LA County Sheriff Deputies approached a man urinating in public at the Pasadena train station. He had a duffel bag with some weapons in it. In side he had an AR15 and a Hi-Point chambered in .40 S&W. We all know California has strict gun laws and they are super effective at punishing the law abiding. Now that we got that out of the way, let’s analyze what the suspect had.

The pistol is what intrigues me the most. It is a Hi-Point but it has a home made suppressor on it. Who wants to bet he did not file a Form1 and doesn’t have a tax stamp for it? As far as I know, no threaded barrels exist for Hi-Point pistols. There may be a custom made one but I have not yet seen it. So how did this guy get a threaded barrel for his Hi-Point? I saw that Hi-Point makes comped versions of their pistols. Those have slightly longer barrels. So maybe he got ahold of one of those barrels and threaded it?

The suppressors look like Maglite bodies with those gun show special threaded end caps so you can attach them to your barrel. Considering those end caps are threaded, I doubt this suspect engineered that suppressor with a proper Nielsen Device. So it begs the question, “Would this actually work?” The Hi-Point pistol would probably fire the first round but without a Niesen Device, it might not cycle the next round. However the Hi-Point is a simple blowback design and the barrel is fixed so it could work.

Here are some more photos of what was seized.



  • Giolli Joker

    As you said, it’s a simple blowback, the doubt about the Nielsen Device seems pretty much pointless.
    You carry illegally guns in your backpack and you decide that the best course of action is getting busted by urinating in public… a genius.

    • Disarmed in CA

      And the fact that train stations do have public bathrooms makes this even more ridiculous, nevermind that his ‘glock fotay’ should not be illegal.

      • Nathan Duclos

        I may be wrong, but I believe Hi-Point is on the “junk guns” list along with Jiminez, Jennings, etc. and are banned in CA. Even threaded barrels are illegal under state law.

        • Johnboy70

          Its california what do you expect. I have 2 of those guns. I wouldn’t trade my hi point for nothing. I have had it for many years and it has never failed unlike the my Glock which fails all the time. The Jennings I have never shot.

          • J. Edwards

            What kind of failures do you experience with your Glock?

          • Justin Willison

            The ONLY GLOCK FAILURE HE HAD was failure to AFFORD ONE…

          • Johnboy70

            FTE and it just started daughter has the same gun hers has never ran a full mag always fte ammo doesn’t make a difference. Her husband was a Leo with the state so limp wrist won’t cut it as excues

          • Dennis Erickson

            The only failures with a glock is used failure. Stop limp wristing it. I have carried a Glock 17 and 22 for 20 years on and off duty. Never a problem

          • Johnboy70

            When u shoot a mag with hi point then shoot the glock and it fte not limp wrist. Son in law was a Leo with the state has the same glock 42 an has never gotten a full mag to shoot out of his

          • Lost Won

            “Glock that fails all the time”????
            “Hi-point that never failed”????

            I doubt you own any firearms because that has to be the most ridiculous thing that anyone has ever written in the history of language.

            I didn’t know LEO’s carried Hi-Points or that Hi-Point made it as one of the the final two contenders of the DOD MHS program.

            Lastly if I owned a gun that “failed all the time” (like a hi-point) why the hell would I keep it or keep shooting it all the time for?? Absolute nonsense to say the least.

    • KestrelBike

      No kidding, what a whackadoo. And that machete/knife/sword thing he’s got going on… very strange.

      ETA: That female deputy, though… mrrrreow!

      • Gary Kirk

        Someone’s been watching a little too much Blade/Underworld..

        • supergun

          That is the way they normally live in kalifpornia.

      • Paul Rain

        Don’t you mean, woof?

        • KestrelBike

          I mean, for those who subscribe to reality outside of victoriassecret, that real woman is attractive.

          • valorius

            In a butch lesbian sort of way, i guess.

          • Paul White

            you wouldn’t kick her out of bed for eating crackers.

          • valorius

            If she’s in my bed she better be eating something besides crackers. 😉

          • Paul White

            what’s she gonna do afte rthe first minute?

          • valorius

            Move on from foreplay? 😀

          • czman75

            I would, there is more room on the floor…

        • ShootingFromTheHip

          Haha, gay!!

