Dustin W. posted this photo of his Glock 19 MOS with Vortex Viper mini red dot. To his surprise it only lasted one box of 9mm. See the piece of glass sitting below the trigger guard? That is the glass from the Viper.

Thanks to the help of some friends in the group, the issue was brought to the attention of a Vortex Sales Rep. Here is his response:

Hey Dustin- I’m very sorry to see that this happened. Never fun when a piece of gear goes down. First thing’s first, though. Let’s get you taken care of tomorrow. Give our customer care center a call (800-426-0048 ext. 6) between 8-5 CST and say you talked to me about sending the Viper in to get serviced. From there, we can go over everything and see how the problem occurred and then make sure it doesn’t happen again. Have a great rest of your night and know that we will have you up and shooting again in no time.

As expected, Vortex will get Dustin squared away. I am sure Vortex is very interested to find out why this red dot failed as am I.


  • Petto

    Well at least now he has a clear view haha

  • Patrick Karmel Shamsuddoha

    looks like an adhesive failure, possibly an incorrect ratio in the mixing of a batch of epoxy, or the substrate was improperly prepared for install and left over residue prevented adhesion

    • Sand

      Bond prep. It’s always the bond prep!

  • dhdoyle

    Trainers tell you to use the rds like a ghost ring if it fails…

    • Flounder

      Why not just use your irons? Taller sights are hilariously cheap compared to the slide and red dot. You don’t need something fancy, just a step above factory. Some red dot ready guns come with raised sights.

      • dhdoyle

        Take a look at the iron sights in the actual photo. That’s why.

        • Flounder

          I am fully aware that glock doesnt include proper sights on their MOS models. Unlike smith and wesson who gives you full on suppressor sights on their CORE series.

          But glock raised sights are like 50. You dont need tritium or anything else like that.

          And considering that you align the iron sights in order to find the dot i find it so incredibly infuriatingly stupid that manufacturers dont include raised sights already! There is probably 400$ over a stock glock right there. And he couldnt shop around for some irons? I mean… he shouldnt have to… but glock has to be a

          And how is your comment not purely sarcastic? If you use that as a ghost rign you are gonna be feet high…? Like when your eotech dies. i have tried to use dead optics as ghost rings. You can make it work. But it is just terrible advice and worthless unless you practice it.

      • SP mclaughlin

        There should be a pistol red dot that incorporates back-up rear sights into the bottom of the sight frame.

        • Flounder

          if only they did… i bet they would say it was the best thing ever and charge like 1000$ for it.

          /half sarc i know of the deltapoint pro, nice but nuclear sticker shock

          • Aric

            J Point has that feature, and cowitnesses with stock MOS sights

          • Flounder

            I guess it would work with the stock front sight… but it is just a fixed rear sight… idk

            The deltapoints rear sight is adjustable, but has a “front sight” which isnt much more than a nub. But it is on the optic. I havent decided which i like more. I probably wont try either because neither provides the savings over nice tall tritium aftermarket sights, or a superior product to the rmr i have. Or the holosun i have access to, or the vortex i can get at dealer rates…

            But i have heard good things of the j point. I do think it offers no features over a vortex, at best can only equal the warranty, and probably is of roughly equal build quality. The deltapoint…? Maybe it competes. But it isnt better than the rmr for the cost.

            Overall, i am just saying, its stupid to get a pistol with an optic and not improve your irons. And the current offerings optic wise are a bit specialized or weird. It is a fairly new market that hasnt decided who is best overall, and no one has gotten good budget offerings out there.

        • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

          Im pretty sure Ive seen one. Dont ask me which one though.

  • Blake

    Interesting, that’s the same RDS I have on my G19. I’ve had no problems with mine, but it’s always nice to know you have Vortex’s customer support if I need it.

    • dhdoyle

      Ya know… I tend NOT to buy gun stuff based on superb customer support and warranty. I buy stuff that I never expect to ship back. Rifle and pistol optics are one example. I’ve never seen any Trijicon fall apart. Just sayin.

      • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

        You haven’t shot it enough. The RMR seems to die around 25-35k rounds on a reciprocating slide.

        • Sunshine_Shooter

          Huh, I thought it was closer to 6k-10k.

          Blake, how many rounds have you put through your Viper-ed Glock?

          • Blake

            Maybe 2k or so.

        • Flounder

          The rmr is clearly the beafiest of the offerings… which leads me to wonder when do the others fail?

          And what does the manufacturer do when they die?

          • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

            Based on the testing I have seen the Delta Point Pro seems to be the most rugged option.

          • Sunshine_Shooter

            We’ll see how the RMR Type 2 shakes out.

      • Holdfast_II

        I use or have used a variety of RDS on pistols. My Trijicon is my least favorite – it has a habit of going to max brightness for no reason and occasionally cutting out. The Burris FF III and Vortex Venom don’t do that.

      • Blake

        …uh yeah all RMRs fall apart when mounted to a pistol slide after a certain number of rounds.

        I buy for discernable quality. I became a Vortex fan when I bought both the EOTech 3x magnifier (>$500) and the Vortex version ($200) to test with my XPS3-2. The Vortex product had more features and the glass was of identical quality. If I can pay less than half the price for a product that’s 80-90% as good I damn well will, every time.

      • RSG

        I’ve seen the glass go on a trijicon rmr, twice.

      • Paul White

        I don’t buy anything I *expect* to send back…but I want to know if I need to it’s an option.

        Hell I’ve had to send back a Savage and a Ruger; both those are reputable companies that aren’t known for defective products.

  • wartzilla

    You get what you pay for. This is hardly surprising.

    • Flounder

      Amazing customer service? At the cheapest price?

      • EzGoingKev

        The best customer service is the one you never have to use…

        • TangledThorns


  • Jeff Smith

    Good customer service is worth its weight in gold.

  • Spencerhut

    Things that don’t break in the first place are worth more than any customer service.

  • John

    Got the Trijicon RMR….you say “OUCH!” when you pay for it but then you say “YAY!” for the rest of the time you own it.

  • James Adams

    I personally would rather have equipment that was made right the first time. Vortex is a gamble, some are great more than average are junk. 3 scopes I owned and 2 from my brother have all had t be returned out of the box for defects, 1 was sent in and returned in worse shape and with someone else’s scope goggles. If you are swayed by the near flawless reviews they get then I will add that they don’t print critical reviews. I tried to post a well written and polite review of their junk and even after 2 revisions to remove anything that I could think of that may not jive,as well as to make it shorter, and each time i received a notice saying it didn’t ” meet criteria”(No Joke). I think their customer service is so good because they have the most practice at it. All said, in fairness, I still have 1 of the 3 scopes, the one sent back twice and wouldn’t put it past me to add another bad decision to the list of previous ones I’ve made.