New Redding Reloading Dies for 6.5 Grendel

What we writers have seen as an extended trend towards the “new” 6.5 calibers has indeed been a long-time coming just based on the sheer logic of the near ideal mix of weight, velocity, ballistic coefficient, barrel longevity, etc. While every caliber has its place, the 6.5 diameter round has had immense potential as an all-around cartridge – the holy grail of shooters.

Released about the same time as 6.8 SPC, a Remington-powered effort to increase the caliber used by the US Military, the 6.5 Grendel has been relatively quiet until the last few years. Where 6.8 SPC burned hot and short, Grendel has continued to find a receptive and growing audience. Sharing the same bullets, bores, and much of the same tooling as the rapidly expanding 6.5 Creedmoor has certainly helped the cartridge grow – but it did not help hand loaders who still needed reloading dies for Grendel specifically.

Meeting that need today is Redding Reloading Equipment, which has released their 6.5 Grendel reloading dies. The announcement included that Redding will have both Bushing-style and Competition dies, “including the legendary Redding Competition Seating Die.”

Pricing was not formally included in the announcement, but once can reasonably assume it will be in line with other Redding Bushing and Competition dies. The new dies are available today through Redding and their reseller network.

Nathan S

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  • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

    Another popular reason for 6.5 Grendel over 6.8SPC is the 6.5 uses a common and readily available bolt-face size and parent cartridge (7.62×39). Colt has made 7.62×39 bolts for at least 20 years, not to mention all the other companies.

    6.8 uses an obsolete and out of production parent cartridge (.30 Remington) that requires a custom bolt.

    If you want a 6.5 Grendel, the only “special” parts you really need is the barrel and bolt, and the bolts will still be made 20, 30 40 years from now. But good luck finding a 6.8SPC bolt then.

    • Russ Kell

      Folks need to keep in mind Type-I vs Type-II Grendel Bolts if they plan on building their own. Type-I corresponds to AR bolts for 7.62×39 (.125 bolt face depth) vs Type-II (.136)

  • LilWolfy

    Dies for 6.5 Grendel have been available from the start through AA with the Lee dies, then Hornady, RCBS, Redding Type-S, Forster, and some others I’m sure I’m missing. Dies have been available for 14 years now if my memory is correct. The Redding dies have one of the best reputations.