Rifle World Shoot Russia 2017 – TFB wins Bronze

Russia hosted the first ever Rifle World Championship, practical rifle shooting according to the IPSC rules.

TFB flew to Moscow, armed with a Troy rifle and a camera, to document the occasion and to compete in the main match. 30 stages of world class practical shooting and some 570 competitors from around the World.

My aim was no less than to win the Open Manual division, and I have spent about 2 years preparing my gear and myself.

The location was about 60 km west of Moscow, at the newly built Patriot Park.

Patriot Park can best be described as a Disney Land for people interested in military equipment, like battle tanks, attack helicopters, air fighters and firearms.

The area is absolutely huge, words cannot describe it. From the enormous main parking lot it takes about 10-15 minutes to get to the shooting ranges. I need a Satellite picture to begin to describe the size of this place.

Below: Satellite image over Patriot Park. Yellow marker is the main parking area. The area displayed is about 5000 x 5000 meters. The shooting bays are in the lower right corner and not built when the picture was taken. There is room to build more…

Russia has created a Valhalla for sport shooters, I am sure there is no other place like this on Earth. If there is, I’d like to know and to go there too.

Or what do you say about 30 shooting bays in-line, with ranges from 50 to 300 meters?

In construction, there’s a 1400 meter long range. Great for Snipers.

Below: The Legend Jerry Miculek, with family, was there of course. Jerry won the Super Seniors Category, and Lena Miculek won the Ladies, with Ashley Rheuark second. Jojo Vidanes finished 1:st in Senior Semi-Auto.

Each shooting bay has its own “hangar”, so you and your gear is always protected from the sun or the rain. There is also space and seats for spectators as well as a protected hut for the Range Officer.

Below: Mother Russia greeted us with strong, cold winds and hail. Luckily the weather improved.

However, any shooting is always done under the sky, and you feel pretty small as you see the range extend 300 meters in front of you, with high walls on either side.

There are cameras on the side berms, pointing down at the shooter. There is also a main camera, with a powerful zoom, looking into the shooting direction. All these cameras can be displayed on TV sets inside the hangar, and the Range Officer can also chose to display the best shooters and their hit factors on the stage. Pretty cool if you ask me.

Below: IROA – The best Range Officers in the World!  The canvas in the background, which covered a large portion of the berm were said to be 4000 USD each. That’s a lot of canvas…but it looked cool.

At the entrance of the shooting bays, you could conveniently find shops for drinks and food as well as toilets. Toilets are always a bit of a problem at events like this, too few and never cleaned. These toilets were as spotless as they get, with constant cleaning.

As if that was not enough, there is also a Kalashnikov Center nearby, which hosted one of the shooting areas. This Center was more of a place for VIPs, and I felt a bit bad walking around on the polished marble floor with my spike shoes. I’ll return to this Center in future article, please stay tuned.

In World Shoot, you shoot a minimum of 30 stages. This concludes to 5 days of shooting times 6 areas per day, and a random day off. You shoot half-days, either mornings of afternoons every other day. After 6 days of shooting the results can be calculated, and the winner announced.

With an abundance of shooting bays, the organizer offered several test fire ranges. So if you were a bit uncertain of your zero you could buy a paper target and zero at 100 meters, or shoot steel at 270 meters.

Below: Another World Class IROA Range Officer from Norway.

Most long range targets were at around 270-290 meters, so I as well as others took the opportunity every day to do a functional test of our rifles after cleaning as well as knock some steel to get the confidence that everything worked.

Below: A competitor from one of the 4-man strong Military Teams.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation did everything they could to offer an unforgettable week of rifle shooting, and they surpassed our expectations.

After the Main Match the results were in

Below: Team Finland – World Class Shooters who occupied the Podium big time. Out of the Top 7 shooters 5 were from Finland in Semi-Auto Open. In Standard they had 50% of the Top 10.

The US Team. How many do you recognize?

