For #FNFriday here are some Belgian SCARs being used. Just last Tuesday days ago Brussels, the capital of Belgium, was attacked by a suicide bomber. Luckily he sucked at his job. The Belgian Army was seen patrolling the area after the bomber had been neutralized. You can see they were primarily armed with FNH SCARL. Im not sure if these are considered MK16 like the ones the US uses. The MK16 has a shorter barrel.

From the photos, some of the soldiers are using Trijicon Acogs with RMRs mounted ontop. However there are a few, like the soldiers below wearing berets, are using what appears to be a far forward mounted red dot. Possibly an Aimpoint CompM4.



  • Anonymoose

    SCARL! There is a dead human in our house, SCARL! Where are his hands, SCARL?

    • LH

      But SCARL, that kills People!

    • Blumpkin

      ha! that’s funny

    • roguetechie

      Your comment immediately think of skirl which made me think bagpipes which made me think of the arrow to ass flasher scene….

      Good times

  • SP mclaughlin

    Mark 16 is just the USSOCOM designation of the SCAR-L, the barrel length doesn’t matter.

  • chris

    “The Belgian Army was seen patrolling the area after the bomber had been neutralized”
    No the Belgian Army neutralized him.

  • iksnilol

    Well, he got the suicide part don’t be too hard on the guy.

  • Stauffy

    A Belgian Army Sergeant and firearms instructor from the “Chasseurs Ard√©nnais” neutralized him with 3 shots.

    • MeaCulpa

      Three it’s the magic number…. good work by the good sergeant and I do hope that they pin a medal on him.

  • Brett baker

    You know it’s a bad day when the Belgians send you to Allah.

    • joe tusgadaro

      There are Belgians sending unpleasant people skyward in Iraq right now..

  • LazyReader

    The,SCAR to me will always look like a children’s toy. It’s terrible paint job,
    it’s very straight lined almost injection molded appearance. It’s very
    visible screws. If not for FNH, I’d have thought NERF then again Nerf
    always designs way cooler guns.