      • valorius

        She looks like a humorless beotch, honestly.

        • Wzrd

          How about her boss Sheriff Jim McDonnel? I guess he was undercover.

      • mazkact

        Well She is about the right height.

    • Jedediah Pendergast

      When you’re ridin’ that dirty it’s best to conduct yourself with the utmost propriety while in public.

      • Johnboy70

        I agree. I don’t even want to be pulled over with a legal one in my truck.

    • supergun

      It goes to show that the majority of gun laws which are unconstitutional don’t do the job that the liberals falsely claim they do. The very people that gun laws were passed to keep from getting guns,,,,have them. So much for gun laws. They infringed on the American People’s 2nd Amendment.

    • Al

      When ya gotta go ya gotta go.

  • Phillip Cooper


    Run! Think about the children!!

    • Longhaired Redneck

      I can’t believe you said ‘nipple’ in front of the children!

  • Havok

    Fixed barreled guns do not require a Nielsen Device. That gun would cycle as well as any other Hi Point pistol.

    • Twilight sparkle

      So in that case he’s still only going to get the first shot off

      • Havok

        I wasn’t going to say it lol

      • Gary Kirk

        It’ll probably include the “suppressor”.. So it’s like shooting twice, right?

      • Tassiebush

        Haha all very funny but hipoint out performed glock on the inrangetv mud test.

        • gunsandrockets

          The Luger and 1911 also outperformed the Glock in the mud test.

      • lucusloc

        Say what you will about Hi Point being ugly, heavy and as ergonomic as a brick, they are reliable as hell. Breaking one takes some real effort.

        • Twilight sparkle

          They’re not really known for being reliable, they often have issues with extracting and ejecting. Sure they’re tough to break but they’re not consistently reliable

          • valorius

            Everything i’ve ever read about them says they’re super reliable.

          • Twilight sparkle

            They are for their price point, but they still have issues due to their inherent lack of refinement. The feedramps and the magazines are probably the largest issue. Hi points are also extra sensitive to limp wristing but that’s more of an issue with the inexperienced shooters and not the guns.

          • valorius

            I bought my nephew a hi point 995 for his birthday when he was about 14, you’re right that the magazines are not the greatest, but that gun, to it’s credit, feeds literally everything, and it’s warrantied/rated for 9mm+P+. Hi point finally came out with a factory 20rd mag for it too. For the money it would be hard to get your hands on a better home defense weapon than a 995.

          • Risky

            I’ve seen them both ways. I’ve had a few over the years and they never had a malfunction rate greater than anything else. However I have seen several others at ranges and owned by acquaintances that could not go through a single magazine without a FTE/FTF. I suspect some level of general neglect/lack of maintenance accounts for some or most of that as I keep my guns in decent working order. So I would say the Hipoints are AS reliable as any other comparable, modern handgun… but not necessarily moreso, either.

          • Johnboy70

            Mine is has never failed unlike my Glock 42 that has never shot a full mag without FTE and my son in laws 40 Glock blew up in his hands with good ammo his first time at the range. Give me the C-9 anytime.

          • neckbone

            The 3 that you own have never malfunctioned you said before.

          • Twilight sparkle

            Ummm I don’t own 3? I own one 995 ts pretty sure I’ve never mentioned that before because I really don’t like admitting that I own a hi point. Why would you think you know that anyways??

          • neckbone

            I thought I remembered a name like yours telling us about them awhile back.

          • mosinman

            My hipoint is very reliable, the only time it jammed was when I used the original mag that was very worn

          • jonp

            Really? you may want to rethink that comment

          • lucusloc

            Not my experience with them. I have never seen one fail to eat anything thrown at them, with virtually no failures. It is a simple blowback pistol; its hard to get more reliable than that. The main drawback is that blowback needs a lot of mass to work with modern ammo, hence the insane weight of the guns.

        • Badwolf

          Not really. Just throw it at the target after shooting it. Ask Patrick.

        • Caffeinated

          I used to own a couple when I was a poor starving college student. One was a carbine and then its matching pistol counterpart. This was back in the days of $7.97 Walmart WWB 100 round boxes and < 10 cent/rd ammo sales.