Photo by http://avdstudio.ru/


Below: TFB represented by undersigned on the Podium at a Rifle World Shoot, with a bronze medal! Surrounded by Russians in the Open Manual division!

Below: A member of Team USA (senior).

Below: A member of the Italian Senior Team in Semi-Auto Open running on a bridge.

The heart of IPSC rifle competition will be the “Patriot Park” shooting range, designed for practicing sports rifle, military training, demonstration and testing of small arms. It’s ideal for competitions and training in practical shooting.

For readers of TFB it comes as no surprise that the Finnish shooters are world class. We have covered both Raine Peltokoski and Teemu Rintala before.

Some of the Results from World Shoot:

OPEN SEMI-AUTO — Overall Match Results

1 Rintala, Teemu FIN

2 Peltokoski, Raine FIN

3 Laukia, Jarkko FIN

4 Ackehed, Olle SWE

5 Leppanen, Kim FIN

6 Vinduska, Vaclav CZE

7 Jokinen, Tuukka FIN

8 Korba, Rastislav SVK

9 Humar, Martin SLO

10 Yackley, Timothy USA

Full list here.

STANDARD SEMI-AUTO — Overall Match Results

1 Ostgaard, Haavard NOR

2 Hautamaki, Sami FIN

3 Vehvilainen, Timo FIN

4 Hyyrylainen, Isto FIN

5 Gubich, George RUS

6 Nazarov, Anton RUS

7 Shutov, Aleksandr RUS

8 Vainionpaa, Atte FIN

9 Vezzoli, Roberto ITA

10 Kaislaranta, Mikael FIN

Full list of results here.


In Open Manual I managed to get to the Podium.

Below: Heavy statue of Kalashnikov-shooting sport shooter, IPSC President Medal (Bronze) and Bronze Medal to TFB in Open Manual, with a Troy PAR!


Customized Troy 223 PAR in Open Manual, with a Zeiss V8 1.1-8x in a Spuhr mount. Pilla eyewear and PMAGs with Taran Tactical. Even in manual, a few extra rounds can come handy and the extensions look good.

Paper targets at 270 meters from this awkward shooting position.

Eric B

Ex-Arctic Ranger. Competitive practical shooter and hunter with an European focus. Always ready to increase my collection of modern semi-automatic firearms, optics and sound suppressors. Owning the night would be nice too.


  • Will

    Awesome article! How were the stages? Were they a good mix or did they tend toward hosing or precision?

  • Chatterbot

    Were your expenses paid for Russian government or other Russian organizations?

    • Longrange

      At least the Finnish team paid their expenses fully by themselves. I doubt FSB would pay any foreigners expenses as Russia lost SO BAD in this championship.

      • Sgt. Stedenko

        Did Vlad steal your mommy’s panties?
        Your Russia butthurt is showing

        • Brett baker


      • Just my opinion

        Russia lost so bad? Did you see the team category, junior, or ladies? Russia had a very strong finish in all of those. Russia probably over all was in the top 3 finishers when all categories are combined. Russia awful? I guess you have never heard of Maria Gushchina?

    • Are you kidding:-) Of course not he paid for his own expenses. I shoot a match I pay my own way nothing new there.

      • Ken

        I think there should be a congressional inquiry into this. Or have MSNBC do an “investigation”. I’m sure they’ll find that Trump paid for it but he was reimbursed by Vlad. ;-D

    • Eric B

      No, I pay for myself. I had high expectations, but they were exceeded. Never been to Russia before, and I guess I’ve only seen less than a millionth.

  • Rusty S.

    Congratulations! Awesome job getting bronze and thanks for covering the event!

  • Brett baker

    Only 2 more places to move up! Are we going to have a full TEAM TFB next world championships?

  • Just my opinion

    Man wow, those Finnns took everybody behind the woodshed. Russia was exceptional as well, as was Norway. I was surprised at the Americans. Best finishing American (Timothy Yackley) in open div (semi auto) was 10th place with score of 1838. For comparsion 3rd place Finn scored 2002, 2nd place Finn 2027, 1st place Finn scored 2042. I expected stronger showings from the US and Czechs.

