Survivor Systems Option Zero CA Compliant AR Stock

Oh yaaayyyy another California compliant product post, I know they’re probably getting old. Just move out of Commiefornia already! For those who can’t leave for various reasons another company has come up with a clever new product to let those stuck behind enemy lines enjoy their AR-15s. The folks at Survivor Systems just debuting their new Option Zero stock to help make your AR California compliant.

In case you forgot, one of the evil features on an “assault rifle” in CA is the pistol grip. One work around for that is to make a fin behind the pistol grip restricting the shooter’s thumb from fully wrapping around the grip. Here’s a CA legal pistol grip fin for AK owners from Battle Fin.

Shooting an AR with one of these bastardized grips can be awkward. To make their CA compliant grip and stock feel more natural to shoot Survivor Systems changed the grip angle a bit putting the shooter’s wrist in a more natural position. And because Californians are limited to just 10 round mags Survivor Systems placed an extra mag storage compartment on the butt stock.

For those with short T-rex arms or longer Jon Jones arms the Option Zero stock also features interchangeable spacers to change the length of pull from 12-7/8″ to 14-1/4″. The stock is easy to install but it will only work with a Mil-Spec buffer. The Option Zero stock will be available in Black and Flat Dark Earth, it’s going to retail for $149.99 and is currently available for pre-order. Check them out at

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  • Anonymoose

    There needs to be a bullet-button on that stock, you babykiller!

  • Arie Heath

    As someone who lives in California, I appreciate these posts. As a broke college student, moving is not really an option.

  • Dracon1201

    I actually like how that looks. Very RFB-esque.

  • Spencerhut

    As someone born and raised in California who moved to Idaho I can say with some authority California is lost. Those poor souls still there without plans to leave are like helpless hostages at this point. Only when you put on your big boy panties and leave do you realize just how bad California is. Get out! Get out while you still can!

  • MrBrassporkchop

    I swear to god by time California is done their guns will be all single shots with the receivers welded to a 3 foot block of steel and the only thing they can legally put on it are stickers.

    • USMC03Vet

      Only muskets! Only parchment and quill!

    • Disarmed in CA

      Is the glue on those stickers environmentally friendly?

      • Cymond

        WARNING: This sticker contains a chemical known to the state of California to cause cancer.

    • supergun

      Build the wall.

      • ….between California and the still free states…..

    • Bill

      And each sticker will require an environmental impact statement before peeling the backing. Failure to comply will be a felony with enhancements for failing to hug a tree and pray to Empress Feinstein before applying each sticker. Peace love dope!

  • Maxpwr

    That’s the coolest next-to-be-banned stock on the market right now.

  • Mr.SATism

    I don’t see why manufacturers don’t just invest into making extended mags for bolt action rifles. I’m positive that they’re legal over there in Cali

    • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

      ANY magazine that has a capacity of more than 10 rounds is illegal in CA. It makes no difference what kind of gun it’s for.

      There are only two exceptions, tubular .22lr magazines and tubular lever-action magazines.

      As used in this part, “large-capacity magazine” means any ammunition feeding device with the capacity to accept more than 10 rounds, but shall not be construed to include any of the following:
      (a) A feeding device that has been permanently altered so that it cannot accommodate more than 10 rounds.
      (b) A .22 caliber tube ammunition feeding device.
      (c) A tubular magazine that is contained in a lever-action firearm.

  • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

    Wait… The pistol grip is built into it? Did they license or just straight-up copy/clone the Troy pistol grip? Because that is absolutely a Troy grip. I thought it was separate until I read the article…

    • Alex Reyes

      It’s a TangoDown BG16 grip that’s been modified in a proprietary manner to work with the Option Zero system…

  • Green Hell
    Will something like this count as featureless stock in CA?
    Sounds like an obvious solution to me, you’ll still have a normal grip and stock without sacrificing anything other than looks.

    • Risky

      It wouldn’t count because your thumb can cross over. That’s why these stocks have those fins.

      • KidCorporate

        God forbid you have positive control of that firearm.

    • Sense Offender

      If the webbing of the hand can wrap it it is a “pistol grip.”

  • Martin Grønsdal
  • LarryLem

    I think it’s funny that bullet buttons aren’t required with CA “featureless” rifles.

    • Disarmed in CA

      Bullet buttons were a community-invented work-around to the ‘assault weapon’ legislation requiring a ‘tool’ for removing magazines. They are now illegal.

  • Brett baker

    Is the Ares CA-legal as-is or does it need a button too? (Glad I don’t live there.)

    • Disarmed in CA

      All the ones I see are fine- no pistol grip, but it is a custom lower. I like it.

  • valorius

    Move to America or buy a Mini-14, M-1 Carbine, M1A, or M-1 garand.

    These AR ‘workarounds’ are an embarrassment.

  • uncle bobedy

    How long until this is added to the bills of Kevin DeLeon, or Newsom, or the other steamy piles of politics we are forced to step in whenever they get their work past Gubenor Brownboar? I give it a year until efforts by manufacturers to continue allowing CA citizens are deemed illegal and added to the next wave of anti gun legislation.

    Another day, another travesty of the Democrat majorities. These carbuncles are terminal and they can’t be primaried, or recalled, impeached, or withdrawn. They are in this fight until we can defund them, by removing billionaire backing; course that would seriously hamper the right and the Kochy Bros dirty money. But what the heck do I know, I just exist here.

  • USMC03Vet

    Not even gonna lie, that rifle configuration has every awful feature available to an AR you can get. The only thing it’s missing is FDE.

  • supergun

    kalipornia—–land of the stupid——land of the dead. When a state infringes on the citizen’s Constitutional Rights like what is going on now, it is time broke and not broke to leave. That place is a disaster waiting to happen. When the politicians cause this stuff to happen, it is dam scary and stupid to live amongst these people.

  • Sense Offender

    So glad I don’t live in that crap state anymore.

  • these CA-compliant accessories sure give the AR platform rather interesting aesthetics

  • LazyReader

    So California compliant means you cant wrap your thumb around it……..

    • ARSac68

      As I understand it, here are the rules:

      1. The firearm cannot have a flash hider. You have to go with no muzzle device or, at least for now, a muzzle brake.

      2. No pistol grip

      3. No vertical fore-grip.

      The only positive to the compliant configuration is that you can have a normal mag release.

      • Bill

        Until next session…

  • KidCorporate

    Instead of CA-compliant “guns” you should run U-haul ads.

  • Sam S

    Hello from the great state of california. The logic free zone where we are rolling back the constitution and all of the freedoms there in. We have hired Eric Holder (at $25,00 per month) as a lawyer to fight against Trump. Our governor and politicians are working hard to creat a sanctuary state that caters to illegals. Our colleges are fighting hard to suppress free speech and we have the highest tax rate in the nation. Stupid gun laws are just the tip of the iceberg. Please study the direction this place is going and GO THE OPPOSIT WAY.
    One of the last Americans left in California.

  • william

    Just bought a place in Northern Idaho.
    The California libtards aren’t getting anymore of my tax money.
    California the land of Fruits and Nuts and there running the state.

  • Fabian

    Aahrgh, how to make a perfectly fine AR 15 look completely dorky. I just bought one before this “rule”. By the way, the NRA is suing the CA DoJ regarding the rules. Maybe there is hope.

  • At least these stock abominations make it possible for an AR shooter to more easily “fire from the hip”, which is one of the things that so (absurdly, to anyone who actually knows these things) terrified liberals in California. The irony abounds. LOL