          We fed whatever garbage ammo we could find to include surplus "non-mercuric" Egyptian ammo. This ammo was cheap. As in $40 for a 1200 rd case cheap. It was extremely corrosive and didn't function in anything except the hi points. It literally ate everything.

          • Scott Connors

            I used to fire this Egyptian ammo through my lamented MP-40. It ate it up and spit it out like there was no tomorrow, and some old GI rifle bore cleaner neutralized the corrosive salts quite well.

          • Caffeinated

            I wish there was more of that blasting ammo to import. It was only slightly more expensive than shooting 22 lr.

          • Johnboy70

            I agree and I have never cleaned mine and it still never fails.

    • Nick

      Actually, if the suppressor can generate back pressure, it’ll probably cycle better with it attached, assuming it’s not just a hollow body.

      Shame he didn’t go full TWD and leave the head on there too.

  • Stephen Paraski

    What about the following story of teen shot by Police shooting a dog? Sheriff says a “Skipped Round” killed teen?

  • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

    Even if he filed a Form 1 for the suppressor it would have been rejected by the BATFE since suppressors are illegal for consumer ownership in CA.

    Because CA.

  • Jim Slade

    Does it even legally count as a firearm since it’s a Hi-Point?

    • randomswede

      Don’t be silly; it’s not like it’s a Taurus.

      • Johnboy70

        Well wait a min. I also have a 207 slim that has never failed. I love taking it to the range and shooting with my daughter and son in law. I admit the hi_point is really heavy but I took my carry test with it and it really got heavy at the end plus it was 90 deg that day.

        • randomswede

          If it works it works, but there are certain boxes that have to be ticked when gun humor comes out on the internet.

    • Johnboy70

      If its aiming at you its going to count.

  • Whenever I carry a dufflebag full of weapons I tried to piss off the local constabulary (pun gloriously intended).

  • Anonymoose

    I’ve been thinking about making a maglite suppressor out of an old, dead incandescent maglite that my dad’s had lying around for about 15 years. I’ll register it or wait for HPA though.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Im glad most of these yahoos are too stupid to get to the execution phase of their plan.

    • Tassiebush

      I bet he was planning a big messy mag dump.

    • Sunshine_Shooter

      Who’s saying that this was his first time out?

  • Rock or Something

    So had a bag with an unregistered silencer, unauthorized “assault weapon” (according to CA legalese), and a blade that I am guessing is illegal to carry in that locality and was only caught due to public urination.

    I suppose the cops should be glad he had that big gulp before getting to the station.

  • valorius

    I can’t believe the reporter and cops didn’t make a big deal out of the walking dead style suppressors.

    • bluecheesedressing

      I was about to say, isn’t that a maglight handle housing?

  • st381183

    Other than pi$$ing on the tracks what other behaviors were described by authorities that he intended to shoot anything up? None. The guy’s a fool to be sure but in my state there would be no charges for the firearms. This wouldn’t have even hit the crappy local paper. The unregistered silencers would have been a problem though, otherwise NFA items are good to go.

    How and why did they get into his duffle bag? Urinating in public is usaully a citable offense that doesn’t warrant an arrest. If he was arrested were the police doing an inventory search of his property? Did he consent to a search? A whole lot of fear mongering going on here without a lot of evidence to back up the notion he was going to do anything dangerous. Especially given that he is from Georgia.

    What if you were stopped for a broken tail light while traveling through California with your AR on your way to…Oregon, let’s say taking the “scenic” route up the Pacific Coast Highway. Cop sees the gun case in back, demands to see what’s inside, finds your AR15 and bam your in jail and the po po is telling the world we don’t know how many heinous crimes he was going to commit, thank god we found him first. Not everyone is aware of California’s crazy gun laws.

    A whole lot of over enforcement and shameless self promotion for enforcing draconian gun laws in my opinion. Not everyone with a gun is planning on shooting up the public……and honestly, how far would he have gotten using a hi point and bulk packaged ammo.

    • Kivaari

      Likely a “criminal offense” not an “infraction”, leading to a quick search of his person and effects. We had both levels of citations, but they triggered different responses.