    • SGT Fish

      I think part of the issue was lack of top shooters willing to travel that far and jump through all the hoops. as well as possibly not using their own equipment. I know Kalashnikov had 50 loaner rifles for people who couldn’t import their own guns, so thatd be a huge disadvantage.

      • KestrelBike

        Yeah, I want to see a follow up story of how the importation of his weapons and gear went, and how many agents it took from the MoD to stop the airport workers from stealing all his things and the customs agents from trying to shake him down for permission to leave the airport.

        If you’ve been to Russia in the past twenty years, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

        • Eric B

          It wasn’t too bad. World Shoot Shotgun Italy in 2015 was way worse.
          Most of the “issues” were because we had not used the double sided import paper required, ut had it printed on 2 separete papers. Had to rewrite everything which took an hour or so.

          To my knowledge no one lost anything.

          We were expected and this was an important event for Russia, everyone was very friendly and we had a lot of laughs in customs declarations as my friend threw in the keys in his hard case and locked it.

          Showing the medals on exitibg Russia helped 🙂

      • Eric B

        I seriously think the outcome would not have changed. More americans in the top perhaps, but the winner no.

        The winner In semi auto zeroed a long course…LOL. Imagine.

    • mosinman

      Russia hacked the scores to keep the Americans from placing higher

  • Seth Hill

    “As if that was not enough, there is also a Kalashnikov Center nearby, which hosted one of the shooting areas. This Center was more of a”

    More of a what? Tourist trap? Spa? Red light district?

    • Bierstadt54

      There is a cut off like that several times a week. I am beginning to think it is a problem with the software they use.

      • Eric B

        No, it’s most likely my fault. Phone rang, I needed a coffee or something. Sorry.

        The K Center is more VIP, will return to this in later articles.

  • Bierstadt54

    Congratulations! Good article, sweet event, and awesome job winning bronze as a TFB shooter!

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    Grats! But the article is a little bit unfinished.

  • Very cool guys! Glad to see TFB expanding to participation in the shooting sports and not just reporting. Great job, and congratulations on bronze!

  • Pete – TFB Writer

    Congrats Eric! Excellent job!

  • Vhyrus

    Russia has a better firearms theme park than us? What’s next.. is North Korea opening up ‘Civil Rights World’?

    • Sermon 7.62

      No. The US opens the FEMA camps.

  • John

    I never even thought about taking a vacation in Russia….until now.

    • Sermon 7.62

      There is that Central Armed Forces Museum, too. It’s huge!

      • Green Hell

        Artillery museum in St-Petersburg is even better.

        • Max Glazer

          Was my favourite place to go to when I was a kid. That front yard is insane!!!

      • gusto

        And St Petersburg is nice

        not firearmsrelated but the Hermitage is wonderful, mindblowing really

        the artilelry museum is cool to

    • Henrik Bergdahl

      Go around May 9 to see the military parade as well 😉

  • Congratulations, Eric! Great shooting!

    • Eric B


  • Just Say’n

    Finland. Handing the Russians their arses since 1918.

  • Sermon 7.62

    Thanks! Nice post. And congratulations, too! Please, tell us more about guns: who used what, etc.

  • Brian M

    Congratulations! That looked like an awesome match! USPSA has standalone rifle and shotgun matches in the works next year. This was in the latest issue of Front sight. I am excited!

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    Well done, Eric.

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    Well done!

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    Eric, nice write up and very well done!

    Can you spill any info on how scoring was done?

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    Congrats Eric, you are the pride of the nation.

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    Can you tell us more about the custom work done to your Troy 223 PAR?

  • jonp

    Sweet! Congrats on the medal. That is one tourist trap I wouldn’t mind gettting sucked into.

  • Chelovek RuBear

    Congrats! How hard was it to get a Troy PAR to Sweden? Any plans to do a review of it in relation to the sport?