Luxury Hunting SUVs: Bentley Bentayga Falconry

Most people use a firearm of some sort for their hunting, and some hunters use bow and arrow.

But some people use Falcons and other birds of prey for their hunting lifestyle.

If you feel you’re interested, bring your bird (not girl) to the nearest Bentley dealer and order your Bentayga Falconry by Mulliner.

With Bentley’s new model, England continues to reign the SUV market for hunters. In our previous report we looked at the “fully loaded” Holland & Holland Range Rover and the Bentayga Fly Fishing by Mulliner.

With the Bentayga Falconry by Mulliner, Bentley has created the ultimate in-car falconry kit.


Falconry is regarded as the sport of kings in the Middle East

The specific breed of falcon used in the Bentayga Falconry by Mulliner marquetry is the saker Falcon – which has been used for hunting for thousands of years and is still one of the most sought-after and valuable birds today, with exceptional examples fetching as much as $1,000,000.

Inside the master flight station, you will find a stowage tray with individual compartments, which can hold your GPS bird tracking unit, binoculars and hand-crafted leather bird hoods and gauntlets.

A beautiful Piano Black veneered drawer features a striking Saker falcon crest. This stores your own GPS tracking antennas, along with various tools and tethers for your birds.

The new model ‘Bentayga Falconry by Mulliner’ costs about $100 000 over the starting price.

Birds of prey have always fascinated me, and special automobiles have a special place in my heart. If I could I would, but I’d rather have my Bentley filled with some fine rifles from Accuracy International.

Eric B

Ex-Arctic Ranger. Competitive practical shooter and hunter with an European focus. Always ready to increase my collection of modern semi-automatic firearms, optics and sound suppressors. Owning the night would be nice too.


  • Edeco

    …what appear to be silver ashtrays are actually receptacles for balls of mouse skeletons the birds periodically cough up.

  • Test Bacon

    … Birds of prey are now guns?

    • Flounder

      Next there will be Klingons around Uranus!

      • Ringolevio

        Please, there’s no need to bring up these desert-dwellers’ bathroom hygiene (or lack thereof). Just as in the recent case (in Finsbury Park, London) of people being mowed down outside a mosque, there were more skid marks inside the mosque than outside!

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    I get the initiative to blog about things other than guns, but what?

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      TCB- cars, not politics!

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        That means alex will be back!!!! O.o

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      It’s garbage that belongs on their all outdoors blog. NOT TFB. I get flashlights they are gear, loosely gear but still a tangent. this is tangential to a tangent.

      • Stuki Moi

        Falcons are the original drones……

    • It’s just interesting, is all. It’s a very ancient form of hunting, that is being capitalized on by a car manufacturer. I found it interesting. 99.9% our content is about guns, sometimes we publish something interesting that is only tangentially related.

      • Dougscamo

        Hey, it worked….this has gotten 37 comments so far including the subs….I’ve seen items with far less discussion in the past….and, as usual, most of the comments are pretty dang witty! I love dis place!.

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        Even Playboy does not talk Women 24/7. I thought it was interesting.

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    Excuse me but this is… The FIREARMS Blog!

    Please stick to that and keep this crap out of here – the middle eastern guy pics doesn’t sit well with me.

    Come on TFB, I know we don’t about politics but at least lets stay the course and focus on firearms related stuff.

    FSO (firearms stuff only).

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      Here here !
      Sheepdog VDLXXI

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        [Pssst! Did you mean “Hear, hear!”?]

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      Party pooper

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      I’m with you sir !

  • Brett baker

    This is neat. But really, we only needed to see the Holland and Holland edition.

    • TheNotoriousIUD

      I prefer the Holland Oates model.

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    The … firearm????..(or whatever else we think is cool and we can mention the word “firearm” in) blog?

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      And MTV should only play videos? Your too narrow minded.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    At the rate Saudi princelings are multiplying their massive allowances are going to bankrupt the kingdom in 50-70 years.
    A hundred years ago those idiots were living in tents and chopping each others heads off and thats exactly where theyre going to be again after pissing away the greatest energy resource the world has ever seen.
    Keep spending, jackasses.

    • tiger

      Then they will cover the desert in Solar Panels & continue to cash in.

      • Ringolevio

        Oh, did they invent those, too?

    • iksnilol

      Not really, they’ve invested hella much in different things. including renewable energy.

      “Diversify your bonds, n****”.

  • Ark

    This will look great when it’s lying half-buried in the desert after the Saudi regime collapses into ruin.

    • bubbaearle

      Oh no….Apache / Hellfire targeting video of one cruising unassumingly down a desert road to its oblivion…..Aloha Snackbar

  • Anonymoose

    So expensive, only oil-rich sheikhs and Royal Families can afford it! Just wait until Rolls-Royce unveils their SUV.

    • tiger

      They need a Chauffeur?? Beats driving Miss Daisy.

      • Anonymoose

        Stupid infidel! I wanted you to drive me THROUGH the pedestrian shopping district! I don’t want to stop here!

        • tiger

          Trust me, I’ve had to drive more than a few Stupid infidels. Had some good ones too. Little Richard was the best tipper. $400 cash for a drive to a gig in NJ.

  • Dougscamo

    So the sheiks have a blog where they argue the respective merits or lack thereof of their favorite $1,000,000 falcons?

    • roguetechie

      300 special purpose falcon…

      Pecking out eyes and feasting on entrails since Thermopylae!