      • FuLL eFFekT1

        Public urination isnt a crimial offense.

        • Kivaari

          Depends upon the jurisdiction. It is illegal where I worked and live.

          • FuLL eFFekT1

            Just because its illegal does not mean its a criminal offense. In WA, its merely a ticket.

          • Kivaari

            WA uses two types of tickets. Infractions and criminal. Infractions, civil offenses, and mandatory appearance criminal citations. Cops can book a person on the criminal charges.

        • karl

          They throw you in jail for it in New Orleans

  • Ripcord

    Pretty much any semi-auto that does not utilize the browning-style tilting-breach action does not require a neilson-device (recoil booster, recoil piston,; guns such as Walther PPK’s, Makarovs and Hi-points with fixed barrels do not need them, and a simple direct-thread can works fine.

    Also, firearms like Beretta 92FS/M9s, Strike Ones, PX4 Storm, etc do not need them either as the barrel locks in-line and does not tilt.

    The more you know…

    And knowing is half the battle.
    (G.I. JOE!!!!!!)

  • John T Wylie Jr

    female deputy..” the first thing we felt was relief…”

    Yup , same thing the guy with the duffle bag felt…..initially…rofl

  • randomswede

    I’m not sure i need a tinfoil hat for this but a tinfoil headband might be in order.

    We have no clue what this guy looks like, but the way those weapons look remind me of a contractors tools, heavy use, little love.
    Provided that the suppressors actually work isn’t this what an actual “hitman” would carry?
    Not 18 magazines of 5.56 in the latest tactical vest, just one in the rifle and one in a back pocket, if he needs more ammo he’d need more friends with guns first.
    No tears shed if the bag needs to go down a storm drain, nothing is registered to anyone.

    The machete is “out of character”, but we have to assume that any low rent “hitman” is more than likely to have a screw loose, also I’ll bet it looks scary when tied to a chair and so you might be persuaded to spill the beans on “where the money is”.

    Why he’d take a train and not use the restroom, I don’t know. Some strange idéas of trying to avoid detection?

    I’m not saying this is what I believe, but I’m asking; isn’t this what that would look like?

    • Paul White

      I’ve used cheap machetes to cut off tree limbs; maybe they’d work for other limb removal?

      • pun&gun

        Only if you were willing to whack at it repeatedly. Those mall ninja things aren’t designed like proper swords.

      • randomswede

        Oh, the “move a single body in 20 garbage bags” thing?
        Seams like it would be unwieldy in a tub or shower where I assume one would have to be if the idéa is to delay the start of a police investigation.
        Anything I know on the subject is of course based in my extensive intake of fictional forensic science.

      • CountryBoy

        Yeah, that would “disarm” someone quickly. 😉

    • PK

      No one else has answered you seriously, so… yes, aside from the showy machete/sword, this is precisely the sort of simple, common hardware you’d expect to see on a hitter, especially somewhere like a large city. Nothing special, nothing particularly uncommon or unique, mostly off the shelf parts/guns/ammo. Nothing expensive, nothing to tie anyone to any act, provided they can be dumped.

  • nadnerbus

    He was just carrying them around for Dfens.

    • James in Australia

      Got stuck in traffic so he had to find alternative transport. Lucky he wasn’t hungry.

  • InfidelCrusader

    I have to admire the ingenuity of the guy who put that together. There’s something to be said for working with what you have even if what you have is less than ideal for what you’re trying to do. That being said, .40 seems like a poor choice for suppression. Appearances may have been the real motive for this contraption. To the uninformed this would look quite intimidating without needing to ever fire it.

  • neckbone

    Now I have seen it all

  • Vincent

    I can feel my chances of getting a Cali-safe rifle screaming even harder in agony looking at this.
    I can only hope now to score a franken-Garand hopefully on the cheap or a mini-14 before the pukes up in Sacramento listen to the even bigger spudnuggets in LA, San Fran and twinkletown scream about the actions carried out by scoundrels and ban even the most compliant of rifles or tax them up the wazoo.

