Limited Edition Caracal Enhanced F Pistol Nearly Here

Caracal Enhanced F limited edition

After a voluntary recall of all of its pistols several years ago, Caracal seems to be ready to reenter the US handgun market.

Caracal USA announced that it was releasing a limited number of its new Enhanced F pistols through GunsAmerica for sale on July 4, 2017. July 4 is the date that the United States of America celebrates its independence.

According to Caracal USA, the Enhanced F pistols will be available only through a select number of dealers. Caracal USA did not immediately provide a list of dealers that will have the limited edition version of the pistol.

The limited edition version of the Enhanced F pistol uses a Caracal International frame with a Caracal USA slide. The pistols are assembled in the United States. Although the company does not expressly state where the frames are being made, I would venture a guess that they are being made in Caracal International’s home country of United Arab Emirates.

Caracal USA states that later this year the company will offer guns with frames made in the United States. Other than the frames being made overseas, there does not appear to be any significant differences between the limited edition and standard Enhanced F pistols.

When I spoke to a Caracal representative in January, I was told that the company was trying to get the tooling for small parts squared away. According to the information I was provided, that were export restrictions that prevented Caracal International from shipping the parts to the USA. It appears that the company has found a solution to this problem.

The guns are polymer framed, striker fired handguns that feed from 18 round magazines. Standard three dot and the company’s Quick Sight System are both available on the limited edition guns. Two magazines and an Otis cleaning kit are included at the $599 MSRP.

In 2016, the company stated it was importing Enhanced F pistols as replacements for its customers subject to the 2013 recall. Have any of our readers gotten one of these replacement pistols? If so, what do you think of the new guns?

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is


  • Rnasser Rnasser

    Their Quick Sight System is REALLY dumb…

    • Jimmy Chimichanga

      nothing blessed by Wilhelm Bubits is dumb

    • Gidge

      Compared to their other flaws (launching slides into the shooter’s head, firing pin block not working, discharging when dropped) I’m not so worried about the crappy sights

    • john huscio

      The vast majority of those who’ve done actual shooting with the pistols think otherwise.

  • Dickie

    Id b interested to try that sight and the new meprolight sight that is similiar.

    • 1950meister

      Let me make sure I’m following this. We are going to put an Israeli sight on a gun made in the UAE? What could possibly go wrong? I also hear that five times a day the gun will only fire to the East. Very limited appeal.

  • I don’t wanna make fun of a guy with a handicap or anything, but is the rear sight supposed to have jumped the dovetail and jammed itself up against the front sight? It’s still a neat-lookin’ gun, it just kinda… looks like it needs some orthodonture or something.

    • That’s their “quick sight” system, which is closely related to the old “guttersnipe” sight system found on the ASP pistol.

      I used it at the Caracal shoot at ORSA… many years ago now. I found it to be a stupidly-fast sight to acquire, though I can see how it could limit effective range.

  • Raptor Fred
    • mazkact

      hey, it’s a Caracal

  • Machinegunnertim

    The F model I bought years ago cost $375, after shopping around.
    They are gonna need to enlarge the trigger guard and lower the price to even compete in the current over saturated U.S. pistol market.

    Aside from that it is one of the most modern and well thought out designs out there.

    And a NATO stamp of approval too!

  • mazkact

    New from Dubai its the F USA pistol. Aloha snakbar.

  • Colonel K

    If I read this article correctly, the pistol will be available only to certain dealers rather than through traditional distributors. If this is the case, how do other dealers acquire them without paying retail for the pistols?

    • FFL dealers may email to inquire and take advantage of dealer-direct promos offered for the Limited-Edition Enhanced F pistol. However, later this year Caracal will move to a distributor focused solution.

  • Nikita

    It’s a mystery to me anyhow, why to trust this Arabs and mistrust other. I don’t want to support them, while fighting another. As if there wouldn’t be enough decent real small arms manufacturer in US or other countries, that are at least on our industry as well as ethical standard.