Let There be Light! Surefire Announces New Scout Weapon Lights

Surefire, not content to let the cheap imitation knock-offs gobble up the tacticool market has announced a slew of new Scout weapon lights. The new Scouts focus on offering a variety of weapon-ready configurations, combining various weapon mounts, body lengths, and tape switches so that customers no longer have to purchase the various parts a-la-carte.

The primary options available to the consumer include, but are not limited to:

  • 3v (Single Battery / Short / 300 Lumen) or 6v (Dual Battery / Long / 350 or 600 Lumen) Bodies
  • Standard DS07 Tape Switch mount or DS-SR07 dual switch assembly for lights and lasers.
  • RM45 Offset Mount or ADM Q/D Weapon Mounts

All lights include a dual remote and push-button end-cap.

All told there is seven new light, switch, and mount combinations, all of which are set up for picatinny rails. Those wanting to use direct M-LOK or KeyMod mounts are out of luck, but each mount will quickly attach to any picatinny rail adapter.

Retail pricing for the lights of any DS07 configuration is set at $476.19 and the single DS-SR07 is set at $553.89. The new lights are available now direct from Surefire and are shipping out to their dealer network.

I welcome this change from SureFire, as I personally have various end caps and accessories that came stock on lights I had to switch out.


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  • AK™

    I love Surefire. I have been using my G2s since they came out.

    For my use (home and property defense) Im sticking with Streamlight ProTac lights on my guns.
    Cheaper price point,and the accessories included are a nice bonus.
    Kudos for Surefire to offer different options and not to mess around with the Scout light setup. So many mounts available that use that pattern.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      I had similar thoughts to you…

      Until I tried to use my Streamlight and Inforce wml on a practical night course with some distance shooting.

      Threw them all away after that and only run SF now. The throw is just better – flat out.

      On the plus side, I did learn those nights to use a SF handheld light with my carbine.

  • roguetechie

    $476 and no Mlok mount?

    I’m sorry but I have a hard time seeing that as anything but gear queer bait

    • RSG

      I can see their point. With picatinny only mounts, everyone can adapt to this light. That’s not so with mlock or keymod specific offerings.

      • Dracon1201

        Do you want to buy the extra picatinny rail for your mlok or keymod when the whole point of those systems is to avoid picatinny bulk? KDG offers direct keymod/mlok to mlok/keymod adapters; I wouldn’t want to buy those either, but It shouldn’t be hard to offer the extra mounts at that price point.

        • RSG

          I didn’t say I agree. I said I understand why they’d make that strategic decision.

          • Dracon1201

            I get it, too. I just think that considering current market trends this decision is so 2010.

      • roguetechie

        For $476 I expect one specific offering for each god damn attachment system!

        Otherwise you’re now stacking a $19 adapter on a $476 light, at which point I just question whether you’re getting any actual value out of something that’s supposed to bullet proof end to end engineered in house to ensure quality and consistency!

        That is just my personal opinion though.

    • Alexander Nguyen

      Don’t get me wrong as I have MLok on most of my rifles, but by reasonable logic wouldn’t the MLok versions be gear queer mall ninja stuff? The military issues quad rails, either KAC or DD, so an MLok light would be useless to an actual soldier. And we all know that’s the market SF really goes for and brags about. I’m not worried about it haha I’m not about to pay $500 for one of these when I can still build Malkoff head lights for $300.

  • Anonymoose

    Are they ever going to bring back the 620?

  • Miguel Sanchez

    Still don’t have what I need, which is a vampire light thats switchable between 800 lumens of white & then IR. Make it happen Surefire.

  • Harry’s Holsters

    Do these offer a different light pattern? Hard to beat an X300 Ultra at it’s price point and most of these accessories are available for it unless you’re going to run filters or an IR setup.

  • Blumpkin

    i’d rather buy another elzetta

  • Frank

    Surprised there’s still no CQB light that uses the flood reflector that new E1 has.

  • nova3930

    And once again the reason I don’t buy Surefire scouts is there, the price. They are the best and the charge like it. The “good enough for police use” streamlights will keep being my choice….

  • I never cared for lights that have a wire and remote switch. They always get tangled up on something

  • Mrninjatoes

    Big f******** yawn. My Streamlights have never failed me. The “dual fuel” technology is amazing.

  • MrBrassporkchop

    I’m sorry but you may be fine buying this budget line. I personally trust my LIFE with my gear and refuse to take any flashlight that sells under $1600 seriously.

  • Flounder

    Oh surefire, you make such great stuff. Then sell it at a stupidly high price point.

  • Treyh007