Surefire Continues to Bolster their Flashlight Line-Up with NEW R1 Lawman

R1 Lawman

Once you develop a photon addiction or begin attending FLA meetings (Flashlight Lovers Anonymous), there really is no turning back. Surefire continues to pump out good quality, but admittedly high-priced light beams to tempt the wallets of those consumers. Their latest installment is the new R1 Lawman with Intellibeam.

The original R1 Lawman did not have Surefire’s Intellibeam technology which automatically adjusts the intensity of the flashlight’s beam to best suit the environment you are working in. It helps save on battery life while also being rechargeable. At max output, it can blind someone with 1,000 lumens or throw a faint 15 lumens if that is all the situation requires.

If the idea of an automatically-adjusting light output does not float your boat you can simply double-click that feature off. A triple tap of the tailcap will engage a disorientating strobe feature. A quadruple tap will initiate a meltdown sequence giving the user 5 seconds to discard the light before it explodes James Bond style. Not really, but Surefire should work on that…


Here are the specs you are looking at as stated by Surefire, themselves:

  • IntelliBeam Technology Automatically & Seamlessly Adjusts Light Output from 15 – 1,000 Lumens depending on Environment & Conditions
  • Precision Micro-Textured Reflector produces a Versatile Beam w/ a Bright Center & Significant Surrounding Light
  • Head Switch provides Momentary & Constant-On modes for Auto-Adjusting & High-Only Activation
  • Tail Switch provides Momentary & Constant-On modes for Auto-Adjusting, High-Only & Strobe Activation
  • Fuel Gauge Indicates Remaining Battery Power
  • Aerospace Aluminum Construction w/ Mil-Spec Hard Anodized Finish
  • Wall (AC) Charger w/ International Adapters & Car (DC) Charger included
  • Backed by SureFire’s No Hassle Guarantee

This light weighs 10.2 ounces and requires one Lithium-Ion battery. At an output of 1,000 lumens it will run for 1.75 hours or up to 45 hours with the low-end 15 lumens of light.

Now, for the last detail that I am sure has everyone riveted with suspense… the MSRP is $442.89 per light.

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  • valorius

    Only $440 eh? Either i’m a poor loser, or that price is totally ridiculous.

    • codfilet

      Confiscate your neighbors house for growing a couple of weed plants, and you’ll be able to afford flashlights for the whole department……

  • codfilet

    “Strobe” is the most pointless, useless feature for me.I prefer a flashlight that has one brightness level, and that’s it.

    • Anonymoose

      I prefer a flashlight that I can crush skulls with, but that’s just me.

      • codfilet

        I still have a 6-D cell Maglight…..

  • Vitor Roma

    If it were half the price, it would still be expensive. Ridiculous.

  • jonn doe

    Now hold on guys….I’m sure at that price all the contacts are solid gold and the body is titanium and It Includes two 10,000 mah batteries.
    I mean they wouldn’t try to pass off something built like a $90 Thru-Nite for that kinda money just because their name Is on It…..right?

  • Surefire lights are very nice, and there was a time (many years ago) when they were cutting edge in both technology and training. However, you can now find several high quality flashlight makers, offering nearly identical features and light output options, and costing fractions of what Surefire demands. Pricing a hand-held flashlight as much as a firearm is ridiculous.

    • codfilet

      “Nearly identical features”… that they copied, without having to do any research or development of their own, and then made in a factory in China that doesn’t have to comply with any US regulations……

  • Raptor Fred
    • QuadGMoto


  • Marco Antonio Gonzalez


  • Lucas

    I feel like this was specifically made to be a department purchase, so they can gouge department budgets. I own a lot of surefire products privately, and they make a good product but light sensors and microchips are not new technology.