    • john huscio

      Gyrs are bigger than sakers which are stronger fliers than peregrines which are faster in dives than lanners which are faster in direct flight than prairie falcons which have better vision and prey drive than merlins…..

      • Edeco

        Hypothetically my fave would be Harris’ Hawks; they’re the only falconry bird capable of affection due to being pack hunters.

        It’s surprising, I’d think it would be all, some or none – one social species is the least apparently likely scenario.

  • Raptor Fred

    Today on the LUXURY JIHAD CHANNEL……… Falcons, Bentley’s, and Hunting the infidel (rodents)

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  • USMC03Vet

    Firearms not women drivers!

    • Warren Ellis

      It’s the ME. Would probably be a male driver anyways. Well except for Israel and, maybe, Iran.

      • USMC03Vet

        That was the joke….

  • tiger

    The damn bird has a Bentley & I’m on the bus……. Sad, not to have oil money.

    • Ringolevio

      I guess “Allah” hasn’t smiled upon you. Oil money buys them Bentleys, falcons, and, after their falconry sessions, the most nubile young boys and the cutest goats.

  • Angel Benitez

    I resent that we are reading about guys in man dresses and their hunting in luxury vehicles.
    I’m not supportive of Anything Arab /Muslim/ or man Dress.

    I don’t want to see this kind of article anymore .

    I’m also good with not reading your blOG anymore should you choose to support this after my post .
    Really liked you guys until this article

    • tiger

      The Planet is a place full of different folks & ways of life. Most find American gun nuts in the same way you view Arabs.

      • Angel Benitez

        Yes on different folks and ways of life however , it’s the Muslims that are attacking us by way of gun , knife , truck, explosion etc…

        The Disarmed European Union for example … they can call us nuts all they want however it’s been proven that firearms in the hands of lawabing Americans stop crime .

        I’ll bet the women in Germany right now wish they could carry firearms to prevent the rapes by Muslims in the streets that is occurring TODAY .

        Their tolerant society allowed the Muslims to proliferate and now the German people can’t even walk the streets .

        They can label all they want However I stick to my guns on this issue .

        I don’t want to see a promotion of anything Arab .

        Not in America

        • AJ

          Well you can go to hell

          • Angel Benitez

            Only if your driving the bus buddy

        • -it’s not a promotion of a product
          -Bentley is a UK brand
          -Not every muslim or person from the middle east is a terrorist
          -racist comments aren’t welcome

          • Angel Benitez


            As a supporter of the constitution I respect your right of the press and free speech .
            I also thank you for your work in support of the Second amendment.

            I disagree with your position as editor of this magazine and shall no longer read it .

            thank you for your time Regarding my
            Response .

            God Bless America

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          • Saint Stephen the Obvious

            Please stick to gun stuff.

            All middle eastern countries are supportive of world terrorism, so just stop it!

          • Ringolevio

            When “the sword of Islam” is raised above your neck, be sure to tell them how you stuck up for them!

          • Steve

            You do realize neither Muslim, nor Arab are races, thus nothing in his post was racist, right?
            Being tolerant of intolerance is idiocy. It’s also how the UK, Germany and Sweden are committing cultural suicide.

      • Ringolevio

        ‘Sorry; Falcons fly, but your attempt at moral equivalency does not.

  • Warren Ellis

    So uh where does the bird stay while the car is on the move? Does it sit on that perch during the trip or do you bring it in a cage or what?

  • glasspix

    Vulgar car for unsofisticated users.

    • tiger

      Vulgar? Hardly…. 22″ rims on a ’73 Buick Rivera is vulgar…..

      • Stuki Moi

        No. That’s pimp. This Bent, when set up for suburb duty, is Vulgar. Not so much when set up for Falconry duty, though. Then it actually makes a lot of sense (if you’ve got the means to fly million dollar drone with a mind of it’s own around…)

        • john huscio

          Don’t cost a million if you hack em yourself.

    • AJ

      Learn to spell Mr. “Sofisticated”

  • iksnilol

    How is that offroad vehicle? It is sunk hella low.

  • Mark Ranson

    How very tacky…

  • tiger

    Makes a Winnebago look like a cardboard box.

  • ItalianAmerican

    Interesting choice of depicting guy with towel on head.

  • LazyReader

    “England continues to reign the SUV market for hunters”………………right, Cause real hunters don’t drive pickup trucks……….

  • KidCorporate

    That Bentley looks great…

    … in the thermal targeting system of a Hellfire.

  • Rob

    Was this meant for a car forum ? Do you write articles for different forums and sent in the wrong one here?
    “Firearms not politics”…except for this, not even firearms?

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    Seriously TFB – please get back to the regular GUN related posts and leave the SUVs and middle eastern stuff to some other blog. Now maybe if the SUV had a mini-gun then maybe but…

    I will also say that all middle eastern countries sponsor terrorism to some degree and as a retired vet that lost some buddies, I find this post offensive (and not for progressive or liberal reasons).

    Just saying.

    • Ringolevio

      Aww, y’mean you’re not on board with covering and glamorizing the leisure-time activities of our peace-loving Arab brethren? What a hater you must be!

  • Ringolevio

    So these “desert kings and princes” have money to burn. And whence comes their enormous wealth? Did they figure out all by themselves how to tap the vast reserves of “black gold” under their lands? Did they figure out all by themselves how to refine it and ship it all over the world?

    But Hey, if they’re playing with their birds and Bentleys instead of lopping the heads off infidels, who am I to object?