TANDEMKROSS Helps Your Glock Go Race Gun with “Halo” and “Accelerator”

TANDEMKROSS or [TK] has announced and released its latest products for the Glock. Primarily known for their .22LR rimfire upgrades the new products from [TK] come has a surprise, especially considering their function. Where [TK] normally offers compensators and misc accessories, the new products are race-gun oriented. Specifically, the two new products are the “Halo” charging ring and the “Accelerator” thumb ledge.

The “Halo” charming ring is exactly as the name implies. LIke similar products from other vendors, the ring uses the standard Glock rear serrations as ledges for a ring to attach. The “Halo” can then be pulled by fingers, racking the slide, instead of the common grasping methods. While uncommon for carry weapons, these devices are excellent for weak-handed shooters. Construction is of aluminum. The “Halo” is supported on the following handguns:

  • G17 GEN4
  • G22 GEN4
  • G23 GEN4
  • G26 GEN 4
  • G27 GEN 4
  • G30S
  • G35 GEN4
  • G36
  • G41 GEN4 MOS .45

The “Accelerator” is an aftermarket “Gas Pedal” that interfaces to the frame on common 3 pin weapons using the two forward pins. The “Accelerator” is basically a serrated ledge that the shooter can set their support thumb on using additional support hand leverage to maintain control of the weapon. Like the “Halo” the “Accelerator” is manufactured from aluminum, with a similar compatibility list though adds Gen 3 weapons:

  • Glock, Standard Model G17/G20/G21/G22/G24/G31/G37

  • Glock Competition G34/G35

  • Glock Long Slide G17L/ Mid 2002

Retail pricing is pegged at $44.99 for the “Halo” and $69.99 for the “Accelerator”. Both are on introductory specials at $39.99 and $59.99, respectively.


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  • Sunshine_Shooter

    Wow, what a charming little ring!

  • No one

    I’m sure as hell not using a striker fired gun as a race gun pretty much ever.

    • Get over it fanbois

      And yet strikers are outperforming hammer fired pistols in both competitions and in the LEO market.

      • No one

        “And yet strikers are outperforming hammer fired pistols in both competitions”

        Are you completely stupid?

  • Edeco

    I have a thing against putting my digits in metal rings*, but good alternative to racking it aganst a table or something is one must use an aid.

    *yup, trigger guards get a pass.

    • Twilight sparkle

      How about cigar cutters? Those are fun to play with

      • Edeco

        Hmmm, wouldn’t be the worst case since only one section of each finger used and a stubby item, not too likely to wrench a digit. Don’t smoke tho, never thought of playing with one…

  • Captain Obvious

    Next up, a carabiner holster so you can just hang your glock on your belt loop along with your keys. Or maybe a charging hook so you can rack the slide just by hooking it. Or maybe a tactical neck chain hook for wearing your Glock around your neck. The ideas are endless.

  • Samuel Grant

    Can’t see a possible use for either.

    • Tuulos

      That tells more about you than these things though.

  • ZuluHotel

    I could definitely see those with less capable hands or possible disabilities getting good use out of an accessory like this.

  • Phillip Cooper

    What on earth is a “charming ring”??

    • Old Tofu

      . . . bend over . . . someone will show you

  • hking

    They work very good on rimfire guns like the victory and buckmark but im not sure about something with a much stronger recoil spring compared to a 22.

  • Blumpkin

    Have you guys forwarded this to Everyday No Days Off or should i?

  • jonp

    I’m a little hazy on why I would put a “charming ring” on a race or any other gun”? people with reduced grip strength due to arthritis or something maybe? That would be a good argument for a DAO