  • Ark

    Ha. We gotta triple-wrap that AR action, otherwise it will levitate from the table and start shooting children!

  • Iblis

    Sword…surpressed AR…surpressed pistol…..he was waiting for the zombie apocalypse to start! He didn’t want to attract any attention or make noise so the other zombies would hear him…..brilliant! Urinating in public so the 5-0 can see you? pretty stupid

  • ______\

    Why would a straight blowback firearm with a fixed barrel need a Nielsen device?

  • Sunshine_Shooter

    I wonder how often this cat has been out & about with this bag of goodies until that day. If he was a hitman (discussed in previous comments), I wonder how many jobs he completed with this or a similar set of tools before he got caught.

  • Phillip Shen

    This whole thing is impossible and should not exist.

    #1) Pistol is not approved in CA, should not exist (Hi Point 40 cal is off-roster)
    #2) Suppressors — Not legal in CA, should not exist
    #3) 15 round hi-cap mag for Hi-point, 30 round mag for ARs, should not exist
    #4) Beast mode “Assault Weapon” AR15 (I don’t see a patriot button on it), should not exist.

    The AR seems to have a 16 inch barrel. Too bad it wasn’t an SBR heh.

    But all in all, this is really a unicorn bust — shouldn’t have happened in CA!

  • UCSPanther

    Nothing says “Crust Punk” like public urination…

  • Raymond Miller

    It sure sounds like this guy is a Demon-Crap. Most likely up to no good, (aren’t they all?). Also he’s got to have come from some third world country to believe it’s ok to just pee where ever you happen to be. Of coarse in Cal. they are allowing the illegals to do that, from what I’ve read. Want to bet he just gets a slap on the wrist ? Particularly if he says he was going to kill Republicans, and white people.

  • Aint So

    I’m sorry, I can’t look. Just the sight of that pile of scrap makes me shiver in my boots.

  • alex buckner

    You don’t need a recoil booster on a gun that isn’t recoil operated…

  • pismopal

    Who cares how he made the stuff? This was a damned good arrest.

  • RetMSgt

    The irony of a suppressor-equipped Hi Point is that, if legally obtained, the cost of the tax stamp alone would be more than the cost of the Hi Point pistol.

  • HR Pufnstuf

    But the problem I had with the whole thing was not what he carried, but that the original article stated that he was arrested “with a cache of weapons.” Got that? Two guns: “a cache.”

  • carlcasino

    I fear the machete more than either firearm. It probably has more viral bacteria per inch than a mag full of 40cal.

  • Rodney Steward

    Looks like a religion of piece bag, glad it was picked up!!

  • CountryBoy

    A rifle, a pistol and a knife = heavily armed?

    Nothing like the hyperbole from a “news” station!

  • Walter Williams

    Hi-Point has NEVER sold a .40JCP do your research before you type.

  • 🦑 🐙

    There is no such thing as an assault weapon, except in California law, and suppressors should never have been illegal, so in a free country he should not have been arrested. But California made those laws explicitly to put people like him behind bars even when they have not committed any violent crime. They would argue that the laws worked perfectly in this case, giving them an excuse to arrest someone before he committed a violent act, which may be true because carrying a duffle bag of weapons is quite suspicious. But is it worth it to limit everyone else’s freedom for such a rare case as this? I mean usually if someone is going to commit a terrorist attack they aren’t dumb enough to get caught on the way there with an illegal weapon (and a legal gun is just as deadly).

    I’d love to hear his response when asked why he was carrying a duffle bag full of weapons. I wonder if he told them his name was John Conner!

  • Dirk Dasterdly

    They really should pass some laws to prevent this kind of thing from happening.

  • FuLL eFFekT1

    If you don’t know that a straight blowback design wouldn’t need Nielsen Device to function w/a supressor… and you write for TFB… REALLY?!

  • czman75

    The slide does not look like a Hi-point slide. Hi-points are slab sided…are they not?

  • Big Jim

    I’d guess the chamber end of a hi point handgun and carbine barrel to be the same. that would make it easy to make a threaded barell for the handgun fairly easy.

  • Eurk Burkell

    “Enough weapons to do a lot of damage” I think one person can use exactly one weapon at a time.