Occam Power Solutions Company For the AK Front Sight Tower Win

Occam Power Solutions, as the name implies, is a typical small company. Offering battery management systems, they have been expanding into the defense market with two products – one fitting their MO (a remote ballistic fuse detonator) and the other product being nearly the complete opposite, in fact lacking any power at all: the Rear Sight Tower for the AK-47

Occam’s Razor States:

Among competing hypotheses, the one with the fewest assumptions should be selected.” 

Or, even more detailed:

“…entities should not be multiplied unnecessarily which is interpreted as requiring that the simplest of competing theories be preferred to the more complex or that explanations of unknown phenomena be sought first in terms of known quantities.”

Basically, the simplest solution if often the best. In this case, Occam Defense Solutions has perhaps a simplest solution for the AK platform. The Rear Sight Tower simply does away with the graduated rear sight and instead replaces it with a milled rear sight and a picatinny rail. The milled sight is fully capable of being zeroed, though without adjustment.

Simply, they are making the simple weapon simpler.

Unfortunately, no pricing has yet been published for the Rear Sight Tower. Generally speaking, the product is oriented towards manufacturer’s who will have the presses needed to install and remove rear sight towers.


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  • Anonymoose

    You said front sight tower in the title. Where is my railed AK gas block, dammit?!

    • Brett baker

      It’s the FNG curse.

    • Seamus Bradley

      Do what this guy did, and build it yourself.

  • Rob

    Problem (for some) with the railed versions of this “style” of sight mount (its not original at all) is your optic will be higher than the stock sights.
    There are others that make and have made for some time mounts designed for certain sights (aimpoints, clones, Trigys etc) that will co witness with the original irons, and have built in non adjustable irons as well.

    In other words, this ain’t original, nor likely better than some of whats already out there, and has been for awhile.

    • Rob

      Wow, now I watch the video…hell no. I mean if you are building from scratch…maybe, but there still are other probably better options (at least one)
      But why would you go with this over a bolt on system? and have to pull your rifle apart to do so? Not for me.

      • Houston Moore

        Well, they do say that multiple times in the video and article…

        • Not Frank

          Dammit Machine Gun Preacher

    • iksnilol

      So? It’s better to not be co-witnessed. If co-witnessing, then the irons obstruct the dot (and one big part of using the dot is that you get unobstructed vision on target).

      • Rob

        Well I did say it could be a problem for some, as some like a co witness, while others don’t think is is worth it.

        My assumption was it was another replacement for the rear sight, not an entire rear sight block…like the Attero Arms mounts, which gives a co witness. (If you don’t like the co witness the MRO mount is almost not there its so low) But this seems like another version of the KOP, so again its a “all ready been done product” But I’m not saying thats bad, its just not a new concept.
        And yes, when I saw the the title “front sight tower” and how it didn’t really match the pictures of rear sight…I didn’t bother to read much and just looked at the pictures.

        I just don’t see the logic with tearing apart a working rifle to add this, its only for a build in my eyes, and lets be honest, right now is not the hey day of Ak builds.

    • Seamus Bradley

      Unlike so many other designs, this is not attached to the gas tube and will not move on you or get so hot it will cook lower quality red dots.

  • Bearacuda

    Didn’t Strike Industries do this already? It’d be interesting to compare the two.

  • Cymond

    “Simply, they are making the simple weapon simpler.”
    First, that sentence hurts.
    Second, your title says “front sight tower”.

  • USMC03Vet

    The inclusion of Yeager shilling it means they just lost a lot of customers.

    • Seamus Bradley

      It was one of his students, who invented a simple product that solves a real problem with an AK… get over yourself douche.

  • ShootingFromTheHip

    I run the Attero Arms Bravo mount in the aimpoint micro pattern replacing my rear sight setup. Keeps my Primary Arms and Holosuns low so I can cowitness with their built in iron rear sight. In my opinion, it’s the best sight solution by far — much better than this, than gas tube rails and bulky, extensive side mounts.

    • Tom of Toms

      Waiting for my alpha mount o arrive. Definitely a superior solution to the problem.

  • iksnilol

    Meh, been done before. Would have been better if they made the rail adjustable (sliding, so that you can slide a red dot to different zeroes like you would slide the notched rear sight).

    • BrandonAKsALot

      I like this idea. You’d probably need a stiffer leaf spring for it though or you’d lose zero from all the bouncing around.

      • Seamus Bradley

        No spring, it is pressed onto the barre over the trunion.

        • BrandonAKsALot

          There’s a leaf spring in the rear sight block. Under where this attaches.

  • tsh77769

    1st, Yeager’s voice, speech patterns, and mannerisms irritate and nauseate me. 2nd, looks like an inferior rip off of Sabre Werks KOP, Kalashnikov Optics Platform.

  • Justin

    Sabrewerks13 has already perfected this design and has been around for years, you can even interchanged optic specific mounts with theirs and it sits super low giving you the optimal setup!

    • Jairo Fajardo

      I’m with Justin Sabrewerks13 already perfected this design ..