When they go high, we go low or when they go low we go high”? Had to ask, looks like a good product!

  • noob

    It’s like a standing desk for shooting from!

  • Scott Tuttle

    anyone else think mary tyler moore when they see mtm? ok, I’m old.

  • Raptor Fred

    Or you could just sit and use a longer bipod or shooting sticks. I’m personally not going to carry a freakin table with me. Practical riflery seems to be a dying art. Remember when people used to shoot off hand, or kneeling, or sitting, or prone?

    • Jack_A_Lope

      Relax, Fred. It’s an idea worth exploring, perhaps for someone not as mobile as you. My 80-year old dad likes to shoot at a table, is not going prone, finds it difficult to kneel, etc. He still enjoys shooting and something like this may make it easier.

      • Raptor Fred

        Well then do I have a table for you. Hahaha. Understood.

  • Julio

    The table top is clearly too small to permit the use of a rear bag and seems to have no means of levelling it other than fiddling with each leg in turn.