BOOM – Signal Cannons from Trident Arms

It seems that there must be a rampant problem facing the country. People are getting lost in the woods with nothing but a lot of black powder and no means to signal someone. Super-secret ESP must be disabling all flashlights and low cloud cover must be keeping signal fires from being seen. Otherwise, there seems to be no solid reason for the “signal cannon” from Trident Arms other than one can own a signal cannon.

On second thought, wanting a signal cannon is more than enough reason to own a signal cannon. I mean, who would not want their own muzzle-loading black-powder boom box? I mean, I have absolutely nothing better to do than stuff black powder into a tube to light it off for the express purpose of blowing out nearby windows.

In all seriousness, Tampa Florida-based Trident Arms is offering for pre-sale a muzzle-loading “signal cannon”. While few details are offered on their website, the cannon itself looks to be about a foot long and ready for bolting to any desk through its base mounting plate. If actually wanting to fire the cannon, that plate will be needed as recoil will likely be a bear.

For those curious to order one, check out Trident Arms’ website here. No pricing was offered, but for those so inclined the pricing will not be an obstacle.


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  • lucusloc

    The bore had better be some standard diameter, be it soda cans, ball bearings or whatever. I would hate to order a cannon and find that I was stuck using wadding and scrap. . .

    • Bill

      Another member of the Loyal Order of Flaming Tennis Balls.

    • Major Tom

      4 lb shot puts?

  • Bill

    I want one for announcing shift change. The old dude on Magnum PI had one, so why not? You never know when there might be a nearby yacht race without one and you can step in and save the day with yours.

  • Joe

    Neat, but get back to me when someone produces a breech-loader.

  • GaryOlson

    Is this considered a firearm? Would I be cited for discharge in city limits for signaling at sunset? Would the HOA consider this acceptable yard decoration? This article needs more information.

    • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

      It is not a firearm in that it would require a 4473 to purchase it, but I assume all laws that pertain to muzzleloaders would also pertain to this.

      Does this mean you can take it out during muzzleloader season?

      • Matt Taylor

        I shall be hunting deer by the herd.. er.. by the mini-herd!

  • Kevin Craig

    If the welds are any indication of overall quality, I would only fire it with a very long fuse.

  • Iggy

    It clearly signals money to burn.

  • B-Sabre

    Prepare to repel boarders!

  • Marcus D.

    Looks mighty expensive with all them fancy doodads that do not appear to have any immediate purpose. If you want to make noise with black powder without all the expense (and without violating any local ordinances with respect to discharge of firearms), get a thunder mug. All it is is a single piece of metal–no moving parts–that sits on the ground (or the rail of your sailing vessel as in days of olde) with a hole drilled into the side of the base for a fuse.

  • Greg Frazee

    I made this cannon with a golf ball size bore (1.73″), it was designed to fire tinfoil confetti during Tampa Bay’s Gasparilla pirate festival. The mount was made for the customers boat and seconds as a down rigger when the cannon is not mounted.