1988 B.E. Meyers Dark Invader Night Vision System

B.E. Meyers found this copy of a 1988 promotional video they made for their Dark Invader Night Vision System. This was before they made laser systems.

Enjoy the trip back to the 80s.

Did you see the female officer take that aggressive stance? LOL

Here are the accessories you can get for the Dark Invader.


Ahh the good old shoulder mounted video camera. Probably uses VHS cassettes.

This giant tube on top of the Dark Invader is an IR illuminator.

Nicholas C

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  • Anonymoose

    That music belongs in a bad sitcom.

    • plumber576

      It was called Miami Vice, and if you need me I’ll be re-watching season one all day.

  • Madcap_Magician

    Shoulder-mounted videocassette recorder accepts standard VHS cassette tapes or RPG-7 rockets.

    • noob

      That was how Ahmad Shah Massoud, the Lion of Panjshir and commander of the Coalition-allied Northern Alliance, died – an exploding “journalist”.

  • sineva

    I shudder to think what these would have cost back in the day,heres a pic of one I found on an old auction site

    • DPinTX

      They were about $8000 for the base then added accessories as needed.

      • sineva

        And that was 1988 dollars too!,yow!.The illuminator is enormous,is it an old style gas laser like they used on the first laser disc players?.Anyway thanks for your reply.

  • Some Rabbit

    Those old shoulder mounted cameras were great for getting girls to flash their boobs. The tiny digital cameras nowadays don’t have that same “magic.”

  • Vhyrus

    ‘Dark Invader’ used to be Bill Cosby’s internet screen name.

    Too soon?

  • Flounder

    It is… HUGE. And i like how the AR and the bolt gun are in the “accessories” picture.

  • DPinTX

    I still have one in the case, I used to sell surveillance equipment to law enforcement agencies and still do. I have most of the accessories this still work today. The laser batteries died and when I sent it back then no longer supported the laser. Still and great NV device, with its large tube.