Daniel Defense Throws some M-LOK at their DD5V1 & DD5V2


Daniel Defense recently introduced the DD5V2 at SHOT 2017. That original model came equipped with a 15″ free-float Keymod handguard. The newest installment, the DD5V2 M-LOK, is essentially the same rifle, but now gives the consumer the ever-popular choice of M-LOK attachments.

The DD5V1 likewise used a 15″ Picatinny-top, Keymod rail and has been upgraded to the slightly more popular M-LOK style. Daniel Defense released this press statement to usher in these new variants of the DD5V1 and DD5V2.


Surprisingly, all four models, the DD5V1, DD5V2, DD5V1 M-LOK and DD5V2 M-LOK have the same MSRP of $3,044. Handguards with M-LOK attachments might be the most popular and sought after at the moment, but for Daniel Defense, to fabricate them it costs all the same.


Aside from the introduction of the 15″ MFR XS rails featuring M-LOK, the DD5V1 and DD5V2 rifles remain the same in all other aspects. The Daniel Defense rundown on specs is as such:

  • 18″ Strength-2-Weight Cold Hammer Forged Barrel for Optimal Stiffness/Weight Ratio, improving Accuracy & Handling
  • Innovative 4-Bolt Connection System utilizing a unique Barrel Extension securely attaches the Free-Floating CHF Barrel & the M-LOK Handguard mounts securely to Upper w/o Barrel Nut
  • Bolt & Carrier designed w/ Oversized Cam Pin, Enhanced Extractor Geometry & Dual Ejectors
  • Ambidextrous Safety Selector, Magazine Catch, Bolt Release & Configurable Modular Charging Handle
  • Lower Receiver features Integral Oversized Trigger Guard & Flared Magazine Well for SR-25 type Magazines
  • Geissele SSA 2-Stage Trigger w/ its Smooth 2.5 Lb take-up & Clean 2 Lb break


All four mentioned models, both M-LOK and Keymod versions, are available for order from Daniel Defense. At the moment, Daniel Defense has not stated they will discontinue or produce less rifles of the Keymod variant.

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  • RSG

    3 grand? Lol. And I own a DDM4V11, so I’m not a hater. Prices are headed in the other direction

    • Haulin’ Oats

      Apples and Oranges.

      DDM4 is their 5.56 NATO rifle. DDM5 is their 308 line. Like most other ar10s, they often cost more than their ar15 stable mates.

  • G B

    I love DD and these are some very nice rifles, but for the price I’ll stick with my SCAR 17.

    • Vitor Roma

      Well, the DD has a better handguard and doesn’t abuse optics.

      • Haulin’ Oats

        Always buy quality glass and this won’t be an issue and most of the top tier optics makers now offer unconditional warranties.

        • CommonSense23

          I’ve never seen any other gun break a elcan. This doesn’t even get into other issues SCARs have.

          • NukeItFromOrbit

            Reading your comments regularly on this site I can’t help but think a SCAR shot your dog or something.

      • G B

        I have yet to witness a SCAR 17 kill any optics, and I’m around 17’s a lot. Internet rumor if you ask me, the exaggerated experiences of a few at best.

  • Ryan Meyer

    All the premium AR model 308’s seem to run around 3K. DD is top of the food chain. The 18-inch looks appealing and it is lighter than the LWRC. Owned an LMT and the weight of these when they get over 9 lbs can be daunting. I think the DD models are around 8.2-8.5. Sounds minimal but that extra pound makes a difference. I definitely backed the wrong horse. I voted Keymod with my last few purchases and Mlock seems to be dominating.

  • Patrick Karmel Shamsuddoha

    Now give me the DD5 V3 ISR (12″-14.5″) pin and welded DD wave for OAL minimum. Because why the hell not.

  • john huscio

    Direct impingement guns that cost more than piston ARs? Lol……

    DD makes good stuff, but not 3k good stuff………outside the barrett .50s, there isn’t a semiauto rifle that is (should be) worth 3,000 bucks…..

  • NukeItFromOrbit

    I presume Daniel Defense rail interface systems work well and they get good reviews as far as I know but man, they are ugly as sin.