The largest, and most prestigious, division in IPSC Practical Rifle Shooting is Semi-Auto Open.

But there are other divisions as well, like Manual Standard, where you use a bolt-action (or pump for that matter) rifle without a scope. You can’t use a bipod either. Your targets are from about 10 to 300 meters, with A, C and D scoring zones.

Instead of two shots per paper target in semi-auto, only one hit per target counts in manual action.

I was impressed to find a shooter with an Accuracy International Arctic Warfare rifle on one of the stages. He’s not making things easy for himself, but I bet he has as much fun as everyone else.

The long courses may be a bit of a bore with the reloading he has to do.

I managed to get a few detailed photos of the AI in the safety zone.

Why use a scope when you can use irons? Why shoot minor when you can shoot major power factor?

There was a competitor with an Lee-Einfeld as well. Bolt-action at its best.


This guy looked like he had a lot of fun too. Better not touch the ammunition in the safety!



  • Gus Butts

    The last picture ruined it.

    • PK

      *Perfected it.

      • Gus Butts


        • PK

          Yes, how dare someone have Russia-themed fun in a Russian shooting competition, hosted in Russia.

          • Gus Butts

            I am severely anti-Mosin (even though I have a cool, rare one that is more accurate than my R700 – please don’t tell Remington).

          • Green Hell

            They wouldn’t mind, Remington used to make Mosins 100 years ago.

          • PK

            Being more accurate than a R700 used to mean something… man, that stings. M26? Something more obscure? I do love my Mosins of all flavors, of course.

  • .45

    That looks like fun.

  • Giolli Joker

    And manly.

    • 1050cc

      Is that Putin?

      • Auslander Raus

        That’s what I thought.
        Took the day off hacking….

      • neckbone

        Putin would be doing something cool like that anyway.

  • Nicholas C

    Whoa that racer setup with the clips. Badass.

  • PK

    Are those clips on… magnets?

  • Eric B

    Someone was running a manual action with a paper bayonet at World Shoot. But I never saw it. Hilarious.

  • USMC03Vet

    Not shown publicly were the classic Russian 180 no scope headshots with AWP.

  • micmac80

    Art of Manliness can only be demonstrated with full blooded rifles LOL

  • Kelly Jackson

    Should have had a no AWP rule

  • Giolli Joker

    Can we get a full article with summary of main rules for this (and other) category?
    Maybe with some other cool action shots.

  • gusto

    I’d run a winchester 1895

    accurate enough and being a lever action fast reloads (stripper clip fed!)